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RUSH: Hillary Rodham Clinton wins by 40%, over 40% Hillary wins West Virginia. The Drive-Bys continue to keep asking when she’s getting out, when the issue is Obama and the fact that his train has gone off the tracks. His train is off the tracks. He can’t even compete in some of these states, and we’re not talking about bright red states here. These are competitive states in the general election, and he cannot compete in them. Here’s an example from the Huffington Post today, Thomas B. Edsall, used to work at the Washington Post. Why doesn’t she concede? Why doesn’t she get out? Why doesn’t she give up? And he chronicles all the Drive-Bys, from the Kansas City Star throughout the Internet. Trying to agonize here, why won’t she quit? Hey, Thomas, and the rest of you in the Drive-By Media, we understand and know Hillary Clinton better than you do, and you have been her champions for how many years now, up until last year when you bailed on her to support Obama, the black guy.

Bottom line is this. She’s not doing this for you guys. She’s not doing this to try to make you people in the media happy, and she’s not doing this for the Democrat Party. She is obsessed because this is the only reason she’s hung around for the last 26 years. This is it. Camille Paglia has it right: She’s not going anywhere. Especially after a win like this last night, 40%, and she’s supposed to get out? She’s gonna win Kentucky, too. She’s 20 points down in Oregon, but who knows, she might write that off. I don’t care who they were, Snerdley, I don’t care if they’re older white voters and uneducated. The Democrats know this. They know two things, and they’re going to try to ignore both of them. The last Democrat who was elected president who won a majority of the white vote was who? Tell me. Who was the last Democrat president — it was not Jimmy Carter. It was Lyndon Johnson. Lyndon Johnson in 1964 was the last Democrat president to win a majority of the white vote.

Let’s put it this way, however West Virginia goes in the general election, is who wins the presidency since 1960. Even after Hillary’s shocking, stunning defeat — it wasn’t so shocking. Operation Chaos. Even after all of this, more superdelegates moved over to Obama today. It’s just fascinating here to watch the Drive-Bys. They succeeded in picking our candidate. They succeeded in picking McCain, and they’re just frustrated as they can be. They want Hillary to get out and they’re mad that Obama can’t close the deal, and Bill Clinton is even singing about it these days, folks. Went in the recording studio because he wasn’t on stage last night, did you notice that? Heard what we had to say about that, so he went to the studio instead.

(playing of Bill Clinton spoof song)

White comedian Paul Shanklin, Everything She Does is Tragic. Of course that’s a takeoff on Everything She Does is Magic by The Police, well known eco-phony, Sting and his doubly eco-phony wife, Trudie Styler. Bill Clinton in the recording studio.

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