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RUSH: Jim in Montgomery, Texas, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Howdy from the great state of Texas, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Say, I’d like to talk about Canada, Mexico, and Alaska, the oil in particular. I noticed that when we need more oil from the Saudis, the president goes over there and holds hands with some king or something, trying to squeeze a little bit more production out of there. Why don’t we get more from Canada and more from Mexico to make up the difference? And another thing, why don’t we stop selling it to Japan?

RUSH: Well, Japan’s an ally. Japan’s domestic oil production is barely 2%.

CALLER: Right, but they could get it from the Middle East, it’s just about the same distance as far as we have to tow — we have to bring it in from the Middle East. Seems like to me it would be better if they went ahead and got theirs from the Middle East.

RUSH: It’s all about an allied relationship. And, by the way, I agree, it’s just embarrassing, humiliating and maddening to see the president of the United States, a leader of the free world, go ask —


RUSH: — a Saudi king to increase oil production, but he was asking, ‘Don’t sell us more,’ he was asking to pump more on the world market. The Canadians couldn’t pump enough. They couldn’t increase their production enough. It’s a different question who we buy from versus who produces around the world.

CALLER: Right. But what I was saying, my dad was in the oil business for all my life, and he’s retired now, but he’s punched holes, he’s a directional driller, he’s the one that goes sideways. He says there’s more oil in Colombia and next to Venezuela there, it’s just hard to get at, production costs were too much at the time because they had a lot of swamps and things down in there. But he said there’s tons and tons of oil there.

RUSH: Yeah, the Bakken Formation in, where is it, South Dakota or Montana —

CALLER: Oh, yeah, it’s everywhere.

RUSH: With exactly that kind of technique required to get it.

CALLER: And he also did some drilling for the government, and they drilled these geothermal wells down in White Sands and some places, they couldn’t even run a lightbulb off of it. They really tried, and then they have a well he dug — I didn’t even know they had this. It was nitrogen in the ground. He did a nitrogen well up there in Dakota somewhere, I think North Dakota. Close to Canada, up in that area.

RUSH: What do you mean they drilled a geothermal well in White Sands and they couldn’t even run a lightbulb off of it?

CALLER: Well, because he complained, he’s an old-school driller that went back to school after World War II, became a directional drilling engineer, and they called him out to this — well, whenever they do a side track they twist off or something like that, they gotta get a directional guy in there to go around it. Anyway, they were drilling this thing, it was an experimental deal, and they had a whole bunch of eggheads sitting around the table all trying to figure it out. They’d ask him questions and then of course they’d just ignore him, and he told ’em that, you know, they had to do it a certain way, you know, he was used to doing it his way and all that, but they —

RUSH: You know, I’ve had this happen to me. I know exactly what you’re talking about. You’re ahead of your time. You know your instincts and your knowledge. You have a whole bunch of people who think they know how to do it, a better idea, and they reject it because you’re a lone guy or you’re too young or they just are arrogant. Yeah, I can relate to what your dad was going through. By the way, Newt Gingrich sent me a note the other day and asked me to mention something and this would be a good time to do it. He’s got his website: American Solutions.com. You can go sign a petition there. What Newt’s trying to do is get a whole bunch of, hundreds of thousands of signatures from people on the concept of drill here, drill now, and pay less, as a means of two things: Get the concept in the minds and hearts of these 535 dolts in Washington that drilling here and now is the answer to these problems that everybody is running around moaning about.

The second thing is as a way to focus opposition to this Warner-Lieberman travesty of a piece of legislation next week, the cap-and-trade thing, which McCain’s really, really big under this, and there a lot of people that want to stop this. Now, I was going to spend some time on it today but the weekend’s going to come up and you’re going to forget it. On Monday I’ve got a lot of stuff assembled about what this is, what the outcome of it will be if it happens, and it represents as large an attack on the US economy as Hillary’s health care plan was. That’s what this is. It is an attack on the US economy, this legislation, the cap-and-trade, selling of carbon credits and so forth. So Newt’s looking for a lot of signatures on his website, on his petitions here so that he can really throw these names and these petitions at these members of Congress. AmericanSolutions.com, and you can go there and you can sign a petition and get your name on it for drill here, drill now, and pay less.

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