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RUSH: Carl in Charleston, South Carolina, it’s great to have you here, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Greetings from the low country of South Carolina, Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I was wondering if you could pass along some of your wisdom. I recently watched the HBO production of the film they aired called Recount.

RUSH: I saw that.

CALLER: That was an interesting piece, but in light of the Democrats’ desire to regain control of the White House and the Republican hope that we will keep the White House, I was wondering if you might be able to share with your listeners if you think we may see another run in the courts for the White House?

RUSH: I think we should. I think Mrs. Clinton should go to the courts.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: I have been advocating this as part of Operation Chaos. You know, I watched this movie, this Recount movie, and it was told from the Democrat perspective (as they admitted that it was), but it was a documentary, and it was just fraught full of holes. There were facts left out. There was dialogue made up (things that people never said that they were quoted as saying), but, unless you knew all the details, you might not be able to figure this out. This thing got it so wrong. The premise is wrong in the first place because the media — the USA Today bunch, CNN, and the New York Times — all went down to Florida after all of this aftermath was over. They looked at all the evidence, they counted votes every which way you can think of, and in no count did Algore ever lead in Florida! He would not have won Florida with a statewide recount, with a full recount in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward Counties, Volusia County.

They could not find a way that Gore won, and yet HBO does this piece last night. They also left out something else crucial. The United States Supreme Court had to shut down the Florida Supreme Court twice. In the movie last night, they only had to shut it down one time. But after the first United States Supreme Court ruling, the chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court, Charles Wells said, ‘I’ve got a piece of paper from the Supreme Court, and they’ve told us to stop this,’ and Barbara Pariente, who is I think now the chief justice, basically said, ‘To hell with it,’ and so the Supreme Court had to shut ’em down again. So they only portrayed the Supreme Court shutting ’em down once. You had a rogue court. You had a runaway Florida Supreme Court rewriting election law after the election had been certified, which meant that no matter what happened in all this, the Florida House of Representatives had certified Bush as the winner of the 25 electoral votes, and it was the US Congress that was going to solve this and Dick Cheney was going to be there to break the tie vote. There was no way Gore was ever going to win this. This is why it’s been so amazing to watch the left since 2000 think they got cheated out of an election. I’m sure they still think they did, but they are not grounded in reality.

Now, the question from Carl in South Carolina: Could something like this happen again? I have told Mrs. Clinton: Sue! Algore started this whole thing, he litigated the 2000 results, they are not going to count all the votes from Florida and Michigan as it stands now. They’re going to disenfranchise voters from two large states, with lots of minorities. That’s the only way Obama can win. Now, if the Democrats are not careful here, especially if they’re going to keep running these stupid movies like Recount where the whole theme of that movie last night was, ‘Count every vote,’ and the Republicans were standing in the way of being bullies and did not want every vote recounted. In fact, the Florida Supreme Court ordered a statewide recount when the Gore people had never even asked for it. That’s how absurd it got.

But the point is this: Ever since Florida 2000, the Democrat Party has run around with a theme that Republicans obstruct the vote, that they do not count all the votes or that they do whatever they can to screw Democrat votes into not counting, tamper with the machines and all that. Now here the Democrats find themselves in this cacophonous and crazy, chaotic nomination scene in which the Democrat Party — in order to secure this nomination for Obama and to end the chaos — is not going to count the votes from Florida and Michigan. So if the Democrat Party chooses its nominee on the basis of ‘every vote will not count,’ then they are forever, with any intellectual credibility, canceling one of their big talking points, which is: Count every vote, but it’s the Republicans who stand in the way. Example: Florida aftermath 2000. They’ve got huge problems. This Saturday is the meeting of the rules and bylaws committee, which is where they’re going to figure out what to do with the Florida and Michigan delegates, and Howard Dean’s the guy responsible for figuring this out. This isn’t over, folks. It’s not over. Chaos is not over. They’ve got a lot to think about here.


RUSH: I think it’s the Huffington Post. Some woman writing about this Recount show last night on HBO — it’s a movie, a documentary, it was fictionalized in a lot of places — said, ‘After watching this I’m just as glad Gore didn’t win because that movie shows the Republican bullies would have destroyed his administration anyway.’ It’s a movie! Like they thought The West Wing was their real administration.

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