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RUSH: Well, the Phoenix Mars landed on Mars. It landed up there near the polar regions, and it’s sending back some great pictures, but one of the funniest is there’s a DVD, we have made a DVD that was secured on the outside of the Phoenix waiting for a Martian to come along, pick it up, and put it in his DVD player and learn about us. It has messages from earth. I don’t know what’s on it. In the past they’ve let guys like Carl Sagan, the big astronomer, I think it was Voyager, this deep space probe. The Star Trek guys found it, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy found it out there. The A and the Y had come off. They thought it was Voger, they didn’t know what it was, thought it was an enemy. Anyway, they let Carl Sagan describe what earth was for any aliens that might see it out there in the universe, and there’s one here on the Phoenix Mars, too. Very cool. Well, no, this is not a Blu-ray, just a standard DVD. I don’t think the Martians have Blu-ray. You know, HD DVD bombed out, and we might have sent the format up there to Mars for them to use.


RUSH: I talked about the Phoenix Mars and the stack of DVDs that’s waiting for some Martian to come along and put them in his DVD player and learn about us. No, I know it’s funny, folks, but the people at Jet Propulsion Laboratory got a big scoop on this thing and are going to start digging. They think there’s water, a foot, eight inches or a foot below where the thing landed because there are cracks in the surface that replicate cracks at our polar regions here. It landed in the North Pole region of Mars and that indicates expanding and contracting of surface based on frozen ice below expanding and, as it melts, it contracts. They’re desperately looking for signs that there was life there and that there might be some subterranean life, who knows, somebody might see the DVD someday, watch the DVD. You know, I just hope they didn’t put Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds on there or the movie that was made of it.

But here’s some things that we have learned. By the way, this thing’s got a three-month life span, because what’s going to happen is that the sun is going to go below the horizon for a long period of time, and it’s going to be dark up there, and carbon dioxide and other elements are going to form on the solar panels and freeze, and that will thus kill the Phoenix Mars. They don’t know if it will come back to life once the sun reemerges and warms up a little bit. So it’s gotta hustle, it’s got a hustle out there. It’s about the size of a golf cart. It’s miraculous that the thing landed. We have a satellite orbiting Mars that shot a picture of this thing landing with its parachute deployed. It is amazing. I saw a videotape of the excitement at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, JPL, and there were a lot of excited guys in there. It’s an amazing feat. But here’s some things about the Martian atmosphere. It is only 1% as dense as earth’s atmosphere. So the surface air pressure on Mars would be the same as if you were at 100,000 feet altitude on earth. You couldn’t survive there without oxygen on the surface. You would need life support systems because once we get to 15,000 feet, like climbing a mountain, you need oxygen; you need tanks. So the atmosphere is only 1% as dense.

Get this. The atmosphere of Mars is 95% carbon dioxide. Ninety-five percent carbon dioxide makes up the Martian atmosphere. Earth’s carbon dioxide in its atmosphere, 0.38%, not even 4%, 0.38% of our atmosphere is carbon dioxide. Ninety-five percent of Mars’ atmosphere is carbon dioxide. Now, I imagine that when I mention that figure, there are some dummkopf environmentalist wackos who are saying, ‘Yeah, Mr. Limbaugh, yeah, see, see? Ninty-five percent carbon dioxide, that’s why there’s no life on Mars. They’ve killed themselves. There used to be life on Mars, but there’s no longer any life because they, too, did not watch their carbon footprints.’ Right? Typical reaction. This is the way the environmentalist wackos work with a statistic like this. However, despite the thin atmosphere and the 95% CO2 content on Mars, Mars has 90 times as much CO2 as earth’s atmosphere, 90 times, 90 times as much CO2. ‘That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh, that’s because they didn’t do anything in the old days to reduce their carbon footprint. There was life there, Mr. Limbaugh, everybody knows it.’ Okay. You could expect this kind of reaction.

Phoenix Mars has its own weather station. I don’t know if it’s powered up yet. The expected air temperature at the landing site is minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So with, with an atmosphere that’s 95% carbon dioxide, folks, with an atmosphere that’s 95% carbon dioxide, the outside air temperature is minus 100 degrees at the polar region here. It’s not even the North Pole. So for you idiot global warming people who say, ‘Yes, Mr. Limbaugh, that’s exactly right, 95% carbon dioxide, they killed themselves. This is a lesson for us, Mr. Limbaugh, of what’s going to happen to us unless we take drastic action now.’ Well, I’m telling you, if 95% of their atmosphere is carbon dioxide, then why the hell isn’t that place boiling? And why do we have to dig underneath the surface to find water? Nothing should be freezing up there. The Phoenix landed near the North Pole. When the sun goes below the horizon in a few months for winter, some of the CO2 will cool, change to dry ice, cover the landing site to a depth of about three feet, burying the Phoenix, and who knows what will happen after that. So some interesting little tidbits.

