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RUSH: Three times in the last 12 hours, maybe 18 hours, three times in the last 18 hours, the Obama campaign has said, most recently in a conference call with reporters about 20 minutes ago, that the only reason Mrs. Clinton won Indiana was because of me and Operation Chaos. They have the numbers to back it up. The Obama campaign putting out the number that Operation Chaos was responsible for 7%, she got a seven-point bump as a result of Operation Chaos. They made that point again today in a conference call. On that conference call, the haughty John Kerry, Senator from Massachusetts who served in Vietnam, also made this point to the reporters on the Obama conference call.

KERRY: If it hadn’t been for Republicans taking Democratic ballots, he likely would have won in Indiana, too. So you have — really there’s no masquerade now. Rush Limbaugh was tampering with the primary, and the GOP has clearly declared that they want Hillary Clinton as the candidate.

RUSH: Senator Kerry and those of you in the Obama campaign, first off, Operation Chaos has nothing to do with the Republican Party. The Republican Party hasn’t the guts to do Operation Chaos. Were there no Operation Chaos, the Republican Party would not have a plan. But I am not affiliated with the Republican Party here, sir, and the rest of you in the Drive-By Media and in the Obama campaign, Operation Chaos had nothing to do and to this day has nothing to do with seeing to it that Hillary Clinton was the Democrat Party nominee. Operation Chaos began when it was a fait accompli that the nominee would be Obama. But because Senator McCain and the Republican Party refuse to enter this campaign and be critical of Obama because they’re afraid of racial charges, it was up to somebody to bloody up Obama politically, and that had to be Clinton. Who else could it be? Operation Chaos thus was born to keep Mrs. Clinton in the race, and it worked. Obama has been bloodied, the superdelegates are refusing to talk to her today. They don’t want to meet with her today, but she has an ace-in-the-hole, and that’s the superdelegates in Florida and Michigan. Those delegations, she controls the committee that will determine the outcome of Florida and Michigan. So this is not over.

Could it have been more perfect? Had Obama won in a landslide, Operation Chaos would have been mocked by those who live to mock your host. But I had courage, and I took the great political risk, the career risk, knowing full well that if Operation Chaos could have been minimized in any way, it would have been, and once again the cycle would repeat and the Drive-Bys would once again claim this program irrelevant. Had Hillary won in a blowout in Indiana, Operation Chaos would have been relegated to a token split-screen debate: ‘Was or wasn’t Operation Chaos a factor?’ But this cliff hanger, this 2% margin, this 20,000 vote difference, there can be no doubt that the difference was indeed Operation Chaos. I’m watching last night the returns, and I receive an e-mail blast, the first of two that went out last night from the Obama campaign: Bill Burton blaming me and Operation Chaos. The first one around 7:50, I think, the next one came around 10:50, and that blast at 10:50 from the Obama campaign to all the political reporters covering this campaign, said, ‘Limbaugh has to be responsible for this.’ It was Republicans, and the exit polls show that 65% of conservative Republicans voted Hillary, 53% of Republicans voted Hillary. There can be no question here, despite the Drive-Bys’ attempt to downplay it, and there are some who are doing that. But that second blast went out about 10:50, and it established that as far as the Obama campaign is concerned, Operation Chaos was worth a seven-point bump to Mrs. Clinton.

I was not surprised when this happened last night. Two days after the Pennsylvania primary, Mr. Snerdley will back me up on this. In fact, let’s go to the audio sound bites. Let’s grab audio sound bite number one, April 23rd, this is the day after the Pennsylvania primary. This is me on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: What Obama has to do is go out and say this win is artificial and this win is phony because of Operation Chaos. He needs to go out there and say, ‘Why in the world is everybody taking this seriously? Rush Limbaugh had listeners register as Democrats for one day to go vote for Hillary to prolong this, and we’re letting Limbaugh get away with making our party look like it’s in a total sewer and a mess. This victory in Pennsylvania is illegitimate, Mrs. Clinton’s is, it’s undeserved because Democrats did not vote for her. Republicans did, at the urging of Rush Limbaugh in his Operation Chaos.’

RUSH: And they took my advice. They finally got around to taking my advice yesterday afternoon. This has been one of the courageous things about Operation Chaos, as you people know. We have told the enemy exactly what we’re going to do, when we’re going to do it, we’ve given them plenty of advance warning and we’ve even told them how to destroy Operation Chaos and defeat it. Last night the Obama campaign attempted. Operation Chaos will not be destroyed, battle plans for the future are right around the corner here. Don’t go anywhere. I have to tell you, we have made international news as well. The largest newspaper in Germany, Die Welt, has the funniest story on this. I saw it last night, a subscriber at Rush 24/7 who lives in Germany I think sent me the link, and it’s in German. But all throughout it you could see my name, the words Operation Chaos. It’s just funny to read. We have the original version at RushLimbaugh.com right now. We have the translation, and it is hilarious. It is absolutely hilarious. I am the creator and the commanding general of Operation Chaos in the largest newspaper in Germany.

In The Age newspaper in Australia, a similar story. Drive-Bys last night were doing everything they could to deny the effectiveness of the Operation Chaos. It just was burning them. The funniest thing, I love this country, folks, I love this country. All of Indiana’s returns are in, 95% of them, except Lake County. Lake County is where Gary, Indiana is, and Gary, Indiana is really Chicago. It borders Illinois. It’s right there on the lake. I think I heard last night the population is 86% black. All the Drive-By networks are trying to figure out what’s holding up Lake County. I had some friends over watching last night, and I said, ‘They’re just waiting to see how many votes they need for Obama, that’s all this is.’ This is Chicago politics. This is the machine in Chicago getting in there. And then Bob Beckel was on Fox about a half hour later and said the same thing, and people started e-mailing me that Bob Beckel is supporting vote fraud. No, he wasn’t, he’s laughing about it. This is Democrat Party politics. You wait to see what you need in certain counties, precincts, or whatever and then you deliver.

The mayor of Gary, Indiana, blew it. If he would have just shut up and done the deed, then maybe Obama could have pulled it out in Indiana last night, but he made the mistake of starting to do interviews, and he was quoted in the Washington Post and Drudge put it up there that the world was going to be shocked with what was going to come out of Gary, Indiana. Even Wolf Blitzer got this guy on the phone, the mayor of Gary, Indiana, and was furious with him for not releasing the results, and the mayor was saying, (paraphrasing) ‘Hey, it’s a slow count. We got everybody counting in there. We got Republicans, Democrats. We just sent out for pizza, we’re going to get these results as soon as we can.’ They were unable to put Obama over the top, thereby securing an Operation Chaos victory. But I just love it. If the mayor could have just avoided the ego rush of getting on television and being in the media and just shut up and just done the deed, then they might have been able to swing it so that Obama had enough votes coming out of Gary and some neighboring towns in Lake County to pull this off.

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