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RUSH: I just got an e-mail right before the program started, said, ‘Rush, you’re the lead at timemagazine.com. This is madness.’ So I went there, and it’s Mark Halperin’s blog, and there is a picture of me in a blue background with all kinds of stars surrounding my beautiful face and head, and the headline above this graphic is ‘CHAOS?!’ with an exclamation point and a question mark. It references this story that I am holding here in my formally nicotine-stained fingers, the Indianapolis Star today on its website, and it’s updating turnout and other aspects of the primary vote in Indiana today, and the headline at their 10:51 a.m. report was: ”Hardcore’ Republicans voting Democrat.’ The TIME Magazine blog says, ‘Listen to Limbaugh crow about this at noon Eastern.’ I think they have a link to my website.

‘The two precincts at Broad Ripple Family Center selected Republican Jon Elrod over Democrat Andre Carson in March’s special election for US Congress. But by 9 a.m., just 21 voters in one of those precincts had requested Republican ballots — out of 168 cast. Amid heavy turnout, Republicans appeared to be crossing over in droves today in Marion County and suburban counties, where fewer Republican voters might impact down-ticket primary races. At the Broad Ripple center, nearly 400 voters — of 1,800 registered in the two precincts — had turned out in the first few hours of voting.’ Republicans crossing over to vote in the Democrat primary. Operation Chaos.

I have also been receiving field reports via e-mail today, both at my website e-mail address and the ElRushbo@eibnet.com address, from people, commandos, operatives reporting that they have followed orders and fulfilled their duty. Nobody’s been challenged. In fact, the Indiana voters all say that they have not been challenged, and they were hoping to be. They had themselves steeled and ready for it, many of them have shown up in tie-dyes, flip-flops, holding their heads up, looking down at their noses like they’re liberals, effete snobs, showing up in battered pickup trucks and this sort of thing. And nobody’s challenged them. In fact, some of the people show up and they ask for a Democrat ballot, and the poll worker says, ‘Why, what are you going to — ‘ ‘Operation Chaos,’ and they just laugh. ‘Oh, is that what’s going on here?’ one poll worker said.

Here’s another one from New Albany, Indiana, which is Louisville north. ‘I received a call from one of Obama’s operatives. She asked me if I was going to vote for Obama in the primary. I said, ‘No.’ She asked me who I was voting for. I said, ‘Operation Chaos.’ The Obama worker laughed and then said, ‘Okay,’ with a positive tone to her voice and thanked me for my time.’ ‘Rush, at 8:15 a.m. this morning I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Indiana primary. It was tough. I showered twice. I threw up a little bit in my mouth, but I did it. It was an honor to follow your orders. Matthew Sullivan, Shoals, Indiana.’ ‘Greetings from small-town Indiana. Well, I got up late this morning, put on my old tie-dye, rode my bicycle to the polling place. The lady asked me, ‘Republican or Democrat?’ almost swallowing my tongue, I mumbled, ‘Democrat.’ I cast my vote for Hillary. The day gets worse. The beer store is closed on Election Day. I can’t even get the taste out of my mouth, but I’m a loyal soldier. Chris Long.’

‘Hey, Rush, my bride and I went in this morning at nine o’clock to vote.’ This is a North Carolina Operation Chaos update. ‘We changed to unaffiliated in North Carolina last month, did our part for Operation Chaos. After we submitted our pen-marked ballot — no machines in Garner, North Carolina — I took my official Operation Chaos hat out of my front pocket and I put it on. I then took the ‘I voted’ sticker that they hand out after the ballot submitted and I pressed it above the word ‘Operation’ on my hat. The looks I got as we left were priceless. Most were smiles. Some men laughed. Two women just frowned. By the way, I also had my Camp Gitmo T-shirt on under an unbuttoned cover shirt. Double whammy time. The election workers were commenting on the high turnout for our area, but I don’t know if that’s the case statewide. Big Al in Garner, North Carolina.’ Get this, Koko, our website operator, webmaster, had to go to the hospital early this morning to visit someone and he’s in the elevator and there’s two guys in the elevator talking, ‘Have you heard what Rush Limbaugh is doing with Operation Chaos?’ The other guy started laughing big time, ‘Yeah, this is the most fun we’ve had in a long time.’ The women in the elevator just sneered at the mention of my name. So Operation Chaos is apparently alive in Indiana, reports in North Carolina are not as informative, but I’m sure operatives from our outposts will be reporting in during the day.


