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“A sincere thanks to all of you operatives for one hell of a job. I know how hard this has been for those of you to go out there and vote for a Clinton.”

“I think the central characteristic here of these massive humanitarian disasters is that when people are denied freedom, the results can be deadly.”

“Everything liberals try to fix gets worse. The most recent example: We are now producing food for fuel, and we have food riots around the world. We have starvation around the world.”

“We are sitting around and letting ever enlarging governments — state, federal, local — take away our freedom.”

“Last night I was watching television. I was zipping around. I very rarely do this. I have better things to do at night than watch cable TV.”

“Mike Barnicle called me ‘a great entertainer,’ ‘a great American entertainer,’ but they were doing that in a way to deflect any relevance of Operation Chaos.”

“Who doesn’t ‘tamper’ with elections, if you want to get right down to it? Everybody tampers with elections because they’re trying to influence the outcome. But I’m not a tamperer. I’m an untamperer. I’m trying to level the playing field here somewhat. The Democrat Party effectively chose our Republican Party nominee.”

“You don’t know how fortunate you are not watching cable TV. You’d have such a pessimistic view of your own country if you watched cable television. It’s a good thing that you don’t.”

“Our most expensive commodity in this country is ignorance, not uncivil discourse.”

“Do you realize, even before gasoline prices went up as high as they are and the food prices started jumping, there were still 850 million people in this world — according to National Review, 850 million people in the world — who were below the poverty standard and couldn’t get enough food every day?”

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