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RUSH: Oh, you gotta hear this. I want to change the mood just a little bit and then I’ll get back to being mad. Today on Jeopardy during the college championship, a question and answer about me.

SUCHITA: Try Famous College Dropout for 400.

TREBEK: Answer there. This conservative radio talk show host dropped out of Southeast Missouri State after flunking ballroom dancing. Vera?

VERA: Who is Rush Limbaugh.


RUSH: Yes! I know everybody thinks, ‘Wow, these college kids, they’re really smart.’ You know what’s wrong with this question? I did flunk out of both. I flunked speech twice, but I went back and did enough outlines. But when I learned that a mandatory PE course was ballroom dance taught by a drill sergeant in the WACs, I just didn’t go. And when my mother found out I wasn’t going, she took away my car. I’m 20 years old, 19; she drove me up to college every day. I mean, it was humiliating. I didn’t go. The question is correct and the answer is correct here, but you didn’t need to add ‘conservative talk show host dropped out of Southeast Missouri State’ — who is the conservative radio talk show host? Everybody is gonna know what the answer is. You don’t have to say any details.

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