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RUSH: Jerry in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. Pleasure, Rush.

RUSH: Thanks for the call, sir.

CALLER: Longtime listener.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: A couple questions for you. Why don’t the oil companies publish a breakdown of how much a gallon of oil is to buy, produce, refine, and transport and everything else?

RUSH: Well, I think they do. I’m not sure the oil companies do, but a number of oil company lobbying groups, oil interest groups do. They’re all over the Internet, and over the course of the — I haven’t done it recently but I’ve gone through what comes out of a barrel of oil, who gets what for it, how much diesel comes out of it, how much gasoline, depending on the year, how much home heating oil, how much jet fuel, and there’s two kinds of jet fuel. Well, there’s more than two, but the two primary are Jet A and JP-4. And JP-4 is for military. It’s a combination of Jet A, which is kerosene and gasoline. Those engines need to run very hot. A commercial airplane could not run on J-P4. So every barrel of oil gets refined in a whole lot of different ways. Then there are charts and graphs on how much profit per gallon of gasoline, per gallon of jet fuel that the oil companies get versus the people who sell it, all combined with the amount of taxation. It’s out there on a number of websites. In fact, I will instruct Koko, the website master, to get one of those sites. They’re easy to find and we’ll link to one at RushLimbaugh.com this afternoon.

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