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Let’s go back to February 18th, me, on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I was thinking. All of these women on TV, wherever they are, even those who may not particularly be for her now, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens that all of a sudden there becomes a similarity in the coverage: ‘A woman lost! In 2008, this country is still so sexist, and it will refuse to elect a woman.’ I can just see them all getting a little miffed. Even those women that were not for her, I can see them jumping in on this, too. I see things like, ‘I can’t believe this country actually supported an inexperienced black guy over a competent, experienced woman.’ These are just random thoughts that occur in the fertile gray matter known as my brain.

RUSH: Half of which, of course, is tied behind my back each day just to make it fair — and there were other numerous occasions in which I predicted a total uprising on the part of women (either feminist or not), over the fact that this woman was being mistreated, that she had the nomination, and they’re giving it to this inexperienced rookie, ’cause he’s a guy — and once again, a woman faces a glass ceiling, and somebody grabs a ball-peen hammer and smashes the glass ceiling right on top of her head knocking her out while the other guy moves to the top — and they are livid. I was right.


RUSH: Peggy in Orange County, California, I’m glad that you called. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.


CALLER: How you doing?

RUSH: Just fine, thanks.

CALLER: I’m really nervous, but I’ll try to make this very succinct.

RUSH: Just pretend I’m your husband.

CALLER: Now I’m really nervous.

RUSH: No, it’s not supposed to work that way. Never mind.

CALLER: Okay, anyway, I think you have it all wrong about why the Hillary campaign is claiming that the nation is sexist and won’t elect Hillary. You want to know why?

RUSH: Well, go ahead and tell me why.

CALLER: Well, because I think it’s a ploy, because I think they’re afraid that if they try to take this thing to the courts, and Hillary does get nominated, that the Obama camp is going to claim that the nation is racist, and she’s just trying to combat that argument by setting out this balloon that we’re really sexist, that she can’t be elected because she’s female.

RUSH: Well, no. We’re talking two different things. You’re talking a Hillary maneuver, and you might be right that Hillary is just posturing on this because, you know, one day, Hillary can be the victim; the next day she has a testicle lockbox. By the way, Michelle Bernard of the Independent Women’s Voice was on Chris Matthews talking about the testicle lockbox. He had no idea what it was. She said, ‘Where have you been?’ We got the audio coming up. She’s the victim one day, poor Hillary, poor little Hillary, then she’s got the testicle lockbox out and she’s Nurse Ratched the next day. So you could be right.

CALLER: Oh, I know I’m right. They are so worried. I see signs of New Orleans here that, if Obama does not get that nomination, I’m telling you, it is going to be melee, and I can’t believe that she is going to let this happen to this country. She should just step back and —

RUSH: Oh, come on! She doesn’t care! (laughing)

CALLER: How can you not care! She’s going to wreck our country.

RUSH: Look, they’re going to wreck the — wait a second, Peggy. Wait a second, Peggy. Look at me.


RUSH: They’re going to wreck the country whichever one of them gets elected. It’s going to be Jimmy Carter’s second term. They don’t care about ruining the country. We’re running against people who want doom and gloom to happen.

CALLER: But don’t you think — aren’t people afraid that there’s going to be riots in the streets when Obama does not get the nomination?

RUSH: Yes. The superdelegates are afraid of that, yes.

CALLER: Why is no one talking about this?

RUSH: You know, you’re following my advice finally and treating me like your husband. I can’t get a word in here.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) I’m glad you have a sense of humor.


RUSH: What everybody is talking about is — well, maybe not. I am talking about it, Peggy.

CALLER: You don’t hear it on Fox or anything. It’s like this elephant in the room and no one is admitting it’s there.