RUSH: Operation results in North Carolina in McDowell and Mecklenburg counties. Mecklenburg County is Charlotte, North Carolina. There’s record low Republican turnout in McDowell and Mecklenburg Counties. This does not mean that Republicans are staying home. This means that Republican registration is low, people aren’t showing up to vote Republican in Mecklenburg and McDowell counties; they are crossing over and voting Democrat in these counties. This is the Raleigh News & Observer. Headline: ‘Some Republicans Seek Democratic Ballots — The Democratic presidential primary is such a big attraction that even some Republicans asked for Democratic ballots today. They were out of luck, however. State law does not allow crossover voting. People who are registered with a party may vote only in that party’s primary, said Gary Bartlett, executive director of the state Board of Elections. Only unaffiliated voters — who have not registered as members of either party — are allowed to choose whether to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary.’

This story does not accommodate and account for the number of people who reregistered Democrat before the deadline to be able to vote as Operation Chaos operatives. ‘Earlier this year, conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh urged Republicans in states that allow crossover voting to cast ballots for Sen. Hillary Clinton. Limbaugh said he wanted to keep the Democrats fighting among themselves. But Bartlett said the GOP requests to vote Democratic in North Carolina were not so nefarious. ‘They see an active presidential election, and they want to be a part of it,’ he said.’ Nefarious? ‘At Raleigh’s Falls River precinct, voter Diane Earp said she was frustrated to learn that the state does not allow crossover voting in the primary.’ Well, Operation Chaos voters were advised well in advance to change their registration prior to the deadline so that they could vote. And, apparently, since there is record-low Republican turnout in McDowell and Mecklenburg Counties in North Carolina, a number of Operation Chaos commandos and operatives followed orders and are showing up and voting in droves — at least in those two counties; we haven’t heard about any others yet — in the Democrat primary.


RUSH: Janet, Coatesville, Indiana. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Hello, Janet?

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Mega dittos. This is a longtime Rush listener here.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I wanted to let you know an Operation Chaos commando reporting in that it’s going well in Indiana.

RUSH: I am hearing from all over the state. Even the Drive-By Media is noting how heavy the Republican turnout is in Indiana today.

CALLER: Well, I voted. We’re about 40 miles west of Indianapolis in Hendricks County, which is total Republican. They were passing out little cards — green ones for Democrats, blue for Republicans — so that they could set the machines up for how you wanted to vote. And the whole time I was there, about 14 people ahead of me, I only saw one blue card.

RUSH: Well, we’re hearing anecdotal stories like this from numerous commandos such as you. And, by the way, I’m also hearing nobody’s been challenged, I mean that I’ve heard from. Nobody is being challenged. The rumors of intimidation tactics by voter registration people, or poll place people, has not seemed to materialize in many places, and a lot of operatives that have reported in today actually say they’re disappointed, that they were steeled to be challenged. They were ready for it, and it didn’t happen.


RUSH: Here is Joshua, Elkhart, Indiana. Joshua, nice to have you on the EIB, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’ve been listening to you since I was 12 years old, and 18 years later I’m an operative.

RUSH: I appreciate that. It shows you what you can do in this country if you stick to it.

CALLER: Well, I first want to make a comment to all those doubters out there that are so afraid of Hillary. Our enemy is socialism and liberals, it’s not just Hillary. It’s not just any single issue. It’s about a decision-making process. It’s family versus village; it’s individualism versus statism; it’s Americanism versus world centralism. And to put it all into one person in Hillary that I know we all hate, but that doesn’t help us.

RUSH: No, because policy-wise there’s not a smidgen bit of difference between Hillary and Obama.

CALLER: Right. And I was in the camp of just letting the Dems screw things up, but Obama, you know, is a sincere socialist ideologue, and losing is worse than winning, so I had to do something so I rolled out of bed this morning, put on some holey jeans, put on an old rugby shirt, and went out and voted for Hillary at 6:15 a.m. and there wasn’t anybody there yet.

