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Rush’s Morning Update: 4-Way Screw!
May 29, 2008

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Plans are being laid for a massive political screw session in Washington this weekend. Late Tuesday, the Democrat National Committee and its lawyers distributed a memo to the Rules and Bylaws Committee who will decide if Florida and Michigan delegates will be seated at the party’s convention.

The lawyers took 38 pages to spell it out: the rules committee can seat “some” of the delegates from each state– maybe even half of them — but not all delegates will be seated.

Now, that means half of you Democrats in Florida and Michigan should prepare to be screwed — by your own party!The same lawyers who claimed to want every vote counted in the 2000 election have determined that at least half of you do not have a right to have your vote counted. We haven’t witnessed this kind of “disenfranchisement” since the Voting Rights Act of ’64 was passed –over Democrat objections, I might add.

So all of you Democrat women supporting Senator Clinton,prepare yourselves: You are screwed. And isn’t it clear what this is about? It’s liberal Democrat men giving Obamaanother leg up! But the party’s worried some of you aren’t going to swallow this quietly; they have asked for extra security at the hotel where the rules committee plans to meet.

So we’ve got Florida and Michigan voters –and Democrat women. But then there’s poor Hillary. She’s never been screwed like this before! (I mean, politically speaking, of course.) This is a 4-way Clinton screw job(politically speaking, please),and there isn’t even an intern involved in this one!

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