RUSH: You bring back nervousness. (laughing) Peggy, the bottom line is the superdelegates are nervous as heck for the exact reason you mentioned: They’re worried about riots. They’re worried about permanent fissure in the Democrat Party with the black vote. They’re worried about all kinds of trouble happening in Denver at the convention. They’re exactly worried about that, and the superdelegates do not get to vote in private. Superdelegate voters are on the record, and so this is what Obama’s counting on. Mrs. Clinton said, okay, fine, who do you want more angry at you, do you want blacks in this country more angry at the Democrat Party or women? Which do you want? I just find this wonderful, folks. This is perfect Operation Chaos. This is happening all in the Democrat Party. Now, the reason I said they’re two different things, you’re talking about Mrs. Clinton’s strategery. And, yeah, she could be playing the poor little woman victimized by all these bad guys, but the fact is that there are females in this country, around the country, who are very supportive of Hillary and some of them who weren’t at the outset who are livid about this, whether Hillary is saying anything about it or not. I’ve got some audio sound bites to prove this and a couple of great quotes from Howard Kurtz yesterday, so don’t go away.


RUSH: Howard Kurtz headline in his newspaper story in the Washington Post yesterday: ‘The Sisters are Steamed,’ about how Hillary is being treated. Here’s Geraldine Ferraro on the Today Show yesterday. Meredith Vieira said to her, ‘If she fails, and the numbers right now are against her, can she blame that loss at all on gender?’

FERRARO: I certainly will and certainly other people who have been involved in this just watching the campaign will, and I started as early as December complaining about this when the first Philadelphia debate was held, where she was absolutely beaten up by everybody on the stage and Barack Obama as a matter of fact, after had said, well, you know, I was in a debate and I was attacked for 15 minutes, and I didn’t bring up how I looked. I assume he wasn’t referring to the fact that he is a male, tall, very handsome, and, yeah, and I assume he was discussing his color. I responded with, typical male, doesn’t know the difference between 15 minutes and two hours. And she was beaten up for two hours.

RUSH: She is mad, and she has furthermore stated that she will not vote Obama. I had to do a bunch of jam-packed reading over a very condensed period of time, but she said this yesterday or Sunday, I forget, the last couple of days, she said she might not — I don’t know if it was definite — would not vote for Obama. That’s how mad she is about this. What the Obama campaign did to her, calling her a racist. So here’s Whoopi Goldberg on The View today with Joy Behar, and these are also steamed sisters.

GOLDBERG: Now that there’s a woman in the final three and there is the possibility that she may not win, what do you say to your daughter when she says, ‘Mommy, did you vote for Hillary Clinton? What do you say if you didn’t?’

BEHAR: You say a man took it away from a woman, and then they yelled at her for complaining about it. (laughter) That’s what you tell them, the truth.

RUSH: They are steaming. I know, ripping off my little kid voice. I understand that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ABC’s The View had Anderson Cooper on there today from CNN, and Whoopi Goldberg and Anderson Cooper, of Anderson Cooper 180, had this exchange.

GOLDBERG: Let me ask you this, Anderson. We were talking about it earlier, what do you tell your child, your daughter, if Hillary doesn’t win? Is it really a discussion we should be thinking about, what to say to our daughters?

COOPER: I was listening to you guys. I mean, you could tell your child that history was made no matter what. I mean either Barack Obama, first African-American president, Hillary Clinton, first female president, or John McCain, the oldest president.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, that’s really taking a stand, that’s a good journalist. He didn’t give them what they wanted. Nina Burleigh is quoted by Howard Kurtz. You remember Nina Burleigh, Dawn, name ring a bell to you? She was at TIME Magazine once. She was the one who promised, she said she would love to give Bill Clinton a Lewinsky just for keeping abortion legal. She is steamed. Howard Kurtz quotes her as saying this: ‘Whenever I start to think about the competing victimhood claims between blacks and women, I think about those guys. The fact is, for all the ‘glass ceiling’ and sexual harassment crap I endured, those guys started off a long ways behind where I was. Like others (including Erica Jong, under attack on this page right now for referring to Obama as a boy) I think Obama looks boyish. And by that I mean young — not ‘bwah!’ With his infectious grin and stick-out ears, he looks like a kid, and that’s a good thing and a bad thing. Like many women, I feel the visceral draw to vote for a female. The nasty sexist crap Clinton has had to endure only makes me want to support her, even though I don’t even like her, and I don’t think she’s a good leader. She doesn’t have that warm, follow-me, sun-god quality that leaders in a democracy must have. In politics personality does matter, and it doesn’t matter how many disastrous frat boys we elect, that’ll never change . . . Calling female reporters ‘sweetie’ is not — ahem — a step in the right direction.’

