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RUSH: Lauren Hutton, the former model, some-time actress was on the Today Show today, and she was talking about the movie, Sex and the City, based on the TV show, Sex and the City. She says she’s never seen it. Have you ever seen Sensation in the City, Dawn? You never watched it? What about you? Yeah, but you watched it because Mitzi watched it, right? You had to watch it because she was watching it; is that right? Yeah, okay. What about you, Snerdley? Have you seen it? I watched a couple of episodes, and quickly discovered that this wasn’t for me. This woman says she’s never seen it. Kathie Lee Gifford, the hostette asked of Lauren Hutton, ‘What do you make of the movie Sex and the City?’

HUTTON: I think it was written by guys who happen to be gay who are sluts. Most men are sluts.

WOMEN: (cackling)

HUTTON: That’s what testosterone is, and I lived with hunters and gatherers all over the world is last four years. They don’t have them anymore.

WOMEN: (cackling)

HUTTON: That’s what testosterone is supposed to do so wherever you are you’re trying to get the best sperm, the best masterpiece. You have a bunch of guys who are sluts writing for women and telling them they’re supposed to act like this.

WOMAN: Get Michael Patrick King on the phone please, Brian.

HUTTON: I never saw the show. Are the girls like that or not?

RUSH: She’s never seen the show, but she’s assuming that a bunch of gay male sluts are the script writers for this show. You know, she’s got a point here and she may not even know it, when she said that she’s lived with hunters and gatherers all over the world the last 40 years. They don’t have them anymore. That’s what feminism’s done. Feminism gave us this. We started out with real men, from the cavemen forward; then the Bertha Butts sisters and so forth, the troglodytes and all, the Neanderthal guys; and then we moved forward, and we pretty much stayed consistent here: big-time male heroic, genuine, strong guys. Then all of a sudden feminism came along. Oh, that reminds me. I gotta get that story: Big Government began when women got the vote. I promised the audience yesterday. I’ve gotta get to that. Anyway, feminism then created a bunch of linguine-spined men, and the theory behind this was, they didn’t do the dishes enough, didn’t do the housework enough. So a bunch of guys said, ‘Okay,’ because you know guys will do whatever it takes to get where they want to go.’

So if that meant doing the dishes, do the dishes. If that meant not playing golf and not going out and hunting and gathering, that’s what they did, and they became a bunch of Michael Kinsleys. And then that started to change, and they became metrosexuals; which meant they got facials, manicures, pedicures, started waxing the hair off their chests and their backs and so forth and so on, and that didn’t fly well because that’s not what women want. Even though that’s what the feminists created. Lauren Hutton said they don’t have those kind of real guys anymore, but that’s what testosterone is supposed to be. You’re trying to get the best sperm, the best masterpiece, women are searching, you know, for the right mate to procreate with, to have strongest kids and so forth. Men were willing to make any number of attempts in that regard to find the right woman. So, we went from metrosexual to wuss. Now there’s a story in one of the UK papers about ‘Retrosexuals: The Reemergence of Real Men.’ So she’s right, and she doesn’t even know it. I don’t know if gay guys wrote the script for Sex and the City, but apparently she’s never seen the show but… (interruption) Well, there were a bunch of women on the set. One was Kathie Lee Gifford, I don’t know who the other one was, but all three of them were latching yaw about Sex and the City, they’re laughing about Sex and the City, gay male sluts and so forth. This is in the fourth hour of Today, which nobody sees, which is why I played you the sound bites.

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