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RUSH: This is Lee in — is it Haslett, Michigan? Hi, Lee. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Good morning. I have two things I’d like to talk to you about real quick. One is just really quick about Bush, about getting bashed about what he supposedly — who he was referring to, Obama —

RUSH: He was referring to every damn liberal in the world that’s run a country and dealt with tyranny, and these guys want to run around and take it personally. He was talking about socialists. He was talking about liberals. He was talking about Neville Chamberlain. He was talking about Americans who had this view. He was talking about a whole bunch of people.

CALLER: Yeah, he was also talking about the stupid idiot peanut farmer who made the stupid ass — I’m sorry.

RUSH: Jimmy Carter.

CALLER: Yes. Carter. I mean, nobody even on the news has made reference to that, and that just recently happened, but that’s how I wanted to defend Bush. My other point, I listened to McCain this morning.

RUSH: Now, don’t divulge any of the contents. I have special plans for this speech.

CALLER: Okay. But let me just tell you, I am extremely, extremely disappointed.

RUSH: About what?

CALLER: The direction that you have predicted if this person or any of the three get the presidency. I don’t know what to do. I have three grandsons that are coming up in age pretty soon. And I fear for the legacy that we’re going to leave these kids. Not just my kids, everybody’s kids. Everyone needs to sit and take notes. The conservatives, where are we? What has happened? I’m sick of it. I am so sick of it —

RUSH: Yes —

CALLER: — and I need to tell you, Rush, I have not always been a conservative. I grew up in the sixties, went to Woodstock. I’ll be 60, actually, this month. And I was a Democrat, voted Democrat all my life, and this is true — four years ago, another man came into my life who was born a conservative basically I think. He turned me on to what the direction is. I just recently got a copy of the Constitution from the Heritage Foundation and reread it the other night. And I was in tears, literally in tears about where we’ve lost our way. I look to you for leadership. I wish everybody else would get the clue of what you’re really all about.

RUSH: They do. That’s why I am made out to be an enemy and the most dangerous man in America. They all know. That’s why the constant attacks and the attempt at discreditation from people on the left. But, look, I understand your emotion, and a lot of people feel it, a lot of people are terribly worried. And it’s a call to arms. If a lot of people begin to feel this way, the point is not to give up. I will tell you when it’s time to give up. I will tell you when it’s a lost cause. I will tell you when there’s no hope left, and we are nowhere near that point here. Keep your radio on for the next hour, at least, we’ll get into this McCain stuff, and we’ll try to make sense of some of this, and some of this stuff in the next hour, I want to warn you, is going to make you even angrier. It’s going to depress you. It is going to infuriate you even more than you already are. I’m just warning you. Some of the stuff in the hour that you’re going to hear is just… you’ll scratch your head. You read the Constitution and ask yourself, ‘How in the world did this happen? How did we get here?’ Wait ’til you hear the next hour, and you’re going to, ‘Gee whiz!’ Sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before they bounce up. But hang in there. I appreciate the sentiment. I appreciate your thoughts. I’m glad you called. Thanks much, and welcome to the audience. We’re honored to have you in it.


RUSH: How about the woman from Michigan. You see what’s happening out there? That was a Reagan Democrat. That was a Democrat that Reagan won over to vote Republican, and they’re now beside themselves, questioning themselves: What do they do? It’s very sad.

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