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RUSH: Moving on, ladies and gentlemen, I want to get into the latest on oil prices and other elements of that story, but here are the details: ‘Three Florida delegates, including the state’s Senate Democratic leader have filed a federal lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee claiming the DNC violated their constitutional rights by barring them from the party’s national convention. ‘This litigation addresses the view of Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee that 1.75 million Democrats can be ignored at will.” They’re mad about this in Florida. Operation Chaos has provided a road map and a blueprint here because they don’t want to be disenfranchised. They don’t want to be three-fifths of a vote per vote down here. They want their votes to count, and the Democrat Party is disenfranchising them in one of the greatest disenfranchisements since the ’65 Voting Rights Act was passed.

They’re trying to secure the nomination for Barack Obama on the basis of not counting the voters in two whole states. The lawsuit says, ‘We believe we’ve found a winning legal strategy that will once and for all force the DNC to not only obey its own rules but to listen to the voices of millions of Democrats in one of the most influential states in the nation.’ Yeah, the DNC, Howard ‘George Wallace’ Dean doesn’t want your votes; he doesn’t want to listen to your votes. He wants to disenfranchise you as well as the voters in Michigan. ‘The lawsuit claims there are rules which the DNC is obliged to follow but did not, along with certain US Constitutional rights the veteran state lawmaker and party super delegate contends are being violated.’ I know what they’re doing. That’s gotta be the Fourteenth Amendment, the equal-protection clause. As I suggested yesterday, this is the route to go.

‘The litigation takes aim at three essential issues: The DNC broke its own rules by not investigating the events that led to Florida’s early vote before punishing the state. Even though Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina also broke the same party rules by moving up their primaries, they were not sanctioned as Florida was, but were instead granted a waiver by the DNC from any such penalties.’ That’s big. Separate but unequal in the Democrat Party; separate but unequal. And, hell, Obama is out there saying that he thinks the way to solve this is to count half a vote for every vote. I mean, that’s not even three-fifths, which is part of Democrat Party tradition.

This is the third point in the lawsuit: ‘As the controversy unfolded, the DNC maintained that Florida should have held a post-primary Caucus. Doing so, Geller argued, likely would have resulted in only about 100,000 votes being counted, a tiny fraction of the 1.75 million voters who turned out in January, while at the same time, completely disenfranchising Florida Democrats in our country’s military serving outside of Florida.’ So we don’t want no caucus in Florida. It’s a way to not count even more of our votes, including our valorous military personnel. Of course, in Florida, the Democrats didn’t want to count them in 2000, but here in 2008 they do wish to count them.

”Count every vote’ is a very familiar war cry among Democrats. That cry is set to be heard this Saturday in Washington, DC, when the Democratic National Committee Rules Committee meets at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in tony Northwest Washington. Here is the message from the Hillaryresponders.com site: ‘…the DNC Rules Committee is meeting that day to make a determination with respect to MI and FL and we think it is essential to convene in Washington to support our cherished democratic principles, help enfranchise MI and FL and to show that Hillary has equally high numbers of passionate, devoted supporters who believe fervently that she will be the better general candidate and best president. Our purpose is not to divide the party or attack the DNC or Senator Obama. At the same time, Hillary’s strong support cannot be dismissed in DNC efforts to unify the party.”

How much coverage will this demonstration get? I don’t think it’s gonna get a lot. It’s on a Saturday, there will be media bias on the prowl, but, anyway, ladies and gentlemen, hell’s a-poppin’ out there in the Democrat Party over the disenfranchisement. May 7th I laid all this out for the Democrats. Now the Florida delegation, Clinton campaign following the blueprint. In fact, they’re doing the litigation route. Algore started this as a Democrat tradition, sue over election results, and they’re even doing that. I would bet you they’re going to use the equal-protection clause in the Fourteenth Amendment, as I suggested yesterday.

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