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RUSH: This is pathetic. It’s just laughably unbelievable! Even in the elevator at the EIB Building in Midtown Manhattan this morning — they got these little news TV screens in the elevators — and Koko, the webmaster, got into work today riding the elevator up to the proper floor of the EIB Building and they’ve got this thing from CNN that says I have called off Operation Chaos, and the Washington Post today says I’ve called off Operation Chaos, and the Boston Globe today says I’ve called off Operation Chaos. I did no such thing. They said I’ve also now shifted my preference for the Democrat Party nomination to Barack Obama! You know, if we ever needed it, and we don’t, but if we ever needed it, this is one of the greatest illustrations that they have an agenda and they’re going to write whatever they want. They’re not going to pay attention to the facts. They’re not going to listen to what anybody says. They’re going to take little snippets, and if it fits the agenda and the action line, then they’re gonna plug it in there. Greetings, my friends, and welcome, Rush Limbaugh here.

I mean, how can Operation Chaos be dead? We’ve got many phases to go. One phase of the future phase of Operation Chaos — and I’m contemplating this, it’s not etched in stone — but one of the things I’m contemplating for a new phase of Operation Chaos is to try to convince Republicans to cross over and vote for Senator McCain in November. Now, that’s going to be something that may be even tough for me as commander-in-chief of Operation Chaos to pull off. By the way, I think I ought to change the pronunciation of Operation Chaos in honor of the story that Die Welt did in Germany yesterday. The German pronunciation — I looked it up. I talked to experts. The German pronunciation of Operation Chaos is Operazion Kaus. Operazion Kaus. We just owe them that since they did their little story. Anyway, here’s the phone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Mrs. Clinton and her forces have relaunched the Uncivil War in the Democrat Party. Mrs. Clinton telling USA Today today that she is the only one that can get white votes. She’s pretty blatant about this. Of course we had the audio sound bites yesterday from Begala talking to Donna Brazile. Begala, The Forehead, who is white, and Donna Brazile, who is black, said we can’t win with eggheads and black voters, African-Americans. She took great offense to this, and we played that little exchange, which was a doozy, in the last hour. Cookie, you might want to get that exchange back so that we can revisit that today since Mrs. Clinton has restarted the Uncivil War in the Democrat Party. I appeared this morning with Bill Hemmer on the Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom [Full Transcript] for about four or five minutes. They had a field trip in there. They had a bunch of little crumb crunchers that they were showing the studio and they were all on camera. It looked like an ant farm in there, must have been 20 of them in there, and I got to follow that. I mean, that’s like following cute little animals. Kids and animals, you don’t want to follow that. It was a daunting challenge, ladies and gentlemen, that they presented me today, and I came through. I want you to hear it.

By the way, before I get to that, Cookie sent me a note today. She prepares all these audio sound bites, and she said, ‘Rush, it’s your show and you can do what you want, but I’m going through a lot of work to find these sound bites and I can’t help that they’re all about you.’ And I said yesterday, ‘You know, I don’t want to play all these things that are just about me because I don’t like to talk about myself that much on this program,’ as you know. So she sends me a statistic. She says there have been 263 Rush TV-radio mentions of you in the last 24 hours, 263 mentions. She then made the point, ‘You’re missing the boat if you think this is about you. Operation Chaos is also about your listeners. Any time the Drive-Bys are talking about Operation Chaos, they’re also talking about your listeners.’ I have to agree she’s got a good point. So she’s lobbying me to play more audio sound bites about me and Operation Chaos on the theory that the audience deserves to hear it because the audience is actually also being discussed as well. No, I don’t have 263 sound bites. That’s how many mentions that she found. We have super-secret software that tracks this stuff. That’s just in the last 24 hours.

Washington Post today, I swear, I don’t know why they did it. They do an analysis on the front page of Operation Chaos, and when you read it, you can’t figure out what they concluded, and yet they put it on the front page, and they do include the fact that I called off the operation yesterday, as does the Boston Globe. I mean, yesterday’s show was one for the time capsule, and I think I remembered everything about it. Did I say something yesterday about calling off Operation Chaos? I said stand by for further orders at the end of the program. I even went to my own website to see if I had called off Operation Chaos, and I did not call it off and yet they’re out there reporting I called it off. You know why they’re doing this? You know why the Drive-Bys are reporting that I called it off? Tell me, why, Brian, what do you think? Hm-hm. Hm-hm. I did say the superdelegates ought to go for Obama but that is to guarantee a Democrat Party loss. And they’re doing it! They’re doing it in droves. They’re following my advice. Even Michigan, Michigan’s now come up with a plan.

Get this. Michigan’s come up with a plan to offer the DNC and the Rules and Bylaws Committee to have their delegation seated, and it would work like this. I think Hillary would get 69 votes, delegates, and Barack would get 59, which doesn’t change anything, and Barack wasn’t even on the ballot. So it’s still percolating out there. There’s no end to Operation Chaos, and I didn’t call for one. No, the real reason they’re doing this, Brian, and the rest of you people out there, the reason that they’re saying that I called off Operation Chaos and threw my support to Obama is that they are trying to convey in the minds of their readers and viewers that I have conceded, that I’ve given up, and that Operation Chaos was a failure. That’s what they’re trying to do, by saying I gave it up, that I have canceled it and thrown my support to Obama, because that’s what they want. At any rate, back to the Fox interview with Bill Hemmer. Question: ‘A lot of your listeners have called in to us — and we’ve heard ’em say — that this was an effort by you to help Hillary Clinton, and they were opposed to that because they thought this was helping her and you said all along it’s counterintuitive but yesterday you said you support Obama.’

