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RUSH: One of the things I did over the weekend. A friend down here, Ted Bell is his name, he just started writing novels four or five years ago; and I read one this weekend. He gave me an advance copy. It’s not out yet. It’s called Tsar, T-s-a-r. I read 250 pages yesterday afternoon. I could not stop turning the pages on this thing. It’s about Russia and their desire to go back to the most powerful nation status on the world stage. I don’t want to give too much of it up, but the villain in this thing has manufactured a computer called a Zeta, and everybody around the world calls it ‘the Wiz,’ or ‘Wizard,’ and it’s shaped like a brain; a human brain with a stem that is the stand the thing sits on, and he sells them for 50 bucks. And so there are tens of millions of them all over the world, and every damn one of them is a bomb that he can set off with GPS locators any time he wants, all of them at once. He destroys Salina, Kansas. In the book, Salina, Kansas is gone. They evacuated. It’s just fascinating, and I couldn’t put it down. It’s T-s-a-r. It’s not out yet. I have, because I’m a powerful, influential member of the media, I have my advance proofs or galleys that are not yet corrected.

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