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Senator McCain. I wonder how he feels today. Senator McCain went out there yesterday, made this speech in which he pretended it’s 2013, the end of his first term, looking back at all the things that have been accomplished, and you just know that the attitude he has when he makes this speech is that, ‘I am a good person. I am an honorable person, and I have integrity, and we’re all friends, we’re all Americans. We’re not from different countries. We all should just put aside this partisanship and get along.’ He gives this great flowering, in his mind, rolling speech. One of the elements of the speech is, in 2013, we’ve won the war in Iraq, and we’re outta there. What are the Democrats saying today? They are saying McCain is for timetables. McCain is changing his position on Iraq, he’s now for timetables. I’m sure he’s looking at this, (doing McCain impression) ‘How dare they misrepresent what I said in honor and integrity! I said that with goodness in my heart, and now they mock me.’

Get used to it, Senator! This is nothing. McCain’s vision has most GIs out of Iraq by 2013. The Drive-Bys are parroting a Democrat press release that McCain is calling for a timetable. Senator, what’s it like to get smeared like this? You might want to go ask Mitt Romney who was also smeared on a timetable for Iraq, I think by somebody, a couple days before the Florida primary.

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