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RUSH: Now back to the phones to Miami. This is Les. Nice to have you on the EIB Network, sir, hello.

CALLER: Yes, hello, sir. Good afternoon. I just have a question and a comment also. First of all, you do have a great show. I’ve listened to you for a while now, but I’m a little bit confused on where you really stand on this election, because now it sounds like you are supporting Hillary Clinton.

RUSH: How can you say that when I just told the Democrats to go ahead and nominate Obama with the superdelegates?

CALLER: That’s the part that I’m confused about. You’re saying all these things about Hillary, and yet you’re saying —

RUSH: I’m trying to make this very clear. I think over the number of days this — you know, normal times, Les, honestly, if I had a caller that didn’t know what I’m saying I would blame it on myself because I’m a highly trained professional communicator, but I’ve said this so many times, I gotta blame you for not getting it because Operation Chaos did not choose a candidate, it chose chaos. We exceeded all expectations.

CALLER: Okay. Okay. But now the other part of the question and comment, I would say is, isn’t it more important to really find the right candidate for this, versus creating chaos?

RUSH: It’s not up to me to find the right candidate, it’s the Democrats, and they’re engaged in disenfranchisement of voters to do it.

CALLER: But why spend so much time talking about them? Why don’t we start talking about McCain and helping him out?

RUSH: Well, there’s time for that. It’s only May here, and the convention hasn’t even happened. And nobody’s going to be paying attention to that stuff ’til the general election starts after Labor Day. That’s premature. The Democrat Party right now is in a state of utter chaos, and they are preparing to deny two states their delegation at the convention. This is serious. They’re trying to stack the deck and get Obama nominated. That’s why we’re talking about them today. They are the news today. McCain’s not the news. He’s been trying to make the news, but he can’t do it.


RUSH: But fear not. You know, this is the thing. As your commander, as your host, we’re on top of things, we know exactly what’s going — (interruption) Yes, Mr. Snerdley, what is it? Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Oh, is that right? Mr. Snerdley, the official screener of calls, as well as being the official program observer, has told me that Les punked out. Les told you that he wanted to accuse me of being unpatriotic? For what? Operation Chaos has gone too far, it’s not patriotic. Oh. Well, too bad. I have dealt with that throughout the business broadcast today. There is nothing more patriotic than Operation Chaos, encouraging people to vote. The days of making excuses for this, I’m not going to be put on the defensive by this anymore. This is too great a resounding success. I’m going to tell you people something else out there on the Democrat side: There’s no end to this. There is no end.

Robert, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Good. Thank you.

CALLER: I’m doing pretty good. Yes, I’m an independent and I’m voting Democrat this year, and —

RUSH: Then you’re a Democrat.

CALLER: Well, no, I’m an independent because I also vote Republican when I like the Republicans.

RUSH: Yeah. Okay.

CALLER: Yeah, it’s kind of confusing being an independent —

RUSH: I admit you got problems this year on the Republican side. I do understand.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah, you hear me. But I do like this whole Operation Chaos that you’re doing. First of all, it’s allowing, at least me, the opportunity to really shake down these two Democratic candidates and see which one is the best candidate —

RUSH: Do you realize it’s not about that?

CALLER: I know what it’s totally about. It’s about creating so much chaos —


CALLER: — for the Democrats —

RUSH: No, I’m not talking about Operation Chaos. The Democrat primary is not about finding the best candidate.

CALLER: I know what it’s about. You just want to stretch the Democrat —

RUSH: No, no, no. I’m not talking about Operation Chaos. You said that you like Operation Chaos —


RUSH: — because it is allowing voters to shake down these two Democrat candidates to see which one’s the best candidate.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: But that’s not what the purpose of the Democrat primaries is about.

CALLER: I know, but that’s how it’s useful for me. I know what your intentions are —

RUSH: What do you think about the fact that the — and you’re an independent —


RUSH: — that the Democrat Party is preparing to rig this game for Obama by denying two states’ delegations to be seated at the convention? States that would probably vote for Hillary.

CALLER: They deserve it. They freaking screwed it up. That’s another thing I wanted to thank you on. I think that your Operation Chaos hopefully will change how Democrats elect their candidates. They should do it more how the Republicans do it, winner-take-all.

RUSH: Uh-huh.