RUSH: Did you get challenged?

CALLER: Not at all.

RUSH: I’m reading battle reports, field reports from the northern front, which is Indiana. Nobody yet has been challenged, and yet the Democrats were threatening this intimidation tactic. It might have been that they were just threatening in order to keep the turnout low. Also, the skeptics of Operation Chaos in the Drive-By Media are saying, ‘Come on, Limbaugh? Chaos? Can’t be. Most of these Republicans are going to vote Obama anyway in the northern states, that’s what happens.’ We shall see. Bottom line is this. You people in the Drive-Bys, I actually hope you keep lying to yourselves. If you really think that a majority of the Republicans in North Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in Indiana, are registering Democrat to vote for Obama, which is what they say is happening today by two to one, even though they don’t know it yet, if you think most of these Republicans are registering as Democrats to vote Obama and are going to vote Obama in November, you have another thing coming. These people delude themselves into thinking that everybody in the country has the same adoration, fawning love for Obama that they in the Drive-By Media do, and it’s not the case, as we have chronicled on this program.

Watch how many of these Republicans turn back and reregister Republican from Democrat before the general. Some of them have told me they’re going to stay registered as Democrats just to screw up the Democrats in pre-polling and the actual counting of votes because they’re going to vote Republican in November. I mean, look, I can understand this. I can understand there are a lot of Republicans who are dispirited and angry at their own party. I have no question about it. But the idea that the vast majority of Republicans registering Democrat to vote Obama, particularly in Indiana, are doing so because they love Obama, you guys in the Drive-Bys are lying to yourselves. You are deluding yourselves. You think that the rest of the country has this same messianic view of Obama that you do. I got a name for you. Jeremiah Wright. They don’t have that view of him anymore. He is nothing special. He’s just another run-of-the-mill, average politician. It is only in the eyes of the Drive-By Media that he’s something unique and special and has never before trod the political soil the way he has. You guys continue to lie to yourselves, continue to puff yourselves up, continue to say that you have this bond of relatability with average Americans, particularly Republicans, in flyover country, and you are going to be yet stunned again when November comes around. This also, by the way, is part of Operation Chaos.


RUSH: We have just finished a break. Time for the troops to hit back to the battlefield. If you are in Indiana or North Carolina, you have reregistered as a Democrat and have yet to vote. Remember orders from headquarters: Make sure you head out and vote. This would be an excellent time to pull it off. The poll workers would think you are a Democrat coming in at two or one o’clock in the afternoon. There have been no challenges that I have heard about in Indiana, despite threats to the contrary. So it should be smooth sailing. If you’ve registered and you just can’t pull the trigger, you just can’t gut it up, at the end of the day you can’t go out there, go into the privacy of a voting booth and vote for Hillary, gut it up, man up. Operation Chaos. We will know the results soon, ladies and gentlemen. We will be hip deep in analysis tomorrow, but as for today, there are still plenty of hours left for operatives to execute orders that have been directly issued from here, headquarters. Operation Chaos, Rush Limbaugh, Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Great to have you with us. Telephone number, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Battlefield reports. ‘Rush, I went in to vote. You would not believe the people crossing over to vote and no challenge. This polling area is big. It’s a big Republican area. I also know someone working the polls. It was stated that it is heavy crossover, like never seen before. John Brandon, Indiana, Operation Chaos commando.’ ‘Dear Rush: We have a problem in Indiana. I’m on the executive committee for the Saint Joe County Republican Party. I also do some work for the state Republican Party. The problem is that there was an edict that came down from the state Republican Party saying we cannot participate in Operation Chaos.’ Apparently, ladies and gentlemen, the Indiana Republican Party is attempting to sabotage Operation Chaos today. ‘Any Republican found voting in the Democrat primary would be disallowed as a delegate to the state Republican convention this summer. When you vote here in Indiana in a primary, the party you vote for goes on your record, so the state Republican Party will know. I’ve been working hard as a ground worker for Operation Chaos. I have already received multiple reports this morning from successful operatives. One friend told me the Republican precinct worker knew who I was and just looked at me and my wife and winked. He knew we were undercover, so he didn’t blow it for us. I guess the point here, Rush, is that there are many of us that volunteer for the Republican Party in Indiana and would like to participate in Operation Chaos, but we have been barred by the state Republican Party. Please make an appeal to the state party today on your radio program. Please don’t mention my name on air, as there may be consequences from the state. You can use a cover name of Josh from South Bend instead of my real name. I’ve tried calling in to report this problem, but I’ve been getting busy signals for the past few days.’