Oh, and guess what? Honest to God, folks, honest to God, they found another little storm on Jupiter, big red spot. It’s a giant storm. Another one’s popped up. You know what they’re crediting it to? Climate change. Climate change on Jupiter. Yeah. Climate change on Jupiter. Exactly right. But we’re not there. Climate change on Jupiter. We don’t know of any human activity producing CO2 on Jupiter. This is why this is stuff that’s so disingenuous, because they know that they’ve got enough people in this country, enough morons who have bought into the whole climate change, it is now happening in the whole universe, ‘Oh, my God, oh, gee, we’ve gotta act, we gotta do something!’ When the truthful reaction, if it’s happening on Jupiter, and with nobody there, what can we do about — (interruption) Nope. They couldn’t sell that, Snerdley. They couldn’t sell that the exhaust fumes from American automobiles and their usage finally made it to Jupiter.


RUSH: I erred a moment ago when comparing the US atmosphere and the Martian atmosphere. I was way high when I said the earth’s atmosphere is almost 4% CO2 because I was misreading the decimal point. The fact is that the amount of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere is way less than 1%. It is .00038. You know, 1% is 0.01. I was just misreading the decimal point. It’s way less than 1% CO2 here. It’s 95% CO2, the Martian atmosphere.


RUSH: All right, sir, Aaron in Philadelphia, you’re next, great to have you here on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s great to speak with you. How are you doing?

RUSH: Great. Thanks much.

CALLER: Good. Well, I just wanted to do a couple things. I want to jump on this before the tree huggers do. Mars’ temperature might have something to do with the radius of its orbit. It’s further away from the sun than the earth is, so I’m sure that’s —

RUSH: I’m glad you explained that to people in Rio Linda. ‘The radius of its orbit’ might not have been understood by all in the audience in Rio Linda. So basically what you’re saying is, of course, Rush, it’s going to be minus hundred degrees on Mars. They’re farther from the sun?

CALLER: That would play a part, yeah. A part, but again, astrophysics is not my area of expertise.

RUSH: Well, look, I understand it. I’ve been waiting for somebody to call and say, ‘But, Rush! But, Rush!’ and you were the first to do it. But here’s the answer. If the tree huggers and the environmentalist wackos call here and say it, the answer is, ‘Wait a minute. You guys say the sun has no impact on global warming in this country; on this planet.’

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: And they do. They don’t consider the sun. They don’t factor sunspots or flares or any solar activity, they don’t. They can’t afford to. Their theory would crumble faster than dust in an Indiana Jones movie.

CALLER: Well, what is the next thing we’re going to have to do, stop wearing sunscreen because it’s bleaching the coral reefs?

RUSH: (laughter)

CALLER: I’m a physician, and let me tell you, I’d rather deal with preventing melanoma than bleaching the coral reefs.

RUSH: Really? What kind of doctor are you?

CALLER: I’m a general practitioner.

RUSH: General practitioner. Cool!

CALLER: Yes. So I’m a humanist and I try to help people and save their lives. So the next time the tree huggers have a problem with the cost of health care, remind them that it’s going to get even more expensive as the cost of a barrel of oil goes up, because all the disposable sterile plastics and the sterile saline and the refrigerated blood products that have to get shipped all over this country, are going to go up in cost. A bag of normal saline right now —

RUSH: That’s my point.

CALLER: — costs $180 a bag. One liter of saltwater is $180, and it’s going to go up even more.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: We have to make sure the number-one priority — and I hope somebody from McCain’s group is listening — we have to make sure the number-one priority for us is to get energy independence for our health care system.

RUSH: Uh, energy independence. Yes. Meaning: We need to go get our own. Yes. I don’t know exactly what you mean. I want to go back to this business…. Look, by the way, oil is under 130 bucks. Oil is falling. Oil is falling. I warned you people. I told you last week this is a bubble, that the market is not going to be able to support this never-ending three and four dollar a day increase in the price of oil. I don’t know if it’s a trend down or not. I don’t know what’s going on, but it was 135 bucks last week, and it’s $129, just under $130 now. Somebody comes along and tells you, ‘Well, Rush! Well, Rush! Of course it’s minus a hundred degrees Fahrenheit on Mars. They’re much further from the sun.’ It doesn’t matter, ’cause the sun is not a factor in global warming here. If the sun’s not a factor here, it can’t be on Mars. They got 95% of their atmosphere is carbon dioxide. They ought to be melting! There ought to be one hell of a greenhouse effect up there.

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