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RUSH: If you’re just joining us, I as Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos earlier in today’s program released the Democrat Party superdelegates to go ahead and vote for Obama, go ahead and do it. If you want to vote for somebody that’s going to lose bigger than George McGovern, which is why McGovern has endorsed him; McGovern wants to see somebody lose in his lifetime worse than he did — you know full well that Obama cannot put together a coalition that’s victorious in November. You know it, but you’re afraid to pull the nomination from him because of your fear the blacks will get mad at you and not vote for you in November. That won’t happen, either. You’ve treated them far worse than you would be by pulling delegates from Obama or the nomination from him, and they still stick with you. But if you want to do that, go ahead, if that’s your desire. I also, ladies and gentlemen, they’re now saying that we tampered with their process yesterday in Indiana. John Kerry in a conference call today with reporters, David Axelrod from the Obama campaign, said that we tampered with the primary process.

Chris Matthews, MSNBC, said we should be ashamed. There’s no tampering. You can vote for whoever you want, for whatever reason. The tampering is in the Democrat Party. Howard Dean is the George Wallace of our time. He is denying the vote. He is disenfranchising powerful constituencies, Democrat constituencies, minority constituencies in Florida and Michigan; denying them the right to participate in the selection process. The fix is in for Barack Obama. There’s no question about it. Over the years, ladies and gentlemen, I have stated that Mrs. Clinton is not the political wizard that everybody has thought she was. I’ve been very clear about this. Her image was smartest woman in the world and so forth. She’s botched everything she tried politically and policy-wise in the Clinton administration. She was the lead counsel, lead advice giver in dealing with the Paula Jones case. She does not have a resume here that reeks of deep accomplishment and achievement. For example, look at the gift that she was given by Operation Chaos. Operation Chaos revived her campaign. Operation Chaos kept her in it. Operation Chaos secured her victory after victory after victory.

I don’t mean this in a personal sense, but she never once said thanks. I don’t care about that. In a policy sense, it was a dumb play. Mrs. Clinton should have acknowledged it. She could have just said, gone on television, ‘I want to thank the Republicans.’ She wouldn’t even have had to mention me, and she wouldn’t have had to mention Operation Chaos. All she would have had to say is, ‘I want to thank the Republicans who are crossing over and voting for me. I realize some of you may not have any intention of voting for me in November, but I’m going to spend the remaining days of this campaign trying to prove to you why I am your best choice, why I would be better for you and this country than John McCain.’ If she would have done that, she would have increased her support, and she might have dented the edge in North Carolina a little bit. That would have been the smart play. I also advised the Obama campaign, if you want to end this, acknowledge it, say that Operation Chaos accounts for too many of her votes, therefore they’re illegitimate. They did that last night to reporters in two different e-mail blasts. Joe Andrew today on American Morning on CNN.

ANDREW: What happened is that you saw a commanding win by Barack Obama in the tenth largest state in the country and a whisker-thin win by Hillary Clinton only because 7% of the voters were Republicans who came out, encouraged by Rush Limbaugh, to vote for Hillary Clinton because Rush Limbaugh believes that Hillary Clinton is the weaker candidate, plus Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans want this process to continue to go on.

RUSH: Once again, for the last time, I’m going to say this again. The purpose of Operation Chaos, when it was created and founded, was not to select one of these two candidates. At any rate, let me follow the Joe Andrew argument here on the theme of the day, which is Democrat Party disenfranchisement. What they’re doing with their primary process is the greatest travesty in the Voting Rights Act since 1965. So if I follow the Joe Andrew argument correctly, Obama would win in Indiana if Republicans hadn’t exercised their franchise, their vote in the Democrat primary. If Republicans stayed away, then Obama would have won. By the same token, Obama would win if they don’t count Democrat votes in Michigan and Florida. So look at how Obama wins: when votes don’t count. That’s how I hear Joe Andrew and Axelrod and the haughty John Kerry who served in Vietnam. The only way Obama wins is if certain votes don’t count. Obama would win if the superdelegates would just throw their votes to him. Do I have this about right? Yes, I do.

So it sounds like Obama and his operatives and the Democrat National Committee are trying to fix the outcome of this race. There is disenfranchisement going on all over the place now, not to mention the intimidation of Republicans who want to vote as they are legally free to do. Now, what I want to do here is invite all of you disenfranchised Democrats in Michigan and Florida whose votes don’t count and whose party treats you as if we’re living pre-1965 Voting Rights Act, you are welcome in my party. You Democrats who are being disenfranchised by your own party, what they are telling you in Michigan and Florida is that Barack Obama can’t win if you vote. They are saying that Obama can’t win if Republicans cross over and vote in primaries for Mrs. Clinton. The only way Obama wins is if all the votes are not counted. That’s what I hear. If you feel disenfranchised, and you are, if you feel like you’ve been transported back to 1964, prior to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, you are welcome to become Republicans where your votes will be counted. In fact, you can become a Republican and vote in Democrat primaries wherever the law permits.

I believe, ladies and gentlemen, in expanding voting opportunities, not denying them. The Democrat Party today is denying the votes of primarily minority voters in Florida and in Michigan so that they have no say in the Democrat Party nomination process because that might pull the nomination from Obama. Obama can only win if they don’t count lots of votes in the Democrat Party. So if you’re feeling disenfranchised, if you feel like all of a sudden George Wallace has reemerged and is running the Democrat Party in the name of Howard Dean, join us in the Republican Party. We like to expand voting opportunities. You should think about leaving the Democrat Party under the stewardship of Howard George Wallace Dean. This is why we call ’em the Democrat Party and not the Democratic Party. There’s nothing democratic about the way they have conducted their primary process. It’s a top-down enterprise run by bosses who are controlled by no one other than their own desires for power. In fact, all of you Democrats who have voted in primaries up ’til now, do you realize your votes really don’t count? It’s really going to be up to the superdelegates and you had no say-so in who they are. So if you want your vote to count, join us, the Republican Party. Remember, even registering Republican, if you have a change of heart, you can go back and vote Democrat any time you want. We just want you to vote, and after you vote, we want your vote to count, unlike the Democrat Party.

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