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RUSH: We go into the weekend, and everybody — well, some people are planning on skipping the barbecues because they’re just too expensive. They read that in USA Today. The paper plates are too expensive. The ketchup is too expensive. (Blame Teresa Heinz Kerry for not being sensitive to your pocketbook.) Everything is too high. The beef, hot dogs, the bread, the cheese, everything, the pickles! You can’t afford any of it anymore, it’s just too expensive. If that’s the case, then find a Memorial Day parade in your town and go there.

In fact, have a barbecue and go to your Memorial Day parade if your community still has one (I hope they do) and try to remember what Memorial Day really is all about, especially now. The US military has not been this attacked and vilified since the Vietnam War era, except the difference is in this case the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan are cleaning up, cleaning clocks. The news out of Iraq, from Sadr City and Basra is so good the Drive-Bys are ignoring it. The Iraqis taking over in both of these cities. Sadr City! This is Mookie’s town. They’re doing a bang-up job. We here at the EIB Network salute them, celebrate them, and honor them each and every day; and I didn’t want to let the program end today without sending out a similar tribute to one and all who have ever worn the uniform.

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