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RUSH: Well, the Obama campaign is conducting I guess their super-secret search for a vice presidential nominee. Now, you might be asking, ‘How can it be super-secret if everybody knows about it?’ Well, because the Obama campaign leaked it. Now, he’s not even a nominee yet, ladies and gentlemen. This is conceit on the part of the man who is destined to be the illegitimate nominee of the Democrat Party because millions of votes will have to be ignored and not counted, Florida and Michigan, in order for Barack Obama to secure the Democrat Party nomination. Now, as you know, Mrs. Clinton is very upset, as are a number of women, very upset that she has been cast aside by a bunch of male chauvinist pigs. Now, the Democrat Party is not known for male chauvinist pigs. The Democrat Party is known for male wimps who have cowered in fear at the sight of any feminist in their party. But all of a sudden that’s gone, all of a sudden they don’t care about the feminists and they don’t care about the women because they got their guy. They have Obama. They have a messiah. They have a black guy. And obviously to the men and some of the women in the Democrat Party, they can get rid of a lot more guilt that they carry around by nominating a black guy even if he ends up being an illegitimate nominee than they can get rid of a lot of guilt by nominating a woman.

Now, as you know, as a man of compassion and understanding, I have reached out to these women in the Democrat Party who are for Hillary, and I’ve told ’em I can relate. I understand what’s happening to them. They’ve lived their lives before and they’re seeing all this repeated now. When they were in the office, they followed all the rules, they did everything they were supposed to do, and then some little hotshot dweeb shows up from Harvard, and the boss goes nuts over this guy because he’s a good bootlicker, he polishes the apple real well, he’s never got in any trouble and so forth, and he’s really clean and articulate and they say, ‘Wow, this guy is destined for stardom,’ and they put him on the fast track on the corporate ladder and he just zooms right past all the women who have been promised advancement. Once again, they get kicked in the teeth, and it’s happening to them now in this campaign, and they are distressed, and they are angry. To compound that, the Democrat Party is ignoring them; not listening to their complaints. We, on the other hand here at the EIB Network, have offered our understanding and sympathy.

I have reached out on three separate occasions to tell the women feminists in the Democrat Party who know that they are getting the shaft here that I understand how they feel. If any of you women in the Democrat Party who are just fit to be tied over what’s happening to Hillary here and the way this has gone down, if you want to talk about it, right here is the place: 800-282-2882. I can remember the old days of this program we used to have women-only caller hours, because back in the early days of the program, the buzz was that women did not listen to talk radio, they didn’t care about it, they were busy watching soap operas, and we wanted to dispel that notion for the Drive-By Media, which was creating that buzz. No longer do we have to demonstrate that, it’s a well documented fact now that women listen. But if you women who are not being heard in the Democrat Party, if they’re ignoring you, you want to talk about it, feel free. Our number is 800-282-2882, if you would like to talk this out, ’cause I’d like to have your thoughts also on this whole notion of the Democrat primary season ending up producing an illegitimate nominee.


RUSH: To give you an idea of just how angry the women are out there over what is happening to Hillary, from the Los Angeles Times: ‘Many Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters concede that their candidate’s presidential fortunes are fading — but some blame everything from bad camera angles to rebellious children. Myrna Davis, a retired construction office manager, approached TV cameramen awaiting Clinton’s appearance Wednesday at a Sunrise, Fla., retirement community. ‘Stop showing her backside all the time!’ said Davis, 72, berating the group poised behind their tripods. ‘The TV cameras are always aiming at her backside every time she bends over. It’s very derogatory.’ Exuding frustration, she said her family was a problem too. ‘My children — they’re both attorneys — I don’t even want to say who they’re supporting,’ she fumed, before rolling her eyes to confirm they were backing Barack Obama. ‘They’re out of the will!” Myrna Davis, 72 years old, retired construction office manager, telling cameramen to stop showing Hillary’s backside. Beatrice in Milford, Pennsylvania, you’re next. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Love your program.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I have been a Democrat since I could vote, and I’m 74 years old. I’m appalled at the Democrat Party at the way they have carried on. They have put this man in the chair before I think he even was thought of. They’ve been prepping him since I think 1996 for this position.

RUSH: 1998, probably.

CALLER: Whatever. But my question — let me tell you something. The Democrats just got two more candidates for — not candidates, but two more voters for their party. My husband hasn’t voted since John F. Kennedy. I had convinced him to register. As he watches all these things that have been going on, the media has been so cruel to her, they have not been fair, they have tiptoed over the tulips with Obama, and when it came to Hillary, they didn’t care what they said, the cartoonists the same way, the comedians the same way, and I think it’s the media that has put this man over the top.

RUSH: There’s no question, Beatrice. There’s no question that you’re right. You talk about tiptoeing through the tulips — may Tiny Tim rest in peace — you talk about tiptoeing through the tulips, they have done worse than that.


RUSH: They have not only ignored the man’s gaffes and ignored his associations with unsavory, dubious characters —

CALLER: Point taken.

RUSH: — they have promoted him as a messiah while at the same time portraying Mrs. Clinton as a witch.

CALLER: Now, let me ask you a question. Maybe I’m stupid, maybe someone can educate me, but in the states that she has won overwhelmingly — she blew him away in West Virginia — now, how can the delegates support Obama if she won the state? Does it not matter what the constituents just did?

