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RUSH: Quentin in Dayton, Ohio, nice to have you, sir, on the Open Line Friday edition of the big show.

CALLER: Hey, dittos from a disabled veteran, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: You’re slacking a little bit on your feminazi stuff. Right now Senator Biden is proposing a new amendment to the Violence Against Women Act. He’s proposing a hundred thousand free lawyers across the nation to any woman who claims that she was abused to be able to gain custody. So women will now have free lawyers to be able to —

RUSH: Wait, wait —

CALLER: — fight custody battles.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Have you heard anything about this, Snerdley? I really haven’t heard anything about this, Quentin. Proposing a hundred thousand free lawyers across the country to any woman who claims she was abused?


RUSH: To be able to gain custody?

CALLER: Just to gain custody.

RUSH: So women will now have free lawyers to be able to fight custody battles if Joe Biden gets his way?

CALLER: Bingo. And he’s even planning to export it using the International Violence Against Women Act that he’s proposed.

RUSH: Where did you see this? You know, normally I have — granted, I didn’t have a lot of time for show prep last night because I was out of commission, but I don’t know anybody who’s heard about this.

CALLER: He’s been pushing for this for a couple months now, if you look on his home page. He even brags about it.

RUSH: All right, tell you what. I will look this up. Not that I disbelieve you, but I want to get what he’s actually said about this and what his reasoning is and what his hooks and links are to this. Unlike many, I’m not going to fulminate here on things I really don’t know anything about.

CALLER: Oh, no problem. I know Senator Brown is one of the cosponsors of it.

RUSH: Senator Brown? Which Senator Brown?

CALLER: Senator Brown from here in Ohio.

RUSH: Oh, Sherrod Brown, okay.

CALLER: Yeah, Sherrod Brown, he’s one of the cosponsors, and the way they plan to do it is these lawyers are going to volunteer to get I believe it’s 20% of their student loans forgiven in return for volunteering, and he wants to create a hundred thousand strong.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: As a matter of fact, I even sent you an e-mail about it at one point.

RUSH: I’m sorry I missed that. What a scam. So the hundred thousand lawyers are paid off with a 20% reduction in their student loan outstanding balance. Look, none of this surprises me. This is something that Democrats, people like Joe Biden, are entirely capable of.


RUSH: I’ve got enough stuff on the Biden stuff now, you can stop sending me stuff, gang, I’ve got it all here. This caller was basically right. Biden’s got this thing called the Violence Against Women Act and it’s grown and grown and grown. It was originally part of his failed, almost invisible presidential candidacy that he introduced all this stuff back in November-December of ’07, which would be last year, and it’s from his website. I don’t know what the date of this is, however. The date of this particular piece. But there’s a piece on his website, I think it’s dated last December. Anyway, 100,000 volunteer lawyers for battered women. ‘Senator Biden’s National Domestic Violence Volunteer Act would harness the skills, enthusiasm and dedication of these lawyers and infuse 100,000 new volunteer lawyers into the justice system to represent domestic violence victims. To enlist, train and place lawyers, the Act creates a new, electronic National Domestic Violence Attorney Network and Referral Project to be managed by the American Bar Association with the help of the National Domestic Violence Hotline and statewide legal coordinators.’ He’s apparently still working on this and trying to make it become law. He does have some cosponsors. Early cosponsor was Dick Lugar from Indiana. I think others have come and gone. I don’t know the status of it, but the caller was right, Biden is indeed working on this.

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