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RUSH: Now, Obama has quit his church. And we’re going to get to Operation Chaos in just a second. We can’t do everything here in the opening monologue. Operation Chaos will come up soon, but first, Obama has quit his church. This is Saturday in Aberdeen, South Dakota. He held a presser, a portion here of his remarks.

OBAMA: I have tremendous regard for the great young pastor who has taken over, Reverend Moss, and continue to admire the work that Reverend Wright did in building up the church. But it’s clear that now that I’m a candidate for president, every time something is said in the church by anyone associated with Trinity, including guest pastors, the remarks will be imputed to me even if they totally conflict with my long-held views, statements, and principles.

RUSH: Not going to get away with that on this show. He’s not going to get away with whining and moaning and blaming this on the media and saying that every time somebody in the church says something, including guest pastors, that the remarks will be imputed to him even if they totally conflict with his long-held views? Ladies and gentlemen, that church is Obama. He has been a member of that church for 20 years. Now, he may physically leave that church, but that church is in his heart and in his soul, and the congregation proves this. He knows who those preachers are. He knows what they are, and he always has, and he knows what they say. And just because he leaves the church does not mean that he leaves the church, because the church is Obama. I’m going to tell you about this guy. This guy will do anything to become president. He will even deny who he is until the election’s over. He will deny his longtime friends further association with him until the election is over. Nobody’s pointed out, however, that people with whom he surrounds himself represent the kind of people he will appoint to high government posts in his administration.

Folks, he is going to load up the foreign policy apparatus with unilateral disarmament types, anti-Israel types, anti-soventry types. He’s going to load up the departments and the agencies with people who will try to regulate society in their own image. I don’t think that the Democrat race is quite over yet. That Vanity Fair piece, have you seen that over the weekend? That Vanity Fair piece by Todd Purdum, former White House correspondent New York Times, now married to Clinton’s first press secretary, Dee Dee Myers. Nothing new in this piece. I read this piece, and I had the same reaction to it that the left had with Scott McClellan’s book. Big deal. Where were you reporters 16 years ago when everybody knew this? All it does is recount Clinton’s skirt chasing and his finagling of money from people and his questionable investment partners and his bachelor bunch rat pack. It quotes unnamed sources, but there’s nothing in it that you don’t know. There’s nothing in it that you haven’t suspected, but it’s in Vanity Fair which is a liberal publication, to the extreme, liberal extraordinaire.

Clinton responds with a 2300-word memo. Now, there’s more to this than meets the eye because the left has known this all along. The media’s known it all along. While everybody is asking Scott McClellan, ‘Why didn’t you quit? Why didn’t you resign? Why didn’t you put this out when you knew it?’ We could be asking the Drive-By Media the same thing. You’ve all known what a scalawag Clinton is. You’ve all known what a reprobate the guy is. You’ve known everything that Todd Purdum has written, and all of a sudden it’s a giant shock, it’s a big surprise? Folks, you don’t have to read it. There’s nothing new in it. But the fact that it’s out, ‘A-ha, what does this mean?’ What I think it means is the Democrats hate the Clintons with a purple passion, and they want rid of them, they want them gone. The purpose of this piece is to preclude any chance of Mrs. Clinton getting the veep slot. This piece could also so irritate the Clintons that they might just say, ‘All right, fine, you’re doing this to us, then we’re going to destroy your party. We’re going to see to it that this party gets nothing in the presidential election in this year.’

So this is not over. It is nowhere near being over. I mean, it’s somewhere near being over, but you’ve got Harold Ickes, you’ve got Mrs. Clinton talking about going on, reserving the right to take it all the way to the convention. Got Obama quitting his church, Hillary wins another landslide in Puerto Rico, and they tell her to quit! I know the vote turnout was low, but this is the Hispanic vote and Obama got zilch, zero, nada. Geraldine Ferraro was on TV today, and she admits what I know: Democrats are nervous. Democrats are nervous. Obama can’t leave the church. He is the church. The Reverend Wright will always be part of the campaign. The Reverend Pfleger, Father Pfleger will always be part of the campaign. Here’s one more remark from Obama Saturday, Aberdeen, South Dakota, on quitting the church.

OBAMA: Reverend Moss and the church had been suffering from all the attention my campaign has visited on them. We’ve had news organizations harassing members at their homes and their workplaces. We had reporters grabbing church bulletins and calling up the sick and the shut-in, in an attempt to get news about the church. We’ve had news organizations scrutinizing Reverend Moss’s sermons and attempting to try to make political hay out of —

RUSH: Violins.

OBAMA: — even the most innocuous or innocent remarks by him. That’s just not how people should have to operate in their church.

