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RUSH: Oh, I’ve got to address this. This is going to be tough for me, because it comes in one of my all-time favorite websites, and that is Bob Tyrrell’s AmericanSpectator.org, and I like this writer. His name is Jay Homnick. His piece that I have some commentary on is called: ”A Closet Race in West Virginia’ — My father’s mother was born in New York City in 1900 and passed away in Roanoke, Virginia in 1975. She grew up among poor immigrants in New York who barely made ends meet. She told me that they devised a way to save face when friends stopped by to say hello. Traditionally, they would have invited the visitors to stay for a meal, but they could not afford it if the people said yes. So they would issue this self-canceling offer: ‘If you have a sense of humor, I would like you to stay for dinner.’ Something of this sort occurred in West Virginia the other night, where they held a Democrat primary for President if you have a sense of humor. The winner of the Dem nomination has been a foregone conclusion for some time now but there are two classes of people who have failed to notice. One is people whose last name is Clinton. The other is people who would vote for any white person before any black person.

‘The most shocking part of the story is that Madame Clinton pulled up in that state expressly to pander to that audience,’ the racists. ‘Within hours of arriving there last week, she was explaining to an interviewer that she was most adept at gaining the votes of white people. Apparently, she is proud of being the Senator in the state of alabaster. Forgetting even the issue of racism per se with all its attendant ugliness, there is something uniquely horrific in seeing this attitude operating in the political context. To consider the notion of a candidacy transacted on the basis — even the winking basis — of ‘Vote for me, I ain’t no n*****’ is to look into the heart of real darkness.’ Did Hillary do that? You tell me, Mr. Snerdley, when she says she can go out there and get the white votes, is she saying, ‘Vote for me, I ain’t no N-word?’ Okay, yeah, she says hardworking white women vote for me, hardworking white people. So you can see a point here that she might be saying vote for me, I ain’t no N-word?

‘This sort of pale ontology was supposed to be a thing of the past. Although for the Clintons, nothing is too old or too dirty or too nasty or too divisive if it gets you a vote. … Senator Obama is a leftist, with some very weak ideas about confronting national enemies, and as such he should be opposed by the forces of realism. But a part of his idealism should be embraced,’ now remember, this is a conservative publication. ‘A part of his idealism should be embraced, the part that asks us to view him through a glass lightly. In this respect, he should be seen as a candidate representing both parties. Republicans in their right minds should be making the message clear: ‘That is the guy I would be voting for if I thought his ideas were on target.” Now, my problem here, aside from the fact that normally when I cite the American Spectator, it’s with praise, but this gives me pause because all this racism is on the Democrat side. It’s Mrs. Clinton that said whatever she said that might have implied the use of the N-word, I don’t know. Republicans aren’t saying any of this stuff.

Mr. Homnick forgets that conservatives already don’t care how black Barry is, from the get-go it’s been the Democrats who have asked, ‘Is he dark enough? Is he black enough? Is he authentic enough?’ It is they who came up with the phrase ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro.” It’s the Democrats doing this. Why do Republicans owe it to ourselves to look at this guy as a candidate representing both parties? What the hell did we do here? What the hell are we guilty of that we need to be running around saying, make a point of? What, am I supposed to open the show, that’s a guy I would vote for if his ideas were on target? What, am I supposed to say this because the presumption that I’m a racist is something I need to dispel, when the Democrats are demonstrating unabashed, pure, 100% thoroughbred, undiluted racism every day in this campaign? Both of the Clintons are, and Obama is, too, for crying out loud. Let’s not let him off the hook. What is this talk about his idealism? The part that asks us to view him through a glass lightly? What the hell here? This is the guy with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. This is a guy Bishop Desmond Tutu said yesterday that Jeremiah Wright is saying what blacks all around the world really think? Obama lost this messiah image many, many moons ago. I’m stunned. Maybe I’m misinterpreting this. ‘Republicans in their right minds ought to be making the message clear: This is the guy I’d be voting for if I thought his ideas were on target’? If you ask me, the party that has genuine black success stories and achievement and triumph is the Republican Party. What excuses do we have to continue to make?

Now, Mr. Homnick finishes his piece: ‘This was not Hillary Clinton’s finest hour, nor West Virginia’s. The persistent sense, fanned by interviewees and poll responders, that the plebiscite there was a referendum on the compatibility of pigment with government, was an embarrassment to that state’s many fine denizens. John Denver’s sunny country roads were never meant to exclude. I pray that we are never again forced to use our senses of humor to grit our teeth through another such event.’ Again, what did Republicans have to do with this? What did conservatives have to do with this? These are Democrat voters we are talking about here. These are Democrat voters in West Virginia who participated in the exit polls that gave us all these racial and other bits of information about who they are. The Republican primary, for all intents and purposes, was months ago. Republicans weren’t even on the field last night. We are talking about Democrats here. We’re talking about both Clintons throwing the race card, Obama bringing out Jeremiah Wright.

Look, it’s not just people in West Virginia who find Jeremiah Wright repugnant. It’s not just white people who find Jeremiah Wright repugnant. There are a lot of black people who are embarrassed by the guy when he gets rolling on these riff sermons of his because they think they’re going to be stigmatized, the old guilt-by-association thing. But I don’t see what the Republicans have to do with any of this. I don’t see why we have to run around telling the whole world, ‘That’s the guy I’d vote for if his policies were on target,’ when Obama himself is doing everything he can to facilitate the racial divide that’s taking place in the Democrat Party. Mr. Homnick, I’ve enjoyed your work over the years, and I’ve cited it many times. But we Republicans have our own problems. It ain’t racist. Our problem is that liberals are taking over our party, and nobody’s doing anything about it at the party level.

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