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RUSH: Last night Charlie Rose, PBS, audio sound bite 14, the novelist and journalist Kurt Andersen was the guest. Charlie Rose said, ‘Can you make the argument about blogs are more liberal than conservative?’

ANDERSON: There’s a lot of conservative blogs. It may be that the liberal blogs seem more consequential or influential because liberal talk radio barely exists, and so the Internet became the way for the left to do what the right had done on talk radio. It’s true that no conservative blogger is as read, is as influential as Rush Limbaugh, for instance. And so that — that —

ROSE: How about the Drudge Report?

ANDERSON: Well, that’s a different thing. He’s a conservative, but he’s not telling people to go do naughty things in the Indiana primary like Rush Limbaugh is.

RUSH: Oh ho-ho, naughty things discussed last night on Charlie Rose. Now, Snerdley has told me that many of you have called and expressed a little anger at me. You didn’t want to go on the air but you were angry with me over being so, what should I say, encouraging for Mrs. Clinton to so-call break the rules of the Democrat Party, which I have said there are no rules. Here, let’s go back to March 3rd when I actually spoke about Democrat Party rules on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: In the Democrat Party there are no rules. There are just traditions and customs. There are no rules in a knife fight. So let’s not play civics 101. Let’s not play junior high school senior class president election. There are no rules. There are traditions. There are customs in the Democrat Party. ‘What are you talking about, Rush?’ Stop and think about it. If you want to break the rules, talking about, ‘Hey, you people in Florida, you blew it, you people in Michigan, you blew it; you violated Democrat Party rules.’ ‘The party really didn’t have any rules, this was a tradition that they bucked, this is a tradition, they went against the party’s request. But now we see that we can’t disenfranchise Democrats from two major states in the country.’ So the tradition that every vote must count, the custom that delegates from every state will be seated will now be employed with no rules being broken. You see how easy this is?

RUSH: That was me on March 3rd. Here is Senator Bill Nelson this morning on MSNBC Live. He is the senator from Florida. Mika Brzezinski says, ‘Why the outcry now? It does seem politically motivated, seems like you’ve waited too long to fix this.’

NELSON: Mika, I was trying to solve this problem way before Iowa and New Hampshire, but, you know, the question now is, are we going to violate the principle of one person, one vote? And now people on the Democratic National Committee and the rules committee are going to decide this in a couple weeks, they’ve got to be looking at, do you want to get so tangled up in the rules that you lose your prospects for winning in November?

RUSH: Well, there you have it, from Florida, Senator Bill Nelson. Who cares about the rules? We get tangled up in the rules. I told you, the Democrat Party has no rules; Mrs. Clinton knows it. The only thing they have is a sacred principle of counting every vote. And they’re about to blow that to smithereens, blow it sky high by disenfranchising, at the direction of Howard ‘George Wallace’ Dean, millions of voters from Florida and Michigan. I mean, not even count them.


RUSH: Trevor in Greenville, South Carolina, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, afternoon, Rush. The thing about the way this issue of states not being able to be seated, the delegates —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — they treated, Hillary and whoever talks about it, treat it like some sort of force of nature, this thing just happened and it accidentally happened. I watched the rules committee on C-SPAN. I remember Donna Brazile was involved on the committee, and this is a premeditated decision that they did because those states were falling all over themselves, they wanted to be first and count so they had more importance in the primary process, and they threatened them with this sanction and it’s a premeditated decision. Now, why are people that were falling all over themselves, those party hacks and all those people I never hear them criticized or, you know, taken to task about this premeditated thing that they forced and they wanted to happen, they allowed to happen. They were told this was going to happen and it happened and they said, ‘I don’t care.’

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s a good question, and the reason the hacks came up with the decision here to penalize Florida and Michigan for violating the rules which Senator Bill Nelson says really don’t exist, confirming what I know about the Democrat Party is that the head of the Democrat Party, the national chairman, is Howard Dean, and there’s an association with the Drive-By Media and so forth, and there’s a pattern, there are traditions of some of these states going early. But you’re right, it was the DNC, it was Howard Dean who said Florida and Michigan, your votes aren’t going to count.

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