RUSH: Oh, what a big man Obama is, what a huge guy, he’s quitting the church to save the shut-ins because they’re being harassed by the Drive-Bys, he’s quitting the church to save the decent and right Reverend Moss, because he’s being misquoted and taken out of context. This is purely personal; this is damage control. This is the unifier and he’s thrown everybody under the bus for now. If he wins the presidency, they will be back arm in arm, but he has to throw them under the bus now along with his white grandmother and everybody else. He throws everybody under the bus. So this has got ’em nervous, I’m telling you, folks, Operation Chaos. Has this not just gone better than we dreamed? Did you see the stuff that happened Saturday inside and outside the hotel in Washington? We have got audio sound bites from now to the end of the year from that day of the votes. And, by the way, I suggested, as the commander-in-chief, trying to help these people out that, they give the Florida and Michigan delegates three-fifths of a vote per delegate. They didn’t even go that far. They didn’t even come up to the level of what slaves got and black people got in this country, three-fifths of a vote. No, Democrat delegates are one half of a vote per delegate. It is the greatest disenfranchisement since the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


RUSH: One more thing on this Obama-leaving-his-church business. I got to thinking about this, and do you think the Father Pfleger speech last Sunday was just a coincidence? I mean, stop and think about how stupid that church must be. They take the cameras in there; they get this guy in there that makes these wacko statements — well, they weren’t wacko. They were actually truthful statements, but they came off as racist. But you’ve got this white Catholic priest in there and the congregation going absolutely nuts. Obama’s doing everything he can supposedly to distance himself from the church and from Reverend Wright; and then, lo and behold, here comes Father Pfleger. Now, did that just happen? Is that just a mere coincidence? See, I think Obama needed a way to get out of this church. He needed something else to happen in this church to get out of it. So they call an old Father Pfleger to say, ‘Hey, Father Pfleger? Come on over here and rile up this congregation, and then Obama can act outraged and retired and frustrated, and split the church.’

But in this case, it’s quite a cover for Obama. He could leave his politically inconvenient church not because of a black minister — Ha-ha-ha-ha! This is the key. He leaves the church because of a white priest, not because of a black minister, not because of black hate talk, not because of black separatism, not because of liberation theology. He leaves his church because of a white priest. You think these people aren’t that calculating? I have another thing for you to consider. He’s a Chicago politician. He needed a way to get out of this church. As far as the campaign was concerned, they needed a way to try to throw the whole church under the bus and just get it outta there. But like I said: he is the church; the church is him. It is who he is. He will not be able to separate himself from the church. You know, we got this group in Denver called Recreate ’68. They hope to recreate the chaos and the riots and the protests at the Denver Democrat convention this August in the spirit and in the reality of which they happened in Chicago in 1968. So we had 1968 and the protesters. We had the Chicago Seven.

Here it is 2008, 40 years later, and we’ve got the Obama Seven. We’ve got the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. We have the Reverend Otis Moss. We have the Father Michael Pfleger. This guy managed to upstage both Reverend Wright and Reverend Moss. We have William Ayers, who helped found the terrorist Weathermen. We have Bernardine Dohrn, the woman behind the man Bill Ayers. We had Tony Rezko, the man who put up Obama’s dollars and his change. And we have (last, but not least) the grave of the dead voter as the Obama Seven. Well, in Illinois there are hordes of dead voters, and title this ‘The Obama Seven,’ not ‘The Obama Seven Gazillions,’ but my question is this: Does Obama pal around with anybody who doesn’t carry a lot of baggage? Does he pal around with anybody? Could you supply us with just the names of a few people that he pals around with who are like the rest of us? Or are they all dubious in one regard or another?


RUSH: Lisa in Orange County, California, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: I — I can’t believe I’m going to have to disagree with you this morning because you are nearly perfect in my mind.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: But you mentioned that Obama threw this Trinity pastor and congregation and guest speakers under the bus, and I have to disagree with that because I think he’s created a whole new group of victims, and your last comments about victims actually helps my point.

RUSH: You’re right. I mean, in a technical, husband-and-wife sense, you’re right.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, you know —

RUSH: Because he didn’t disown them. He blamed the media.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: He got out of the church because everybody’s harassing these great men.

CALLER: That’s right. And you mentioned that gal, Christian, being the poster child, that Hillary protester in Washington. And you’re going to see puff pieces, and you’re going to see, they’re going to drag out one of the shut-in his and they’re going to be the poster child for Obama.

RUSH: Doesn’t matter.

CALLER: You know, and you’re going to compare that person with —

RUSH: Doesn’t matter!

CALLER: — the tyrant.

RUSH: They may do all that. It doesn’t matter. I’m telling you, he had to quit the church.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. Yeah. But I think he created a whole new victim group that he’s going to need, you know.

RUSH: There’s no question. This puts the whole lie to his race speech!

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Look, this guy is setting himself up for an above-the-waist, hard-hitting campaign like he’s never seen. Nobody is going to have to get dirty. There won’t have to be any, you know, psychological warfare or opposition research on this guy. He just keeps contradicting himself. The bottom line is he quit the church.


RUSH: Now, I don’t think he really quit the church because I don’t think he can. I think the church is Obama. I think 20 years, the people that are there, the people that are preaching, the congregation, the people he knows; that’s who he is, and he can’t change that. But on the surface he’s quit the church, which is a major, major event. Now, they’re going to try to spin it as though he did it to save the church because everybody in there is getting beaten up and so forth, but in the parts of this country where real people live and are not impacted greatly by the Drive-By Media — which is a big part of the country — Jeremiah Wright will never be forgotten, Father Pfleger will never be forgotten, Otis Moss won’t be forgotten. None of this is going to be forgotten. It’s going to be forever a problem for Obama, and if they think they can sweep it away by making this church the victim?

