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RUSH: Let’s go back to the Democrat Party nomination process here, shall we, ladies and gentlemen? As I said back on May 7th, it has become clear to me (and I think to all the Democrats, too) that the only way Obama can sail to victory here is by not counting votes, specifically the votes of Michigan and Florida. Now, what does that say, that the Democrat Party’s nominee was only able to capture the prize because votes in two states were not counted? Now, after having listened to Mrs. Clinton from yesterday in Boca Raton, Florida, I have to agree with her. If Barack Obama becomes the Democrat nominee, and if he becomes the nominee without counting the vote in Florida and Michigan, I have to agree with Hillary that Obama’s nomination will then be illegitimate. If Obama becomes the Democrat nominee by virtue of fixing the vote — by refusing to accept the votes of the Democrats in Florida, by refusing to accept the votes of the Democrats in Michigan — then Obama is an illegitimate nominee for president.

Barack Obama: On the verge of becoming the illegitimate nominee of the Democrat Party. This is what they said after Florida 2000. Bush was an illegitimate president. Back then, by the way — people forget this — Algore, who has established the precedent now of litigating election results… As I suggested yesterday, by the way, to Mrs. Clinton: Do what the Democrat Party is known for: Sue! Litigate. If you don’t get what you want after Florida and Michigan, litigate. You can use the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution equal-protection clause — and in your case, Mrs. Clinton, you’ll be asking that all votes be counted. Algore, in the Florida aftermath of 2000, was not asking for all votes to be recounted. He only wanted the votes recounted in three counties, all Democrat counties: Miami-Dade, Broward, and of course (our very own, home of the hanging chads) Palm Beach County.

Mrs. Clinton could go Algore one better. If necessary, litigate under the Fourteenth Amendment, equal-protection clause, count all the votes. And, Mrs. Clinton, you need to get your spokesman out there and you need to start using the words ‘illegitimate nominee.’ You might not want to make that direct attack. You might want to say, ‘The party will have produced an illegitimate result.’ Blame it on Dean; throw it back to the party. Speak as a proud Democrat — and you, as a proud Democrat, having served in the White House for two terms (blah, blah, blah) you don’t want the party to be accused or even, in reality, be a party of illegitimacy by virtue of not having counted all the votes. Yeah, I know. The rules were the rules for Florida and Michigan. ‘The Democrat Party has no rules,’ you tell ’em. ‘The Democrat Party has customs, and among them: Every vote counts.’

RUSH: Look, it’s real simple. Obama is cruising to becoming an illegitimate nominee of the Democrat Party, because every vote will not have been counted. Hillary’s right. He would be the illegitimate nominee. I mean, look, this is the same party, ladies and gentlemen, that complains about voter IDs. I mean what a joke. Voter IDs, now they’re disenfranchising millions of voters, minority voters especially, because the state parties didn’t bow to the DNC and Howard ‘George Wallace’ Dean. How can they nominate anybody if the guy can only win by having votes not count? I mean, that would not only taint Obama as illegitimate, it would destroy their entire ability to go back and use Florida 2000 as an attack against Republicans. You Democrats cannot afford to give that up. You gotta be able to use Florida 2000 for the rest of our political lives. If you don’t do this, if you allow votes to not be counted, if you purposely reject votes from Florida and Michigan, then you can never with credibility use Florida 2000 and talk about how votes didn’t count, Supreme Court chose the president, Bush was illegitimate ’cause you are on the way to nominating Barack Obama as an illegitimate nominee for the presidency of the United States from your party. It is something else for you superdelegates to put in the hopper and think about. J. B. in Miami as we start on the phones. Great to have you on the program today, J. B. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh. I’m very upset that you’re speaking in that manner, saying illegitimate candidate or this thing about not counting the votes. You know that he was not on the ballot in Michigan. Now, Florida, whatever they want to do with Florida, that’s their problem with the Democrats, but he was not on the ballot in Michigan. How do you expect them to count the votes of Michigan? You are giving wrong information to the people, and you’re using your radio to do that. This is not right.

RUSH: I firmly reject your premise. That was his choice.

CALLER: Yes, because he abided by the rules and she also agreed to the same rules, right?

RUSH: There are no rules in the Democrat Party. There are only traditions and customs.

CALLER: But she agreed to the rules, correct? Yes, I know.

RUSH: Yeah and then she stayed on the ballot because Mrs. Clinton’s a fighter and she is smart and she’ll hang in there for you people.

CALLER: No, that’s cheating, she’s cheating.

RUSH: She will fight for Democrats. Obama is one of these wusses who if he doesn’t have a teleprompter doesn’t know what the hell he’s saying and he’s going to be rolled and caved by the Congress if he becomes elected president. This is a crucial moment here for the Democrat Party, J. B., it really is.

CALLER: Man, I still think it’s sad.

RUSH: Well, it is sad when you don’t count every vote. You’re from Miami. You know what went on here in 2000. Were you living in Florida in 2000?

CALLER: Of course. Of course. I’m an independent, so I don’t care about the Democrats or Republicans. But I just think it has to be fair.

RUSH: Exactly. And how is it fair if you don’t count the votes from two states, J. B.?

CALLER: You cannot count the votes in Michigan. You can go ahead and count Florida. They could do whatever they want with Florida. They cannot count Michigan.

RUSH: Okay, J. B., I’ll play it along your line. There have been proposals by Democrats in Michigan — Carl Levin among them, the ranking Senator — to have a do over, to have a revote.

CALLER: Then they can go ahead and do that.

RUSH: No. Because Howard ‘George Wallace’ Dean, who is the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, rejected it. No, we’re not going to have a revote. We’re not going to do it. No matter how you slice this, J. B., the Democrat Party is on the verge of having somebody illegitimate as their nominee on the basis of purposely not counting votes.

CALLER: Then it’s the same if they actually go with Hillary. If she becomes the nominee, it’s going to be the same situation.

RUSH: How can it be illegitimate if you count all the votes?

CALLER: You’re counting votes from a state that the other candidate was not even on the ballot.

RUSH: What kind of rule is that?

CALLER: I don’t make the rules.

RUSH: We’re talking about the Democrat Party, for crying out loud. This is like a rule they still have time to fix. This is a bad rule, a mistaken rule, a rule that was written in conceit. They still have time to fix this.

CALLER: Then you should push on your radio to tell them to do it over.

RUSH: Well, there’s a number of various ways of providing influence, but telling them that they are producing an illegitimate candidate here, that might spur them to make those votes in Michigan count however they have to do it, if they have to do a revote. But, you know, I’m not suggesting what they do because that’s their business. I’m merely pointing out to them the ramifications and results of what they have already done and what they’re about to do and that is not count those votes, and that’s not good for them. Frankly, personally, I’m happy about it. I’m happy that they’re gonna establish for the whole country to see that they are willing to disenfranchise their own party’s voters, that they can’t get their nominee unless certain states’ votes don’t count. As a conservative, I’m happy to see that.

CALLER: Well — (laughing)

RUSH: I’m just warning you.

CALLER: I know you’re having fun with this.

RUSH: Well, of course it’s fun. I mean life is to be enjoyed. You only get one of them, and we try to get the most out of it regardless the oil price and the price of corn. We try to do that here and share our good fortune and our good moods and our good vibes. J. B., I’m glad you called. Thanks very much.

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