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RUSH: Over on CNBC, yesterday afternoon, Street Signs was the show. The Street Sweetie, Erin Burnett spoke with Jim Cramer. Cramer says, ‘Home builders go out of business, banks go out of business, and yet we sit here and we worry every minute? This used to be like dominoes: You go out of business, another business starts.’

BURNETT: People like Rush Limbaugh talk about this, and the playground, you know, how everybody has to be a winner —

CRAMER: Right.

BURNETT: — and nobody is ever a loser?


BURNETT: But sometimes you have to learn to lose.

RUSH: Somebody listens to this program in the Drive-By Media! The Street Sweetie, Erin Burnett: Somebody loses! And she’s right. We can’t have recess anymore. Can’t play games in recess, can’t do ‘it,’ can’t do tag, can’t do dodgeball. Somebody might lose! We don’t keep score in softball; we don’t keep store in football because we don’t want to know who lost. And guess what? It’s spreading to the real world. A bank goes out of business? ‘No, it doesn’t! We’ll prop it up.’ A small business goes out of business? ‘Too bad, pal. You’re outta business. Here’s your final tax bill.’

Who’s next? Jeremy in Seattle. Jeremy, I have one minute. Can you squeeze it in?

CALLER: Yeah, I’ll squeeze it in as fast as I can.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Bottom line is, you know what, everything that we hate about what liberalism does, has done to our education might be able to be a factor in its undoing. It’s made weak parents. It’s made lazy parents. And if we can reeducate or we can start private education or something — that would be free, at least until public education went bankrupt — we really have a chance, because parents would send their kids, even if they didn’t believe in the ideology that a conservative school would put forth, if they were producing better.

RUSH: I like the idea. No, Jeremy, I love the idea. It’s been tried. A couple of people have tried it. It didn’t quite work. It might have been before its time, but, look, even that, even the great Subway sandwich shop chain has just eliminated homeschoolers from I think an essay contest where they might win some prize — for the obvious reasons. They’d win!

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