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RUSH: Senator McCain’s embrace of a radical environmental agenda is a perfect example of all that I have been discussing with you today about how the Republican Party is abandoning conservatism, abandoning those things and those people that made it victorious.

Radical environmentalism, global warming — call it whatever you want — is an agenda born of the 1960s socialism that spread from Europe to the US. It rejects completely the notion of limited constitutional government. The plan advocated by Obama, the plan advocated by Mrs. Clinton, the plan advocated by Algore, the plan sadly advocated by our nominee, tramples on individual rights, tramples on capitalism, tramples on states’ rights, and it promotes the notion that government is the solution and the only solution to everything, and it promotes the idea that we are guilty, that we are guilty precisely because of our prosperity. Have you noticed on your own, other than the times I have told you, have you noticed that the only people in the world who seem to get blamed for global warming are Americans? The ChiComs don’t get blamed. The British, European Union, they don’t get blamed because they’re already driving around bubble cars. They’re already paying, whatever, six bucks, seven bucks per liter or gallon of gasoline. No, it’s only Americans. Have you noticed this? It’s only Americans that are blamed for this. And now, doesn’t matter who we vote for, for president. Whoever the next president is, is gonna agree with that premise.

Militant environmentalism is based on the long-heard left-wing complaint that we, Americans, consume far too much of the world’s resources, given our population, and that we need to restrict and restrain the creation of wealth, our own wealth, and our living standards to more share the world’s resources more equitably with the rest of the world. That’s what’s behind this. So when Senator McCain says that he’ll work diplomatically to ensure that the UN, other countries and so forth, are all working together to address the global warming global problem of manmade climate change, he is saying to us, quote, ‘I am surrendering the American economy. I am surrendering the American economy and decision-making process to forces outside the US who have never had our nation’s best interests at heart because we have to repair our image and we have to get along and I have to show everybody that I understand we’ve got a big problem and gotta fix it.’

Yesterday I speculated, I wondered allowed, how can it be that somebody who’s been in the US Senate for whatever number of years, the House before that, now running for president, knows 10% of what I know about something? How can this be? And not just McCain. Obama, too, who doesn’t know diddly-squat about anything. He thinks they speak Arabic in Afghanistan. He said that yesterday in Cape Girardeau. He thinks there are 57 states. This guy is a laughingstock if his last name is Quayle. Regardless, Mrs. Clinton, she doesn’t know diddly-squat, either. And, frankly, as an American citizen, it bothers me that as an average, common, everyday American citizen, I know more about a lot of things than these people who have access to information I can’t get access to: classified, all that. The fact that we all know more than they do is a frightening thing.

I look at the exit polls out of West Virginia, and I look at the college educated vote, and I want to propose right now we change the term college educated to college brainwashed. College brainwashed is a more accurate description of college educated. For all I know, maybe there are 57 states. Obama’s the only one that’s been told. Maybe it’s classified. Hell, I don’t know. At any rate, I decided, my friends, it’s not for me to know or say whether McCain understands or comprehends the extent of his surrender to these forces that seek to conquer our status without firing a bullet. It’s not for me to know; I don’t care. The fact is these consequences are what they are. Now, McCain went out there in Oregon, and he delivered a bang bang environmental speech as far as the left is concerned. If I had been Nancy Pelosi, if I had been Obama, if I had been Hillary Clinton, if I were Algore, I would be doing back flips. If I were the Drive-By Media, I’d go, ‘Oh, boy, this is Christmas in May.’ But they’re still not satisfied. The environmentalist wackos, the Democrats, Algore, still not satisfied with McCain’s proposals.

McCain’s proposals are so far reaching, they are frightening, but this is a typical tactic of the left: constantly demand more, constantly voice dissatisfaction, change the political dynamic so that even the most radical proposal is characterized as just the beginning, and it doesn’t go far enough, or it’s just a first step, or it’s otherwise incomplete. The new voices of fascism and Stalinism are to be found in the environmentalist wacko left. There is no Republican, nominee or otherwise, who should embrace them or any of what they are preaching, not in a sane political world. The lesson of these Republican House losses in heavily Republican areas, safe districts, is not that the American people are now socialists or that they want more and more government programs, or that they want to surrender their liberty to bureaucrats, domestic or foreign.


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