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RUSH: You know, folks, Operation Chaos is a truly, truly brilliant operation that relied solely on you. Well, not solely, but primarily on you — and you came through with flying colors in droves in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana. It was just amazing. The Drive-By Media knows it. I can tell you yesterday in their budget meetings — which is what they call the meetings at the beginning of the day when they assign stories to various reporters, and of course the big-time editor at TV networks, newspapers, magazines, whatever; the big-time editor is looking at the admission by the Obama campaign that the Operation Chaos was responsible for Hillary’s victory in Indiana, and this guy’s looking at it, and he said, ‘Damn it, damn it! We have been trying to ignore this Operation Chaos for all these months and damn the Obama campaign had to admit it.’ So he points to a reporter and says, ‘You! Go do a story on this.’

The little reporter says, ‘What do I write?’

‘I don’t care. Just do a story on it and get rid of it.’

So they do their analyses. It didn’t work; it had no impact or what have you. But it did. But do you know how it could have been better? Had the beneficiary of our efforts known what to do with it! I just sit here and I can’t tell you how frustrating this is. The beneficiary of the efforts of Operation Chaos happened to be, the way the chips fell in this thing, Hillary Clinton. Now, what is your image of the Clintons? Those of you that are old enough that have been paying attention to politics here since at least the nineties, what is your impression? What are your memories of them? One word comes to mind: ruthless. These are people… You know the 90s. They did anything. They had 500 FBI files. I don’t know if… How many of you know 50 people in your close circle who have been indicted? They do! How many people in your close circle do you know who have died unexpectedly at a relatively young age for whatever reason? They know lots! These are people that when the chips were down, here came the funny money from The Lippo Group, $250,000 worth of money orders dropped off to the Clinton Legal Defense Fund.

They survived such things as Whitewater and all of this other stuff, and this campaign has featured none of what we all remember the Clintons for. It has featured none of what we think the Clintons are capable of. It’s like the guy who called in the last hour. ‘Do you think the Clintons have a bomb waiting to drop on Obama?’ Everybody thinks that the Clintons have one final thing that’s going to really wipe out the Obama campaign. They might, but I think they would have used it long before now. We got to thinking, Snerdley and I did, the reputation that Mrs. Clinton has… (sigh) Well, she hasn’t earned it, but the reputation that has accrued to her is so incorrect, it is so embarrassingly wrong. This was never the smartest woman in the world, and this was never a woman who always got what she wanted and never screwed up. This, in fact, is a woman who messed up everything she touched. She hires Craig Livingstone, 500 FBI files, the Paula Jones case (she was the advisor on that), health care — which probably led in large part, not to mention me, to the loss of the House for the first time in 40 years of the Democrat Party.

So I’m sitting here saying, the woman is inept. The travel office, firing everybody in there? All these things. Everything she did, everything that we could put her fingerprints on, there’s nothing to recommend that she be promoted to anything. We could say the same thing about Obama, but this is not about him right now. So we’re just sitting here. With Operation Chaos, if she had just known how to use the gift. But, no, and still may not. It’s really puzzling to a lot of people. I’m sure you among them are puzzled as well. Because this is not the Clintons we’ve come to know and expect. We don’t expect to see Bill Clinton standing on the back porch in little towns like Whiteville, North Carolina, talking to 20 people. We don’t expect to see all these defections. All of these people that used to be dead tight with these people have drifted away in droves. You can start with Bill Richardson. But there’s any number of them that, given the chance, have ‘fled the coop,’ if you will.

So it leaves a lot of people wondering: What was this invincibility they had in the first place? Was it all an image or mirage? Was it all simply the media that covered for them and built up this reputation and this image? Was it media that let them get away with all the screw-ups and so forth and praised them for having the guts and courage to try these things, and look at how bold and brave? And they created a lot of fear in people. There’s no question. We haven’t seen any evidence of this. Now, maybe it’s because Mrs. Clinton is the one that’s leading this thing and she’s just not competent. But, folks, I’m here to tell you: You have a rookie who’s been in the Senate a year and a half. You can’t take this guy out? I don’t care what his race is; there is something seriously wrong here. Look, they went into this thinking they’re going to get coronated. She didn’t make any plans beyond February 5th. She ignored the caucus states; she thought this was just a matter of time. Let it all hang out.

So there was a little arrogance and so forth involved here. In truth, Operation Chaos helped paper over some of this incompetence and sustained her campaign longer than it deserved to be sustained. There’s no question about it. You people did it, you volunteers — and it isn’t over! I don’t care what the Drive-Bys are saying. Operation Chaos is not over.

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