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RUSH: Here’s David in Wheaton, Maryland. Great to have you on the program, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: It’s a great honor to speak with you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Might it be the perfect time to end Operation Chaos and initiate ‘Operation Count the Votes’ to help the disenfranchised Democrats in both Michigan and Florida get their votes counted, as well as to stir up even more chaos? We’ve got to keep this going, because this media/Hollywood juggernaut is undermining our democracy like never before, as if they are absolutely hell-bent on converting us to a socialist country, Rush. They’re on the opposite side of you on everything that you stand for, Rush, and you happen to stand on the side of the Constitution for everything.

RUSH: Wait, now.

CALLER: If you’d be willing to just get out of your comfort zone, Rush, and unleash the power that we Dittoheads are, you could lead us to take our country back from this media.

RUSH: David, it doesn’t sound to me like you need leadership. Sounds like you are a leader. I’m fully up to it. I mean, don’t misunderstand. But I have to tell you, you may not have had the chance to listen much last week, but I was on a roll last week about what the Democrat Party is doing to voters in Michigan and Illinois. It is the biggest disenfranchisement of voters since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965. This is Howard ‘George Wallace’ Dean doing everything he can to disenfranchise voters, many of them minorities, from the two of the largest electoral states in the country. And they are doing this on purpose. The bottom line is — the Democrats know this — Barack Obama cannot win this nomination unless certain votes are not counted, this from the party that wants to count every vote, they say; this from the party that tried to disenfranchise absentee ballots from military personnel in the Florida 2000 recount. Now they are prepared to screw Florida again, disenfranchise the Florida delegation, not seat the delegation, same thing in Michigan. There is no greater act of voting rights denial since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed. I spent numerous hours on this last week. This is all part of Operation Chaos. Operation Chaos has not gone away and it will not go away. Operation Chaos has long-term objectives here, which have been defined and set out numerous times. We have telegraphed every move to the enemy. The northern front, the southern front, the eastern front, we’ve let ’em all know what’s coming, weeks in advance. They have not been able to stop it.

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