RUSH: Hell no, it doesn’t matter. I’m glad you called. You’ve been voting Democrat since you were alive or something?

CALLER: Since I’m 18 years old.

RUSH: Okay, since you’re 18. Well, it’s time you learned something about your party, and you’re learning it. The votes don’t count, and you just heard Senator Bill Nelson say the votes don’t count, Nancy Pelosi, the votes don’t count, it’s what the delegates want to do, and the delegates — let me tell you something, they are scared to death, Beatrice, that there’s going to be racial hell to pay from the black voters of the Democrat Party if Obama doesn’t get this nomination.

CALLER: They can’t be liberals for 40 years back. Listen today, I mean they have a lot more going for them now than they ever did. And it wasn’t even their argument; it was their great-grandparents who should be fighting, not them. They have their recent (unintelligible) and they’re still complaining. And to scare the people, to say that it turns around and maybe they’ll make Hillary the nominee, that there’s going to be fights in the street and they’re going to tear up the cities. They have to get over it. They have to get over it.

RUSH: Well, they are genuinely afraid of that, Beatrice. There are a couple of groups in Denver that are plotting just that. One of them is called Recreate ’68 and its objective is to recreate what happened in Chicago in 1968 at the Democrat convention there —

CALLER: But don’t you think that’s fair that they’re putting it to the people? I mean is that right? I mean are they Americans or what are they?

RUSH: No, I encourage them in their activities. I’ve encouraged Recreate ’68 on this program numerous times. Dissent is what made this country great, riots, burning cars, and so forth, bring it on. What I’m just trying to tell you is you have an interest in Mrs. Clinton here, and for the longest time she was to be the nominee, and then she went out, and you’re right, they fabricated in Obama. He’s got two and a half years in the Senate. He’s been running for president for two of them. They have fabricated this guy. You take him off his teleprompter and he’s lost, Beatrice, he thinks there are 57 states in this country.

CALLER: Yeah, I heard that. I almost fell off my chair, I said, ‘Where’s this man been?’ Did we miss something along the way here? I mean I’m not a college graduate but I know we don’t have 57 states.

RUSH: Well, see, let me tell you something, you’re not a college graduate, and that is precisely the vote that Mrs. Clinton gets and owns and there are a lot of people like you who are — you may not be formally educated, but you know your way around and you’ve acquired a lot of common sense in your life and you’re certainly smart. I don’t have a college degree and look at me, one of the most brilliant people in the country.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Kudos to you, Rush!

RUSH: But, look, here’s the point.

CALLER: I thought I’d start a movement to have the delegates and superdelegates investigated. I want to see what made them choose Obama when some of them, their states were overwhelmingly given to Clinton. I think there should be an investigation done on the superdelegates —

RUSH: Damn right, damn right.

CALLER: — and the delegates.

RUSH: Where is the Justice Department on this? I have asked that very question. Where are the congressional investigating committees to look into this? This is a sham. This is a Democrat Party that calls themselves the Democrat-ic Party, and there’s nothing democrat-ic about what they’ve done here.

CALLER: And the main thing is how did this man ever get on the ticket with all the baggage that he has?

RUSH: They hid the baggage.

CALLER: You know what I’m talking about here?

RUSH: And the press was doing puff pieces while portraying Mrs. Clinton as Nurse Ratched.

CALLER: This man should have never been on the ticket. He has some very bad baggage, very bad baggage, aside from Reverend Wright.

RUSH: Let me ask you this, Beatrice. We gotta close it up here. What are you going to do if Obama gets the nomination?

CALLER: What am I going to do?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I disown the Democratic Party. I do. I cannot, in all fairness, say that I don’t support ’em because I don’t believe in —

RUSH: Would you vote for McCain?

CALLER: I sure would.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I sure would. My husband is, too. He says, ‘You know what, the Democrats can forget about me. I haven’t voted all these years, well, now the Republicans just got a new body.’

RUSH: Let me tell you something, Beatrice. If you can see the problems posed by Barack Obama’s candidacy, if you can see the problems Barack Obama brings to this race, if you can see the baggage, how come the superdelegates can’t?

CALLER: I have no idea. I have no idea.

RUSH: And they’ve all gone to college, Beatrice.

CALLER: I can’t understand it.

RUSH: Every one of those superdelegates has gone to college, and you haven’t. You see it, and they don’t. Actually, I think they do see it. They’re just ignoring it.

CALLER: I wonder if they’re posting it on the Internet as to who voted for him and when their state was —

RUSH: Well, the superdelegates have not technically voted yet. Some of them have gone public and expressed what they’re going to do, but they can change their minds all the way up to the convention. So it really is still an open slate. I mean, they’re pledged, but they can change their minds at any time with this.

CALLER: Well, I think this was all set up now. I have a funny feeling, and it’s my intuition.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: But I think this was all laid out as to what was going to happen.

RUSH: I know. A lot of women agree with you that the only way that this shaft job could have taken place is if some sort of association with the media and higher-ups in the Democrat Party who were sick and tired of the Clintons decided they were going to take her out. She’s a microcosm of much of the female thought in the Democrat Party that’s out there over the way Hillary has been treated. It’s not just that Hillary’s losing. It’s the way she has been treated by these male chauvinist pigs in the Democrat Party.

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