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RUSH: Tina in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, nice to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, 24/7 guiltless SUV dittos.

RUSH: (laughing) Thanks much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Okay, Rush. Listen, I wanted to know what you thought about Dick Morris’ comments that Hillary was going to, you know, battle it out for the next couple weeks, hitting on Barack Obama, and then let McCain get in there so — and she’ll just, you know, toe the party line and let McCain in just in preparation for ’12?

RUSH: I have heard this theory advanced by Dick Morris and others that she now knows that it’s over for 2008 and the next opportunity would be 2012. The only thing standing in her way in 2002 would be Obama in the White House. And, therefore, Morris’ theory is that Clinton will be the good soldier in public, but behind the scenes will be doing whatever she can to undermine Obama’s general election campaign.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Because McCain, you know, he’ll be 76, if he wins the presidencies, he’ll be 76 in 2012, and he’s even mentioned the fact that he might be a one termer which is why people are looking exceptionally closely at his vice presidential candidate. You know, with the Clintons you can’t rule anything out, and especially that they don’t quit and don’t go away. We think that this election will vanquish them. A lot of people make the assumption here that if she truly loses this, and Obama is the guy, there are going to be people throwing parties in this country, they’re going to be so happy thinking the Clintons are gone. And it may be the case with Bill. I don’t know with Hillary and what her desires are going to be in 2012. But we’ll be able to know here, Tina, because we will be able to tell who was undermining Obama during the general election. We’ll be able to find out if the Clintons’ fingerprints were on it or not.


RUSH: We’ll keep a sharp eye on that. Thanks much for the call.

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