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RUSH: Here is William, Falls Church, Virginia. It’s nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: Pretty good, sir.

CALLER: I’m a longtime listener, one-time talker with you. We agreed on so much, which is nice. I’m going to tell you, you had today one of the I think most important shows I’ve ever heard, and you really stuck us with these two options. I’m in favor of option one. And the reason for that is, we’re going to have to get rid of most of the leadership in the Republican Party as currently set, and I’ll give you a perfect example — and you mentioned it earlier — and that’s George Allen. He was a shoe-in for reelection here. I’m in Virginia, and I’m a political junkie. He was a shoe-in for it and he ran a campaign just like he did the other night where he said absolutely nothing and did not have the guts to come out and say, ‘I think John McCain is just dead wrong in this global warming.’ He said nothing, and he got beat by a guy who started out, Jim Webb, about 15% or so, and I know people who voted for Webb because he was a fighter even though they didn’t like what he stood for.

RUSH: Don’t forget the Macaca thing.

CALLER: And he spent 35 times a day apologizing for something stupid. He could have won by using that. He showed pictures of his family which were lovely and he did the Republican thing about offend no one, and no one voted for him — and he doesn’t have a future. So he’s a lovely guy and he can lose a nominee potentially for the presidency, but he was a classic example of the Republican Party today: Offend no one, stand for nothing, and you saw it demonstrated the other night. Now, the reason for my call is George Bush’s speech stunned me — as the guy referred to, a stun grenade. He described his foreign policy to a T. We have done nothing but appease around the world, and we have a State Department that, because of the circumstances, is, I think, easily the most dangerous we’ve ever had. We are in deep doo-doo all over the world, because we have done absolutely nothing but appease every bad government. I’d be happy to go through detail, which you don’t want, but start with Korea, Iran. In four years of a wasted defensive war, which the surge proved in a matter of about three or four times, General Kelly said, ‘We finally took the fight to the enemy for the first time in four years.’ Bush tried to win political wins and ignore the military. We did the military solution. We did the same thing in the Palestinian thing, the road map for peace called for eliminating Arafat and disarming the terrorists. That was the precondition for us getting in and setting up a Palestinian government and state and supporting it, and Colin Powell just trashed that one entirely. Lebanon, the same thing, they had that resolution 1775 or something (garbled).

RUSH: Yeah, but, you know, all this stuff you’re right about. A lot of people claimed they don’t know about motivation or explanation. I do, and I think this pervasive notion that America is guilty has just —


RUSH: You don’t think that’s what’s causing this?

CALLER: Not the people.

RUSH: No, I’m talking about —

CALLER: The people are —

RUSH: — in the State Department.

CALLER: — ticked off about the loser that we have had leading this country, and that’s what happened in 2006. It wasn’t just the spending.

RUSH: No, that’s what I’m saying. I’m not talking about the American people. You’re talking about the State Department, Colin Powell. They think we’re guilty.

CALLER: Yeah. They’re liberals. James Baker, he goes way back. He’s been running the State Department personally, in a lot of things and also through his progeny. He was this major sponsor of Powell, and he ran the Realists, which run the State Department. It’s his group that came up with that NIE finding that took George Bush off the hook about not leaving office with Iran having a bomb. So they came up and announced there wasn’t one. It was stupid. Everybody knows that was — you know. It was typical Baker.

RUSH: I’m sadly out of time. So they can leave office with Iran not having a bomb because they simply said in the NIE report, ‘They don’t have one! They don’t have one, so we don’t worry about it.’ I wish we had more time, but we don’t.

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