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RUSH: Here they were, folks, the Drive-By Media. They were all happy last night. Obama finally, finally won something of significance last night, first time since February 22nd, finally won something big, the North Carolina primary, and he won it in a landslide, possibly ending their coverage that there was a Democrat Uncivil War. The Drive-Bys have wanted to get rid of this story line; they have wanted to get rid of this action line; they want Hillary out of this; they don’t want to deal with Jeremiah Wright; they want it behind them. They want to move on and do another action line, another story, and that is Obama’s going to sweep to victory in November and save America. And you, the soldiers of Operation Chaos, delivered Hillary Clinton a victory in Indiana to make this thing go on even more, with even more chaos than they could imagine. You took away the celebration of the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media. Mission accomplished. Well done. Stand by. Future orders to come.

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