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RUSH: You know what frustrates me about this? How right I am. You ever get those moments in your family, ‘If they only would just listen to me?’ You know, this conservatism stuff, what’s happened in the Republican Party, sometimes I feel that way. Look at this. This is from TIME Magazine’s blog: ‘How the Democrat Nomination Fight Could Go Beyond Next Wednesday.’ (Gasp!) Really? Well, Operation Chaos is why, but get this. ‘If Clinton wants to go on after Tuesday’s primaries, what will the argument’s actions be that will signal her determination? Well, number one, file a lawsuit, or have somebody else file a lawsuit challenging the DNC’s decision on Florida and/or Michigan.’ Who was it that suggested this? It was I, El Rushbo, commander-in-chief, who told the Clintons if they were worth their salt, they would litigate this under the Fourteenth Amendment equal-protection clause, and here Mark Halperin at TIME has made it the number-one suggestion that the Clintons do.

From The Politico: ‘Those people who believe all problems have solutions may be unfamiliar with the inner workings of the Democrat Party.’ This is Roger Simon. ‘On Saturday, the party’s rules and bylaws committee will try to solve a big problem in order to avoid a huge problem in order to prevent a train wreck. The big problem is what to do about Michigan and Florida. The rules committee will try to work out a compromise Saturday to try to seat those states in some form or fashion. It’s going to be difficult, and the 30 members of the committee who come from all over the country have been warned to keep their hotel rooms Saturday night because the meeting may go into Sunday. A huge problem is what happens if the one side or another does not like the rules that the committee comes up with a compromise,’ and there are going to be all kinds of people showing up to protest this. The Florida delegation might go; the Michigan delegation might go. You know, general troublemakers might show up and raise hell. You know, the Democrats, this light at the end of the tunnel that they hope they see? (laughs) That’s the train! That’s the train heading right for them. And all this is happening because of Operation Chaos.

This is another frustrating thing. The Democrats are in the process of a serious self-implosion. What have we got to take advantage of it? A bunch of conservative intelligentsia telling us to become like them! And we’re doing a damn good job of it! We’re seeing them implode and we’re so in love with what the Democrats do, let’s implode ourselves. So we’re in the process of doing this. It’s not a pleasant thing to watch, ladies and gentlemen, but it’s happening. ‘For the second time this year, a federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by a Florida Democrat delegate angry over party rules that have threatened to keep Florida delegates from being seated at the upcoming Democrat convention. Once again, US district judge Richard Lazzara ruled today the DNC did not violate any laws in stripping Florida’s delegates of their voting powers.’ The DNC wins another one. I’ll tell you, this is disenfranchisement. They played this Recount movie on Sunday and Monday night on HBO. ‘Count all the votes! Every vote must count!’ They got all mad at the Supreme Court, they stopped the vote counting. Never mind the Florida Supreme Court, rogue court writing new election rules from the bench, none of that matters. Now all of a sudden they’re going to get a nominee precisely by not counting all the votes. (sigh) You gotta love this. They are going to forever lose, intellectually, the attachment they have to the count-every-vote argument. By hook or by crook, they are going to get Obama nominated if they have to not count all the votes. Mrs. Clinton ought to go out there and sue, exactly what I said, on the basis of the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal-protection clause. Audio sound bite time here quickly, Obama, speaking at a town hall meeting in Las Vegas yesterday.

OBAMA: John McCain is having a different kind of meeting. He’s holding a fundraiser with George Bush behind closed doors in Arizona. No cameras, no reporters, and we all know why. Senator McCain doesn’t want to be seen hat in hand with a president whose failed promises he promises to continue for another four years.

RUSH: That’s one of the few sound bites I’ve heard in a long time from Obama where he didn’t make a mistake. He actually got McCain’s name right, got Bush’s name right, but I think the fundraiser was in Utah, and McCain wasn’t there. Or was this yesterday? Did McCain and Bush have a fundraiser yesterday in Arizona? Obama got that right? He really did? That is really news. By the way, I wonder if Barack Obama knows that Allen Brothers meat, Allen Brothers steaks — ‘The Great Steakhouse Steaks’ — that it’s in Chicago. I asked this question some time ago, and I got an e-mail response, ‘Not only does he know it, he’s got a cousin who works or used to work at Allen Brothers!’ ‘Nooooo, that can’t possibly be,’ I said. It’s probably not true anyway. By the way, a lot of people — everybody — is asking me, by the way, how did my barbecue go? How do you think it went? I served Allen Brothers. You shoulda seen the spread. I even got grief. I got grief from people. ‘You shouldn’t have talked about it, Rush, in these recessionary times — especially when you said to people, ‘Just eat off your china. Don’t buy paper plates, just eat off your regular plates.” I got grief about that because some people don’t have regular plates. Who doesn’t have regular plates! Who doesn’t? (interruption) Oh, everybody showed up, absolutely.

I had people calling and asking if they could stop by after their other barbecues. I served the big wagyu burgers, the big jumbo hot dogs, and a couple of their desserts. The stuff is just amazing. It’s barbecue season now, and it’s Father’s Day coming up, and I don’t know what you’re going to get your dad for his birthday or for Father’s Day, but if I were you, I would give him something he can sink his teeth into. Let’s be honest, most dads, Father’s Day, expect to get junk, they expect to get a card. Men don’t care about cards. They expect to get a tie. They got every tie they want. Don’t give ’em any underwear. They got all that. Give them a certificate for Allen Brothers. Prime steaks, wagyu steak burgers, jumbo hot dogs, great desserts, stuff that you cannot get anywhere else — except restaurants. Allen Brothers serves some of the finest steakhouses in the country. Go to their website: ABSteaks.com. You’ll see all kinds of special Rush orders. You can call 800-260-0111 or visit ABSteaks.com.

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