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RUSH: It is Linda in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Hi, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: I’m fine and dandy. Thank you.

CALLER: I’ve got two comments. I was going to come in with one, and then I was just thinking about this second one. The first one was, I just wanted to respond to the caller that you had about I think an hour, hour and a half ago where he was talking about it not being fair for Barack Obama if we count the votes in Michigan. I know a lot of people are aware out there that, you know, his name wasn’t on the ballot, but from what I understand was that his name was on the ballot and he took his name off. So all is fair in love and war, that’s what I say.

RUSH: Excellent observation. Very excellent point out there.

CALLER: And the second thing was, when I was running out the door with my son this morning to take him to a doctor’s appointment, I just caught ABC News out of the corner of my eye, and I wanted to get your take on this about John McCain and this reverend that they’re trying to tie him to, the evangelical reverend that they say that he sought out his allegiance, you know, for his campaign. And while I was looking and listened to this at the very end, I can’t remember who the reporter was, but it seemed like he had a smile on his face and he was thinking, there, we got you this time, you’re going to —

RUSH: Well, here’s the problem. I’m not sure how this preacher pronounces his name, is it Hagee?


RUSH: Hagee. He is not McCain’s pastor. The Drive-Bys are reporting that this guy is McCain’s pastor, and he’s not McCain’s pastor. He has said some wacko things, I guess, about Germany, Nazis, and the Jews and so forth, that he thought — I think– was favorable at the end. I just saw a brief mention of it. But the important thing for you to realize is that the media is mischaracterizing who this guy is. The reason why you saw the smile on that little jerk reporter’s face is ’cause he thinks, okay, now we’re leveling the playing field because of what they did with Jeremiah Wright. But they’re having to lie about this because this guy is not McCain’s pastor.

CALLER: I agree with you wholeheartedly on that. That’s why I don’t watch TV anymore. I listen to talk radio.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you very much, Linda. I appreciate it more than you know.

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