CALLER: Yeah. You know, Rush and he won’t be asked to make sense of his convoluted resignation. You know, in fact he said he can’t disown these people. So why leave the church if he’s so attached to them? I don’t understand. His resignation doesn’t make sense.

RUSH: Yes, it does.

CALLER: Well, it does in the sense that he —

RUSH: It does if you listen to my astounding, in depth and unique theory.

CALLER: Once again you’re correct.

RUSH: Do you remember what my astounding in depth unique theory was?

CALLER: (groans)

RUSH: You may not have been listening when I did this, which makes your calling to disagree with me even gutsier.

CALLER: (laughter) Well, you know what? You are 98.9% percent correct.

RUSH: Eight, eight.


RUSH: Eight. We can’t lie about that: almost always right 98.8% of the time. Now, look, Lisa, what happened here? You got Jeremiah Wright. You got all these tapes. You got God bleep America. All of this stuff. And it won’t go away.


RUSH: It just won’t go away. The church, the Democrat Party, they have to know, this church is forever now under scrutiny. Don’t turn the cameras on in there. Don’t invite some off the wall preacher in to even compound the problem, yet that’s exactly what they did.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Except that was a Catholic priest, a white Catholic priest. The white Catholic priest comes in. Is this a coincidence? This would be the height of tone deaf stupidity to continue this, knowing the pressure that’s on Obama? This is why I think it was planned.

CALLER: I agree with you there. I think that they’re very capable of planning something like that and —

RUSH: Because he needed to separate himself from the church.


RUSH: Now he can do it.

CALLER: But he’s going to rejoin himself with the victims of the church now because he’s going to be the savior for the shut-ins and he’s going to protect America from, you know… It’s a perfect plan, I guess.

RUSH: You’re missing the point.

CALLER: No, I do get your point, though, that the white Catholic priest served a purpose.

RUSH: Obama doesn’t want any more coverage of this church. Obama does not want the Drive-Bys going out and finding shut-ins going, ‘Oh, woe is us! It’s a shame Obama had to throw us under the bus.’ He doesn’t want that. The reason he quit the church and the reason I think they brought in Father Pfleger as a white guy to go nuts is because now Obama resigns over what a white guy said in his church, not a black guy. That makes it even easier, and this is designed to get rid of all this. Just get rid of it, until the election’s over.

CALLER: Mmmm. Well, yeah. I agree with that, too, but I won’t be surprised if I see an ad. I won’t be surprised if I —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I know! I know! I hate it that you think I’m wrong. (laughing)

RUSH: No, no, no. I — No. I’m laughing because I can’t be right no matter what. (laughing)

CALLER: No, you are. You’re my hero, Rush. You really are.

RUSH: I know, I’m just —

CALLER: I love you.

RUSH: (laughter.)

CALLER: Anyway, keep us informed.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: And, you know what? I can’t enjoy Hillary’s implosion at all because I’m so afraid of Obama. He just makes me nervous.

RUSH: (sigh) That’s not what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid, too, I’m afraid of Obama, but I don’t think Obama has a prayer.

CALLER: Yeah. No, definitely not.

RUSH: I don’t think he has… By the way, did you hear last week, did you hear me do the story on John Lott, Jr., has this theory? He’s done some research and found out that the growth of government can be traced to when women got the vote?

CALLER: I briefly heard you. I couldn’t listen because I’m trying to teach part time. I teach a government economics class but —

RUSH: You do!


RUSH: Where?

CALLER: It’s a private group, a private school. It started out as a homeschool group, and we are now a private school, considered a private school. So I teach part time —

RUSH: Well, God bless you.

CALLER: — and I’m doing my best to indoctrinate the next generation here, so — and you’re helping me out there. I often bring my little radio to have them listen to your opening monologue.

RUSH: God bless you.

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: You’re doing the Lord’s work out there.

CALLER: I’m trying to do my part, although my daughter said she’s going to register as an independent. ‘Independent? Okay, well, we’ll talk.’

RUSH: That’s just because they have to rebel, Lisa.


RUSH: How old is your daughter?

CALLER: She’s 17.

RUSH: Ah, it could be worse.

CALLER: Yeah. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, though. But she said she wants to get into politics, perhaps. And I thought, ‘That’s good, ’cause (garbled).’

RUSH: Yeah, independent, she just doesn’t want to have to take a stand on too many things right now, but give her time, give her time.

CALLER: Yeah. (laughs)

RUSH: Give her time. It’s a shame you didn’t hear the story about the growth of government being commensurate with women getting the vote, the right to vote.

CALLER: Yeah. I would have liked to have heard that. But I try to listen as much as I can.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate it, Lisa. Thanks so much.

CALLER: You’re welcome. Have a great day.

RUSH: It’s great that you called. The one observation you can you can make about this whole business…. Because he’s proved it: The growth of government started like crazy when women got the right to vote, which just proves, size does matter to them.

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