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RUSH: Where do we go from here? (interruption) What did you say, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) I don’t know. (interruption) I don’t know. (interruption) I don’t know we’re the Hutsis or the Tutsis. It doesn’t matter. I didn’t read that far.

It’s just that we’re being compared to the military bad guys in Rwanda. At any rate, let me move on. Where do we go from here, ladies and gentlemen? I am tempted today, as commander-in-chief of US Operation Chaos, to tell the superdelegates, ‘Go ahead. Go ahead and pick Obama. Go ahead,’ ’cause I now believe that Barack Obama would be the weakest of the Democrat nominees. Barack Obama has shown he cannot get the votes that Democrats need to win: blue-collar working people. He can get effete snobs, he can get wealthy academics, and he can get the young, he can get the black vote, but that’s about it — and Democrats do not win with that. So I was tempted here to tell the superdelegates to go ahead and pick Obama. Now, I know that the superdelegates are frightened to take the nomination away from him on the basis he can’t win nationally. Which, he can’t. And this is nothing new, by the way, for us to say here at Operation Chaos.

Obama is going to have a tough time winning; I don’t care what you Democrats think. Superdelegates, I have warned you. I have helped you. I’ve been trying to help you through this mess. You’re afraid to pull the nomination away from him because you’re scared that you would cause a permanent fissure with the black vote in the Democrat Party. And I’m telling you again — it’s the last time I’m going to say it — don’t worry about it! You have mistreated blacks for 50 years far worse than it would be to pull Obama’s nomination from him. You’ve destroyed the black family with your welfare programs. The public school system keeps them enmeshed in a school system where they don’t learn anything. The idea that you are going — and the black vote has stuck with you throughout, no matter what you’ve done to them in the Democrat Party, they stick with you. Pulling the nomination from Obama? Yeah, hell to pay early on. But we get to November, there is no way the black vote will siphon itself away to vote for McCain or anybody else.

So that’s why I am tempted to tell the superdelegates to pick Obama, ’cause I now believe that he would be the weakest of the Democrat nominees. Now, if I were to go that way, this would be a landmark decision for Operation Chaos, because up ’til now, Operation Chaos has not picked the candidate on the Democrat side. We have successfully created chaos. We have done our part to expose Obama through our support of Operation Chaos, effectively using the Clinton campaign as our foil, and Obama and the Democrat Party are the weaker for it. Every objective has been met and surpassed. It will be up to John McCain now to take advantage of the gift that has been handed to him. No thanks to his own campaign, thanks to Operation Chaos. Yet McCain continues to take veiled shots at conservatives. What should Mrs. Clinton do? Mrs. Clinton should stay in! There is no question Mrs. Clinton should stay in. Mrs. Clinton. Superdelegates are going for Obama, they won’t talk to her today.

Mrs. Clinton needs to demand counting the popular vote in Michigan and Florida. She needs to demand this! She then perhaps should do what liberals always do in the end and take the whole matter to court. As for the votes in Michigan and Florida, I have a question: Will the Democrat Party become the party of disenfranchisement? Will it become the party that denies millions of people the right to participate in their own electoral process? Will it become the party where some votes count more than others? Will the Democrat Party become the party of back-room deals? The Justice Department civil rights division should investigate the Democrat Party’s rules, and Mrs. Clinton should call for this. Those rules disenfranchise millions of voters, including minority voters in Michigan and Florida, and the Democrats are very concerned about the minority vote, and there’s a bunch of minorities in Florida and Michigan whose votes are not going to matter a hill of beans to the nomination process.

I also have a little aside for those of you women who are supporting Hillary Clinton in this process of back-room deals: You are about to get screwed. The Democrat Party is aiming to make as many people (this is unintentional) unhappy and miserable as they can. My friends, not since the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 have we witnessed such a large-scale effort to obstruct the vote, as we are seeing in the Democrat Party primaries. Two big states, Florida and Michigan, at this point are being denied the opportunity for their delegates to be seated at the Democrat National Convention; all because the superdelegates want to make the choice, and they are afraid that if Florida and Michigan are seated, they will go Hillary and the chaos will continue, and they don’t want the chaos. So the Democrat Party is willing to disenfranchise voters of all stripes from two large states, in order to end the chaos that is their party nomination process. As I say: not since the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 have we witnessed such a large-scale effort to obstruct the vote.

