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RUSH: Hey, Cookie! I didn’t have time to send you a flash note on this, but it was at the top-of-the-hour break, I was watching videotape of the McCain speech — I told Cookie earlier today, no audio sound bites of the McCain speech because he started right when this program started. Those people are going to learn, they don’t do their speeches when this show is on. Cookie, I just saw the anti-war protesters, a bunch of goofy-looking kids, but they still showed up and they protested McCain’s speech. I want that audio. I will play protesters at McCain’s speech from Denver this morning. Greetings, welcome back, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Nice to have you with us. If you want to join us, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

The McCain camp released the health records, the medical records on Friday, over a thousand pages of medical records. And the USA Today headline: ‘Report: McCain Appears Cancer Free, Healthy.’ Appears! A thousand pages! Bill Clinton hasn’t released a paragraph of his medical records. McCain, a thousand pages, and they say, appears cancer free, appears healthy. What that means is they still think something was held back.

How about this? Have you heard about this out in Santa Fe, New Mexico? By the way, this is where Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame moved. ‘A group in Santa Fe says the city is discriminating against them because they say that they’re allergic to the wireless Internet signal. And now they want Wi-Fi banned from public buildings. Arthur Firstenberg says he is highly sensitive to certain types of electric fields, including wireless Internet and cell phones. ‘I get chest pain and it doesn’t go away right away,’ he said. Firstenberg and dozens of other electro-sensitive people in Santa Fe claim that putting up Wi-Fi in public places is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The city attorney is now checking to see if putting up Wi-Fi could be considered discrimination. But City Councilor Ron Trujillo says the areas are already saturated with wireless Internet. ‘It’s not 1692, it’s 2008. Santa Fe needs to embrace this technology, it’s not going away,’ Trujillo said. The city attorney hopes to have a legal recommendation by the end of the month.’

So here you have a whole city of Santa Fe, a couple people show up, ‘You gotta stop this! You gotta stop this! We’re allergic to Wi-Fi signals. You gotta stop this.’ And the city attorney says, ‘Okay, we’ll look into it.’ Don’t go to the public building. In the old days, these people said, ‘Look, if you don’t like this, move to a cave or don’t go to the public building.’ Tyranny of the minority.

Senator McCain, a couple of items here, this also from last Friday. He was quoted here in a Michelle Malkin post on her website. He gave a couple speeches last week, and I missed this little reference in one of the speeches. McCain said, ‘I don’t like obscene profits being made anywhere — and I’d be glad to look not just at the windfall profits tax –that’s not what bothers me — but we should look at any incentives that we are giving to people, that or industries or corporations that are distorting the market.’ This is about Big Oil. For crying out loud, ‘I don’t like obscene profits being made anywhere — and I’d be glad to look not just at the windfall profits tax, but we should look at any incentives that we are giving to people, that or industries or corporations that are distorting the market’? Senator McCain, government is doing things, giving incentives that distort the market? What the hell’s government doing to Big Oil? What the hell incentives are there to Big Oil?

It gets even worse. Politico today: ”On global warming, it’s McCain v. GOP’ — John McCain’s tempestuous relationship with his own party will be on full display when the Senate dives into a major global warming debate next week.’ This is Warner-Lieberman. ‘The question facing Senate Republicans: Are they ready to embrace their presidential nominee’s more liberal ideas for climate change ideas like a cap-and-trade system, or will they stick to the conservative, hands-off approach to global warming backed by President Bush? It’s a debate that may very well divide Senate Republicans and show voters yet another fissure in an already beleaguered party. Democrats don’t seem eager to offer a smooth path toward any bipartisan compromise that would give McCain political cover on the issue, and a key procedural vote has already been scheduled for June 2. On global warming and other issues, McCain’s office is engaged in an intensive behind-the-scenes message coordination effort with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), whose press office holds daily phone calls to map out the message of the day. Every Tuesday, McCain’s senior advisers meet with GOP senators at the National Republican Senatorial Committee to chart their agenda. And about once a week, McCain himself chats with McConnell.’

Now, let’s see. I guess this is Lindsey Grahamnesty, who is also a Senator. ”John McCain was into climate change before it was cool,’ Graham said. ‘But that’s the one issue where the majority of the conference may go the other way.’ Conservatives hope that McCain will back a more market-based approach rather than the government mandates on carbon emissions that are part of the central Senate proposal. ‘We’re starting to see a coming together on energy,’ said Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). ‘Hopefully, he can help us find a position between Warner-Lieberman and where we are as conservatives.’ But in this internal debate, one can already see a distinct change in the Republican outlook — conservatives are trying to figure out legislative options on global warming rather than simply playing defense and mocking environmentalists on the topic. The global warming deniers have taken a back seat. ‘You’ve already seen the shift on energy and climate change,’ said one GOP Senate aide. ‘You’re not going to see tax breaks for oil companies. You’ll see us talking more about climate change, where we didn’t before.”

So the Republicans here apparently, even the great Senator Jim DeMint, talking about finding common ground with McCain on this. So what we have here, there was a great piece, Peter Ferrara in the American Spectator last week writing in this case about David Frum, who is a conservative commentator and author, writer, National Review Online. In this whole concept that I constantly rail against, and that is accepting the premises put forth by the left and then trying to monkey with them a little bit and change ’em so they’re not quite as bad, add a little conservative touch to it, there’s a term that Peter Ferrara came up with to describe this, it’s two words, the second word is ‘surrender.’ That’s what apparently is going on here. When you accept the premise of the left and then try to tweak the end result, you fail to stand up for what you believe in, and you’ve just surrendered. It appears now that what’s happening with the Republicans in the Senate is that they are prepared to surrender and sort of try to find a way to compromise with McCain to keep him consistent on his presidential issue, supporting a cap-and-trade program. But the headline here is really all that you need to know: ‘On Global Warming, it’s McCain Versus the GOP.’


RUSH: Okay, we do have audio of the protesters at the McCain speech today in Denver, Colorado, and it’s a short bite. It’s 21 seconds.

PROTESTER: End-less war! End-less war! End-less war!

MCCAIN: I have town hall meetings all the time. I’ll be having one tomorrow, where people are allowed to come and state their views, and we exchange them — and the one thing we don’t do is interfere with other people’s right to free speech (applause), but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

RUSH: Senator McCain responding with courtesy to the long-haired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking FM types who showed up and were unable to unfurl their T-shirt. It was funny. They were the most inept protesters I’ve seen. You guys are going to have to step it up. It was an embarrassment, two clowns stand up and can’t even unfurl the T-shirt correctly. If you’re going to protest, protest!

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