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“When the preface of [Chambers’s book] Witness appeared as a feature in The Saturday Evening Post, that issue of the magazine sold a startling half million extra copies on the newsstand. The book came out with a great flurry. The bitterness of the Hiss trial had not subsided. For some of the reviewers, Hiss’s innocence had once been a fixed rational conviction, then blind faith; and now, after the publication of that overwhelming book, rank superstition.”

William F. Buckley, Jr. in National Review magazine, August 6, 2001

“[I]n 1996 when the CIA and National Security Agency made public several thousand documents of decoded cables exchanged between Moscow and its American agents from 1939 to 1957. These materials were part of a secret intelligence project called ‘Venona.’ A single document, dated March 30, 1945, referred to an agent code-named ‘Ales,’ a State Department official who had flown from the Yalta Conference to Moscow. An anonymous footnote, dated more than 20 years later, suggested ‘Ales’ was ‘probably Alger Hiss.'”
James Thomas Gay, American History, 1998

(Alger Hiss’s mugshot shown on the left)

“Writing in Six Crises, Nixon noted that, ‘those who are lying or trying to cover up something generally make a common mistake – they tend to overact, to overstate their case.’ Furthermore, the manner in which he qualified his answers, saying ‘the name’ Whittaker Chambers ‘means absolutely nothing to me,’ while never stating ‘categorically that he did not know’ the man, indicated to Nixon that Hiss was hiding something.” –CourtTV Crime Library: The Alger Hiss Case

TIME Magazine:Hiss: A New Book Finds Him Guilty as Charged – February 13, 1978

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