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RUSH: Dave in North Brunswick, New Jersey, thank you for calling, sir, and waiting. You’re next.

CALLER: Hi. It’s a real pleasure to speak with you. Regarding the two Democrats, first of all, of the two, which one would you prefer, and also regarding McCain, as you’ve been saying, I mean I’m losing faith in him. I didn’t like him to begin with, and he’s only getting worse. So how can a Republican really support him? I realize the Democrats aren’t very good, but again if you had to choose between Hillary and Obama, who would you pick?

RUSH: Well, at this stage — I mean, this is going to change, as Operation Chaos plays out and as their fight continues, and as the Clintons continue to be the Clintons, and Obama, we’ll see how he deals with this. There are many factors that go into who we would like. If I had to pick somebody today to run against, it would be Obama. I think if the election were today, and there’s so much ammo. But now six months from now, three months, that stuff may be old news. I mean, people are going to try to keep it alive, but it may be old news. I’ve always thought that Hillary would be easier to beat because half the country already hates her. Half the country does not hate Obama. Her negatives are higher than her positives, and for that reason she’s beatable. But then you bring in the X factor, and that’s our candidate. We’re not running against the Clintons; he is. Or we’re not running against Obama; he is. And if you look at the polls that are out now based on all this, he’s cleaning up. McCain’s beating both of these guys. He had a great February, and he’s having a great March, at least in the polls. He’s out there, he’s trying to brand himself. Some of us don’t agree with how, but he is. They’re locked in Operation Chaos and this bloodying of each other that’s going on, and he’s benefiting from that.

These two look like they’re incompetent, inconsequential, incapable, inexperienced. The only difference — she lies. Let’s just put it that way. McCain does benefit from an image and great character, image of honor and duty and service. But see, as we get closer the Drive-Bys are going to start their all-out assault on McCain, too. So at this point, the purpose of Operation Chaos is not to choose a specific nominee, and it wasn’t from the get-go to pick a specific nominee. The purpose of Operation Chaos is what you see. It was to keep the race going so that there would be hatred, animosity, and political bloodletting between Hillary and Barack Obama and their forces. Then of course as I explained at the top of this hour, phase two, phase three, and phase four of Operation Chaos. I’m glad you called, Dave, thanks much.

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