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RUSH: Audio sound bite time, Cookie lobbying me to play audio sound bites about Operation Chaos because they’re actually about you this morning. PMSNBC Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are talking with fill-in Tiki Barber about Operation Chaos, and this is how it went.

SCARBOROUGH: Look at how much fun he’s having with the Democrats. Because he’s actually convinced —

BRZEZINSKI: It’s delicious.

SCARBOROUGH: — some of them that he’s changed the results in these races. It’s hilarious. Take a look.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I am tempted to tell the superdelegates to pick Obama, ’cause I now believe that he would be the weakest of the Democrat nominees. Now, if I were to go that way, this would be a landmark decision for Operation Chaos, because up ’til now, Operation Chaos has not picked a candidate on the Democrat side. We have successfully created chaos. We have done our part to expose Obama through our support of Operation Chaos, effectively using the Clinton campaign as our foil, and Obama and the Democrat Party are the weaker for it. Every objective has been met and surpassed.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, my God, I love him.

RUSH: That was Mika Brzezinski, ‘Oh, my God, I love him.’ But I think she’s in the tank for Obama, I believe, I don’t think she really loves me. They had the governor of Florida on, our governor, Charlie Crist was on the program this morning as well, and Mika Brzezinski said to him, ‘I’m confused by Operation Chaos. Front page of the Washington Post, what’s Rush Limbaugh up to, you think this is good work?’

CRIST: Well, I don’t know. He’s got an awful lot of listeners.


CRIST: He’s out of Florida so we love him, but, you know, it’s had an interesting impact. You know, talk radio, as Joe knows and all of you know, is very important as is cable — let me give you your due —

BRZEZINSKI: Thank you.

CRIST: Seriously, it’s an amazing thing to watch, and when you have millions of listeners, it can certainly make a difference, and Mr. Limbaugh is very, very effective and does a great job.

RUSH: I’ll tell you, Cookie is absolutely right. This Operation Chaos, I mean the commanders get all the credit, but I, as the commanding officer, I stayed here in the bunker, I never once hit the battlefield. You soldiers hit the battlefield. You’re the ones that put on your uniforms, you’re the ones that even handmade your uniforms. Did you hear the call we had late yesterday from a woman, her name was Michelle, I think she was in Ohio? No, Indiana. Someplace in Indiana. She had three little kids. And she obviously couldn’t afford to go to the EIB Store and get her own Operation Chaos uniform. She made it herself. That’s the kind of dedication; that is real sacrifice for the mission, everybody working for each other in a common goal. She was from Indianapolis, Michelle from Indianapolis, Indiana. So Operation Chaos really is about you. You’re the ones that screwed them all up out there, you are the ones showing up and voting, and you have just got them in a tizzy.

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