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RUSH: I’m looking forward to the weekend, ladies and gentlemen. Big Memorial Day Weekend, always have a big barbecue on Sunday afternoon, a bunch of friends come over, have Monday to recuperate from it, usually go play golf sometime in the daytime, and then come back, five o’clock in the afternoon and do this. And what’s fun about it is of course I use Allen Brothers, and all I have to do is tell people it’s going to be Allen Brothers burgers — Kobe, by the way, Wagyu, we call it, Wagyu is the same thing as Kobe and those giant, jumbo hot dogs, and people ask to be invited. Plus, we get to fire up the grill and that causes pollutants. That causes things to escape into the atmosphere to increase global warming, and I know that while I’m having fun with my friends here, I’m also irritating the environmentalist wackos at the same time. (interruption) What do I have for vegetarians? Salads, that sort of stuff. I don’t know any vegetarians, though, other than you. You want to come? We’ll find something. You drink. Will you have turkey burgers or anything like that? No, you just do vegan stuff. All right, we’ll fry some cheese. We’ll fry some French fries for you, all of that sort of stuff.

Folks, the barbecue season for most of you is just now getting started. Of course we here in south Florida barbecue year-round, and the items from Allen Brothers, I’ve told you about them constantly, I cannot adequately describe how much people love it and how delicious it is. It’s like going to a restaurant, only you fix it yourself. It’s stuff you cannot get in a grocery store. We’re adding a Rush-More PAC, there’s a Rush PAC that has samples, now we’re adding a Rush-More PAC. It includes eight free steak burgers and an exclusive EIB apron, and that’s not all, you get the eight free steak burgers in the Rush Sample Pac as well. ABSteaks.com is the website. There’s a phone number, too: 800-260-0111 and when you go to the website, there’s desserts, there’s something for everybody. It is amazing. They ship FedEx, or UPS, however they get it to you, it’s the next day, and it is delicious. Allen Brothers steaks, simply the best, and you can’t get it anywhere else, ABSteaks.com.


Okay, Snerdley, I went to the Allen Brothers website just for you. Lots of vegetarian things there, side dish-wise. Vegetable dumplings, I didn’t know they had these and they’re delicious. I know you like cheese, fried cheese, they’ve got a great cheese assortment, cave-aged St. Peter’s blue garlic and peppercorn Goudas, nine-year aged cheddars, tomato squash gratin, cranberry fennel cornbread. That’s not all. There’s all kinds of vegetarian things at Allen Brothers in addition to the hot dogs and the steaks. Just indescribably delicious.

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