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RUSH: We have a trucker on the road in Pennsylvania burning diesel. This is Terry. Nice to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing? Mega dittos. Hey, I wanted to really kind of talk about what I think is the ultimate white guilt. Being a black man, I just kind of don’t see where people are really talking about where I think Obama is — just how much he’s hurt racism in this country. You know, everything that has been (unintelligible) I just think that (unintelligible) relationship with this Reverend Wright, can’t call him by his name, any time anything is going on, whatever Hillary is doing in West Virginia, it’s race. I think if you take someone wherever he went to school, Princeton, Ivy League guy, and has to go to a church to get his street creds, I mean to me what’s that saying to our young people? I’m only speaking for young black children. Here a guy wants to be quote the second black president of the United States, and he’s an educated guy, and he’s gotta go lower his self. I just think that it just does — everything in liberalism, to at least the black community, really is just lowering our expectations. That’s what I tell my kids all the time, just lowers our expectations. We ourselves, we put the Ku Klux Klan out of business. I mean, we make a small percentage of the population but have a much higher percentage of abortions. It kills me when my friends sit and talk about hate crimes, I guess one black man killing another black man —

RUSH: Wait, wait, what does Obama have to do with all this, though?

CALLER: What I’m simply saying is here’s a guy that is talking about being the president and one of the things that he’s done, he’s brought out talking about this church, and you hear people say, ‘Dude, I belong to a mega church, this stuff doesn’t go on,’ and for him to say this is the norm, it isn’t. It isn’t. It’s not even close to it. To have to sit around and basically whine and cry every time, you know, he wants to be like he’s some, I don’t know, polka dot man or something, and he’s the one who injects race in everything he’s involved with and it’s kind of like another one of those poor old me type things that’s going on, the way his whole campaign is run.

RUSH: Well, I tell you, you know, I think that the Obama campaign has had a remarkable transformation, and it’s not good. Well, I think it’s good in one regard, because the phoniness is gone. Here was a guy who was 100 percent above it all. He was not a liberal. He was not a Democrat. He was a messiah. He wasn’t black. He wasn’t white. He was somebody who had never trod. Operation Chaos saw to it that he was bloodied up politically by the Clinton campaign. This racial business has been brought front and center exclusively by the Democrat Party. They have seen to it that everybody in the country paying attention knows that racism and sexism and bigotry have a home in the Democrat Party. And now Obama’s gotten to the point where he can’t avoid being the black candidate and in fact is trying to trade off of it now. So I can understand how you might be frustrated that there is too much racism in the campaign, but it’s going to be tough to avoid when the Drive-By Media is also making it all about race, ’cause if you disagree with Obama, you are a racist, pure and simple. There are no two-ways about it. Look, Terry, hang on. I want to do something.

You guys in the trucking business, you’re paying through the nose for diesel, and I want to give you some Allen Brothers steak. You have not tasted steak, Terry, until you have tasted Allen Brothers. I’m going to send you a Rush PAC. This is barbecue season, grilling season is now open for most of the country, and if you have not tasted this stuff yet, folks, you have to. Just go to ABSteaks.com. That’s their website, ABSteaks.com. Be prepared to have your mouth water when you look at the pictures of the food that is available at Allen Brothers. They’ve got the best steaks. I serve them exclusively. Everybody raves they’re better than what people get in restaurants. The hamburgers and the hot dogs, ditto. So, Terry, I’m going to send you a Rush PAC from Allen Brothers. If you’re going to have some people over, if you’ve got a barbecue planned, give this stuff a try. And, folks, it’s American. It doesn’t come from China. Allen Brothers is delicious, better than you’ve ever tasted, and it is safe.

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