RUSH ON FOX: I got up today and I’ve been doing my Show Prep here. I’m amazed at the number of Drive-By Media outlets that totally missed what I said yesterday. Operation Chaos is not over. The whole purpose of Operation Chaos was not to get either of these two particularly nominated. It was to create the chaos and get Obama bloodied up. Now, remember, when this started, it was right before Texas, Ohio, Mississippi. The McCain campaign, Republican Party, made it clear they weren’t going to be critical of Obama — and he was a messiah at that point. He was saying nothing better than anybody else has ever said nothing in my life. People were fainting. I said, ‘This guy’s going to have to be bloodied up politically, and who better to do it than the Clintons?’ and she couldn’t do it if she weren’t in the race. So the point was to keep her in just to keep the Democrat Party in chaos, not to get her the nomination. I mean, he was the fait accompli nominee way back then anyway. So everybody’s missing it. I’ve been as open about this for months as I can be, and the reluctance of people in the media to understand it is striking to me and is a great lesson to me on just how much their agenda drives reporting rather than facts.

RUSH: Next question. ‘Rush, you said something yesterday I think was very interesting. I’ll just take your words here. ‘The Republican Party doesn’t have the guts to do Operation Chaos,’ you say, and Senator McCain ‘will not be critical of Obama because they’re afraid of racial charges.’ Explain that.’

RUSH ON FOX: That’s exactly right. Well, Mark McKinnon — who is a friend of mine, I’ve met him a couple times — actually said a couple months ago that if the McCain campaign wants to produce ads critical of Obama along the lines of Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers or whatever, that he’s going to quit the campaign. The Republican Party is — I guess understandably — scared to death of being charged with racism, and McCain is obsessed with running this ‘honorable campaign’ filled with integrity; not talking about these kind of things. And if they do that, they’re going to lose 49 states. You know, political campaigns are what they are; liberals are who they are; and while Obama may try to stay above the fray, his team is going to be out there attacking. I don’t think Senator McCain has any idea what’s going to hit him in this general campaign.

RUSH: Let us move forward, ladies and gentlemen, to the Today Show, actually go back in time to the Today Show today. Cohost Ann Curry talked to Cindy McCain, and this question: ‘How nasty may this campaign get, Mrs. McCain?’

CINDY MCCAIN: I believe we’re going to see a great debate which the American public deserves, more importantly, and none of this negative stuff though, you won’t see it come out of our side at all —

CURRY: None of the negative stuff will come out of your side?

CINDY MCCAIN: My husband is absolutely opposed to any negative campaigning at all.

RUSH: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, called this a long time ago. This is one of the primary reasons for the establishment of Operation Chaos. This is why I say, one of our next phases, and there will be many, may be to try — you talk about a daunting challenge — to convince Republicans to cross the aisle and vote for McCain.


RUSH: As I said, the front page of the Washington Post today with a big-time analysis of Operation Chaos. But when you read it, you can’t figure out what their conclusion is. No, I don’t have the whole thing, it’s too long. I don’t want to read the whole thing. I didn’t even print the whole thing out. I just printed the first page of it because the first page has the claim here that I called off Operation Chaos yesterday. All right, here’s a couple paragraphs, and it’s by Alec MacGillis and Peter Slevin. ‘ Even as Barack Obama’s campaign celebrated Tuesday’s primary results, aides charged yesterday that they would have had an even stronger showing were it not for meddling by an unlikely booster of Hillary Rodham Clinton: the popular conservative radio host and longtime Clinton family nemesis Rush Limbaugh. The impact of Limbaugh’s ‘Operation Chaos’ emerged as an intriguing point of debate, particularly in Indiana. … Limbaugh crowed about the success of his ploy all day Tuesday, featuring on-air testimonials from voters in Indiana and North Carolina who recounted their illicit pleasure in casting a vote for Clinton. ‘Some of the people show up and they ask for a Democrat ballot, and the poll worker says, ‘Why, what are you going to do?’ He says, ‘Operation Chaos,’ and they just laugh,’ Limbaugh said Tuesday.’ And then they make the point later on in this piece that Obama is not crippled.

They don’t conclude that I had any impact, but even if I did, they say — now, keep in mind, they run a front-page story on Operation Chaos, and they try to say that there was no impact, but they say if there was, Obama is not crippled or bloodied anyway. Oh, this means we’ve got ’em right where they want. Losing the state has no impact. A, Washington Post. Number two. You don’t think your guy is bloodied up? You don’t think that there’s a huge difference in the Obama campaign now and what it was before Texas and Ohio and Mississippi where he was the messiah? We got ’em right where we want ’em, folks. The Democrats have all these polls that they have taken themselves that say the whole mess with Jeremiah Wright has no effect on Obama. I mean, they’re in denial. If there’s no impact, I’d like to ask the Washington Post, then why did Obama and his campaign give it credit for his loss? Or blame. Why did the Obama campaign blame us? You know, this is the first time in this campaign — stop and follow me here — normally the Obama campaign sends a spokesman out, they send a press release out, the Drive-Bys slavishly, dutifully report it. The Obama campaign has a conference call, they put the haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, on the call. He says I tampered with the primary. Bill Burton of the Obama campaign says I’m the reason Obama lost it, and the Drive-Bys doubt it. They hate us, folks. They resent us, not just me, but you, ’cause before me and this program and you, they had a monopoly over all this. They have a deep, dark resentment for all this. They put something on the front page that they try to deny had any impact, yet it’s on the front page.

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