The Democrat Party is up to its old tricks, the party of slavery. The party segregation, the party of poll taxes is now the party of disenfranchisement in Michigan and in Florida. I’m serious about this, folks. You may think I’m trying to make you laugh. I am serious about this. I thought that we as a nation had put all this behind us. Where is the civil rights division of the Justice Department? Where are the House and Senate judiciary committees? Why are there no investigations? Why are there no demands for investigations? The closest we’ve come to examining the undemocratic process of the nomination of the Democrat Party nominee is an episode of Boston Legal last week, in which the Democrat Party was sued over its rules. The party won, but it was the first exposure in mass media of the entirely undemocratic process. I realize they’re a private group, a private organization. They can set their rules up, but what’s the name of the party?

Call themselves Democrats! There is nothing democratic about their nomination process, as is evidenced now, not only by the existence of their superdelegates. The party hacks, who will be making this decision behind closed doors, smoke-filled rooms and so forth, then denying two states their right to be seated at the Democrat National Convention. Again, we’re not talking about small states. We’re talking about Florida and Michigan. We’re about to witness the most egregious assault on voting rights since the 1960s. Howard Dean, as the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, is responsible for this. Howard Dean is in charge of the process. He is the George Wallace of our time. Howard Dean is standing in the way of counting the votes from Florida and Michigan. Senator Kerry, on the conference call (I played the sound bite mere moments ago) is accusing me of tampering with the primary system. It is Senator Kerry who is part of the cabal that seeks to disenfranchise voters in Florida and Michigan, including minorities! Kerry and Dean, are part of the ongoing George Wallace wing of the Democrat Party.

How about all the Hispanics voting in Florida? The one thing I can’t remember hearing about throughout this campaign is the Hispanic vote. We hear about the black vote. We hear about the rich vote. We hear about the blue-collar vote. We hear about the white vote. Where’s the Hispanic vote? Do you realize how many Hispanic Democrats in Florida there are? They are being disenfranchised. The Democrat Party ran a stealth amnesty immigration bill to get as many of those people legalized and vote rending as possible, and now they’re willing to disenfranchise these people, all to save themselves a little trouble? John Kerry is supporting that. Ladies and gentlemen, if anyone is ‘tampering’ with the primaries — not just a primary — if anyone is tampering with our sacred electoral system, it’s the Democrat Party: Howard Dean, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, all of these people who want to deny Florida and Michigan; at this crucial time, when this primary is still wide open. Ted Kennedy went to the 1980 primaries and convention. He went to the convention down something like 700 delegates. Mrs. Clinton is not down that far. Who is tampering with the primary process? The Democrat National Committee is doing just that.


RUSH: Remember, back in Ohio, there were threats of indictment and prosecution against me. They want to investigate me. They want to investigate you. The Democrat Party is refusing to count the votes of citizens who exercise their franchise so that they can fix the outcome of this race for Barack Obama by not seating Florida and Michigan, the biggest act of disenfranchisement since before the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Audio sound bite number two, this is Joe Andrew this morning on CNN’s American Morning talking about Operation Chaos.

ANDREW: What happened is that you saw a commanding win by Barack Obama in the tenth largest state in the country and a whisker-thin win by Hillary Clinton only because 7% of the voters were Republicans who came out, encouraged by Rush Limbaugh, to vote for Hillary Clinton because Rush Limbaugh believes that Hillary Clinton is the weaker candidate, plus Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans want this process to continue to go on.

RUSH: That’s the real reason, Joe. We didn’t pick a candidate here. The purpose of Operation Chaos is not to pick a candidate. For all of you Democrats who are lying to yourselves, for all of you who are misreading exit poll data and actual voting data from recent electoral states, when you believe these New York Times polls, these push polls that show you that there is no problem with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, that Obama has overcome it, that people do not care about it… ah, ah, ah, I’m warning you right now and all of you superdelegates, to people who make this country work, it matters.

(playing of Obama spoof song)


RUSH: All right, let’s follow the Joe Andrew argument. Obama would win Indiana if Republicans wouldn’t exercise their franchise and vote in the Democrat primary. Obama would win if we don’t count Democrat votes in Michigan and Florida. Obama would win if the superdelegates would just throw their votes to him. Do I have that about right? Is that the way they’re looking at this now in the Democrat primary? Fine. Sounds like Obama and his operatives and the DNC are trying to fix the outcome of the race. There’s disenfranchisement going on all over the place right now — Michigan, Florida — not to mention the intimidation of Republicans who want to vote as they are legally free to do. It is total chaos in the Democrat Party!

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