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RUSH: Lake County, Ohio, this is Dr. Mike. Hello, Dr. Mike.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I have a question for you since you’ve been talking about speculation in marketplaces all day anyway. I noticed that there is the energy credits, and I was wondering if you would want to develop a new marketplace for something called a Rush Energy Debit, and that would be for people that are too busy to drive their SUV or maybe they can’t afford to, maybe they can’t grill their Allen Brothers steaks, maybe they can’t afford a large home, maybe they can’t go on vacation or cut the grass, so the goal would be to create these Rush Energy Debits, I will call them Red Debits, and what you want to do is have more red states in the country.

RUSH: Well, you lost me. How do we go from Rush Energy Debits to red states?

CALLER: Well, r-e-d, Rush Energy Debits.

RUSH: Yeah. But red states end up by the way people vote.

CALLER: Right, well, we could just use that as a nuance, if you didn’t like that idea, then that’s fine. But my idea was, you know, put some calls, people don’t necessarily believe in a stock, and they will just speculate, as you’ve been saying. No one is speculating currently with energy debits. They’re only speculating with energy credits.

RUSH: Oh, I see what you’re saying. I see what you’re saying. So we invest — sort of like selling short?

CALLER: Correct. Right. And the Algore types are selling the other kind and making money, and my thought was, and it would be up to you because it would be your system, is that since we are more charitable than the Democrat Party, that maybe the money for this goes to a Rush charity.

RUSH: Well, now, who is going to pay me the money? Because by definition, you just described a bunch of people who can’t mow the lawn, they —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — can’t go on vacation, they can’t afford a big home, they can’t afford to grill Allen Brothers steaks, so we can’t get money from them.

CALLER: Well, maybe they can’t afford to do that, but maybe they can afford to pay because they feel guilty about not using energy the way they should.

RUSH: Oh. Because these people are not using enough energy, they need to pay to make up for the energy they’re not using.

CALLER: Correct. And whether it’s five dollars a megawatt hour or $90 or $20, the marketplace would determine that.

RUSH: I see, so basically Algore sets up his carbon credits, I set up debit credits.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I take money from people who don’t have much anyway because they feel guilty that they’re not using enough. (laughing) You feel left out? The planet’s going to hell and you’re not helping destroy it. Well, we here at Rush Energy Debits (laughing), all these other people destroying the country with all their carbon footprints and all you’ve got is a little toe print? Well, we can help. (laughing) Send me your money. (laughing)

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