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RUSH: I want to hit you between the eyes here. I keep hearing from people who say, ‘Rush, we’re screwed. We are screwed, no matter what happens here. Whatever scenario you just announced, we’re screwed. If McCain is the president, big-time Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, we’re screwed. If Obama the president, big-time majorities in the House and Senate, we’re screwed.’ I don’t think we’re screwed.

If I thought we were screwed, I would retire. What would be the point here? A friend of mine runs a business. In this business he’s got a lot of egos. He’s got a lot of prima donnas, a lot of divas, a lot of people who think the world revolves around ’em and they aren’t getting enough attention. He sent a memo out. ‘I hate negative people. Negative people make positive people sick. Don’t think I’m not talking about you,’ he said. I don’t know what the end result of that was, but I assume it shook a lot of people up. I don’t like negative people, either. I used to be one. I used to look at it typical: glass half empty. When I got a massage, two minutes in I’d say, ‘Darn it, this is going to end,’ and I’d spend the rest of the 58 minutes in anticipation of it ending and being disappointed, rather than sitting there and enjoying it. If I bought a new car, I’d sit there, ‘Yeah, this is great, but someday this new car smell is not going to be here.’ I used to do this. I don’t anymore, for a host of reasons.

But I can’t stand being around negative people. I can’t stand being around fatalists. I can’t stand being around defeatists. I understand it, but at some point I lose my ability to respond to them. How many times can you say, ‘I’m sorry you feel that way,’ and what does that accomplish? I don’t want to sit here, ‘Yeah, we’re screwed. Damn it, we’re really screwed! Yeah, you’re right. We are so screwed. Bend over forward, backgrounds, grab the ankles. We’re screwed,’ and then what do you do? I’ll never forget Ronald Reagan. The Soviet Union had been around since the end of World War I, and they kept asking Reagan: What are you going to do about it? He said, ‘If we just wait ’em out, they’ll fail. They will collapse of their own immorality.’ He gave ’em a little nudge, but they did collapse in their own immorality. I don’t think conservatism’s finished. People in the Republican Party who are not conservative running for reelection, deserve to lose. Just get rid of the dead weight and start over. Screw them!

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