There are quotes from people like Marie Cocco, a columnist for the Washington Post, all kinds of women in this Howard Kurtz piece. If you think women aren’t mad about this, they are. I’m talking about liberal feminist women, they are livid because they are seeing what’s happened to them their whole lives being surpassed by underqualified men who happen to look better, who happen to look younger, they’re seeing it happen all over again in a race for the White House, and they thought Mrs. Clinton was going to be it. And she’s not. And who called it? Who called it? Who predicted this very thing happening on this program? It was I, El Rushbo, because I understand liberals. Whether they’re feminists, whether they’re environmentalist wacko nutcases, they’re all liberals first. And I understand them.


RUSH: Now, I did not finish going through all of the audio sound bites demonstrating angry women, or illustrating how angry women are over what has happened to Mrs. Clinton. Here’s Gloria Allred. She’s on MSNBC yesterday and the info babe said to her, ‘Gloria, you heard what Senator Clinton had to say. Does that prove the case that Senator Obama is sexist?’

ALLRED: I think, overall, the coverage of Hillary Clinton as a candidate has been the most sexist, misogynistic that I have ever seen, and I have been involved in politics for more than 30 years, and I have never seen anything like it. And I think all Hillary Clinton and her supporters would like is for her to be judged on her merits. I don’t believe that you would have male candidates, for example, being criticized by journalists for not getting out of the race when in fact this candidate, Hillary, has, if you look at it, more electoral votes, more Electoral College votes, if you count the states that she won in, than Barack Obama does. You wouldn’t have journalists saying that a male candidate should get out of the race.

RUSH: See, I’m telling you, there is outrage out there amongst the feminists and women who think they are being swept aside once again for an under-qualified man. Ms. Allred was then asked, ‘Gloria, you even have some former Clinton supporters, people who supported her who have now said, ‘Listen, it’s time to get out of the race.’ I know it’s easy to point the finger at the media, but let’s just look at some of the supporters who have now called on her to get out of the race who were on her side at one point.’

ALLRED: I’m not alone in thinking that there has been a lot of sexist and misogynistic coverage and double standard coverage —

FEMALE REPORTER: Yeah, I know you’re not alone. We’re hearing that —

ALLRED: This afternoon there’s going to be a protest in Los Angeles by several women’s groups over the kind of coverage that Hillary has received.

RUSH: I knew this. I called it. This is the one place, the EIB Network, that predicted this kind of outrage happening. The point of this is not that these women are mad. It is that there is nowhere near unity in this party, and when these women in exit polls say they’re not going to vote for Obama and the number keeps going up with every primary, you gotta take it seriously. Democrats do. They live and die by polling. Last night in Louisville, Mrs. Clinton spoke to supporters, a portion of her remarks to fire up the sisters.

HILLARY: Tonight, I’m thinking about all of the women I’ve met who were born before women could vote. Just this week, I met 89-year-old Emma Hollis, an African-American woman. She has seen so many barriers crumble and fall in her lifetime. But she’s not finished yet. She’s been volunteering out of our campaign office in Covington to help our campaign break the highest and hardest glass ceiling in the land.

RUSH: Oh, ho-ho-ho, yeah, the glass ceiling is back, 89-year-old Emma whatever, Mrs. Clinton firing up the sisters out there. Did you hear Hillary’s story about this little kid who sold his video games and his bicycle for $22 and some cents to give to her campaign? They kept it. Mrs. Clinton took it and it’s part of her regular campaign speech now, to talk about how people are so into her campaign. This little kid, I mean like 12 years old I think, went out and sold his video games and bicycle or some such for 22 bucks and ten cents, something like that, and here’s Mrs. Clinton with a net worth of $150 million, and her and her husband keeping the kid’s 22 bucks. It’s like those bake sales back in 1993, all these little kids in high schools around the country having bake sales to reduce the national debt, sending the money to Clinton, and he kept it, sent it over to the Treasury or some such thing. (laughing)

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