CALLER: All this stupid primaries and this caucus, this stuff, this stuff is ridiculous. So that’s one thing. This election is going to be —

RUSH: It will never change. It will never change.

CALLER: They have to change it.

RUSH: No, no. And it won’t change. You know why it won’t change?


RUSH: This campaign is a perfect illustration of it. The Democrat Party does not trust any voter: theirs, Republican voters, they don’t trust ’em. The superdelegates exist precisely to control the outcome of this so that the party hacks get what they want regardless what the Democrat primary voters end up doing by virtue of their votes. They’re not going to get rid of this kind of power.

CALLER: No, but the superdelegates, they’re politicians, and they’re going to vote for who they think is gonna be elected because they want favors. They’re not going to vote for somebody who’s not gonna make it ’cause the party that does get into office is gonna screw them.

RUSH: Under normal circumstances, you’d be right. But this case, they know, they can look at where Obama’s votes are coming from, and they can see he’s not going to get enough of a broad-based coalition to win in November. I’m going to tell you something, what’s got the Democrats spooked every bit as much as the Republicans is race, Robert. That is what is going to lead them to choose the wrong candidate. Let me share with you a piece here by Cokie and Steve Roberts, a happily married couple. Cokie Roberts, formerly of ABC, still does some commentary there, Steve Roberts used to be with US News. They have a syndicated column, and I got this off Jewish World Review. It’s entitled: ‘Why the Democrats Can Lose.’ And, by the way, Cokie Roberts is one of the many women who is just livid that the Democrat Party is going to choose a rookie over this woman who has given this party everything all of her life. Just so you have that in mind as you listen to this.

‘Democrats seem intent on nominating Barack Obama, in the face of mounting evidence that Hillary Clinton would be the stronger candidate against John McCain in November. … But the real culprit is the party’s stupid, self-destructive nominating system, which has two major flaws. First, it was designed to anoint a nominee by early February, far too early in the process. The result: Obama built up an insurmountable lead at a time when he was still largely unblemished, untested and unscrutinized.’ Then they talk about the past six weeks, the Reverend Jerry Wright. ‘Second, the nominating system was completely incapable of reflecting these shifts,’ the demographic shifts that have occurred in the last six weeks. ‘Not only were few states remaining on the calendar, the rules of proportional representation made it almost impossible for Clinton to catch up. … Wait, it gets worse. Obama built up sizable margins in small states that Clinton was foolish enough to concede. … How can it make sense for Idaho, Kansas and Louisiana to have a bigger impact on choosing the Democratic nominee than Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio? Add in the exclusion of Florida and Michigan, two crucial states that favor Clinton, there’s only one word for the Democrats’ system : crazy. And Republicans are gleeful.’

And so you see, it is not just I, El Rushbo, ladies and gentlemen, who’s pointing out that this is the biggest disenfranchisement of votes since the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The Democrat Party is denying these two states. And so Cokie Roberts and Steve Roberts asked this question: ‘So why don’t Democratic leaders and superdelegates face these facts and shift to Clinton? One reason is race. It’s true, as Obama says, that being black in America has hardly been a political asset, given the fact that he’s the only African-American in the US Senate. But at this time, in this party, being black is an enormous asset. Given America’s long, torturous path toward racial justice, many Democrats simply cannot imagine denying the nomination to the first serious African-American candidate for president. From a moral perspective, that’s a noble judgment. From a political perspective, it could cost Democrats the White House.’

Amen! She and her husband here are exactly right. They are not, Robert, nominating the candidate who could best win. They are nominating somebody out of guilt. They are nominating somebody because of skin color. They are going to nominate somebody because they can’t imagine denying the nomination to him because he’s the first serious African-American candidate for president, and they know that their party has been in existence to promote just this kind of result. They’re making this choice for the wrong reason, Robert. You gotta trust me on this. Even Democrats know it, the superdelegates know it. It’s like I said, go ahead, you guys, today I released the superdelegates to vote for Obama, go ahead and choose him. You want to lose, you go right ahead, and just keep in mind, I hate to keep beating a dead horse here, but this is crucial to understand what this party is, as we head down the road to the general election. The only way the superdelegates and the party hacks in the Democrat Party think that Obama can win this cleanly is by making sure enough votes in key places do not count.

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