Well, a new wrinkle, ladies and gentlemen. The state Republican Party is attempting to sabotage Operation Chaos. ‘Rush, I just voted Democrat in the Indiana primaries. I haven’t voted Democrat since my college days. After graduating and watching my hard-earned wages go in taxes, I switched to Republican. It was traumatic and difficult to ask for that Democrat ballot today. You miss the local election, as we know, all politics is local, but it was worth the sacrifice to keep the chaos moving. Turnout looked high at 9:45 this morning.’ ‘Lieutenant Dan reporting, Commander. I unfortunately could not follow orders for Operation Chaos due to an important local primary. I did, however, bring it up when I was asked whether I would declare Republican or Democrat. I said, ‘Republican. I can’t afford to participate in Operation Chaos.’ The elderly poll worker said, ‘Is that what they’re calling this today?’ Showing he had no clue what was going on other than there were a lot of Republicans asking for Democrat ballots. The younger poll workers nodded her head in agreement and laughed. Before signing in, I had to wait until they finished counting the absentee ballot declarations for Republican or Democrat. In the overwhelmingly Republican Hamilton County precinct that I vote in, it was about 50-50 Republicans and Democrats on the absentees. That sounds like Operation Chaos. If I need to, Commander, I’ll face a court martial as I had to do what I had to do. I await further orders, sir. By the way, my wife also followed me into the battle and disobeyed orders, but if I were you, I’d let that one go. She’s mighty tough. Dan in Hamilton County, Indiana.’

‘Dear Rush: My wife and I live in Princeton, Indiana. We are conservatives, but we participated in a war on liberalism by voting for Hillary in accordance with orders you gave on your program. The hardest part of the operation was declaring that we wanted to vote Democrat. Also there was an exit poll. We made it very clear that we would vote for McCain in the general election, even though we voted for Hillary in today’s primary. We mentioned Operation Chaos.’


RUSH: Jeffrey in east Indianapolis, hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Hey, 1989, right-wing, unemployed, starving artist dittos. It’s a privilege and an honor.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Hey, the past few weeks you’ve had several callers from Indiana, and there have been several callers on Greg Garrison’s show here locally in the morning.

RUSH: A good man, by the way. A good man.

CALLER: Yes, sir. He’d be a good candidate for a substitute teacher.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: But it seems like, I don’t know, there’s something in the water here or whatever, but you’ve had several people call, and there’s some angst about participating in Operation Chaos.

RUSH: Well, it wasn’t just people in Indiana. It’s just people that can’t pull the trigger and vote Hillary. They’re afraid that this is going to be so successful that Hillary’s going to get the nomination, and then they think if she gets the nomination it’s automatic that she’ll win the White House.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: What I’m afraid of is that they’re the same people that voted for Evan Bayh and G.W. on the same ticket, you know? It’s like it’s in the water.

RUSH: Well, look, there’s no question you’ve got some moderate, spineless Republicans out there. But I don’t think that’s who we’re talking about. Those are not the Operation Chaos operatives. That’s the difference. The people you’re referencing calling here might be the moderates, who tiptoe around and don’t want to offend anybody. I also think… Look, in Indiana, we have to keep something in mind here, ladies and gentlemen. Operatives referred to this. This is a tough day. The last thing any of you ever thought you would do is vote for a Clinton and you’ve done it today, and the beer stores are closed, so you just have to wallow in it.


RUSH: Eddie in Edgewood, Maryland, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how the heck are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir, thank you.

CALLER: Well, let me tell you something, last Friday afternoon I was at an undisclosed location on the eastern shore of Maryland, we were sitting out on the back deck enjoying an adult beverage, and I saw a bespectacled man with a woman walking by, and I look at my bud, and I said, ‘Is that Don Rumsfeld?’ And a guy from the other table looked over at me and said, ‘I think it is.’

RUSH: Yeah, he has a place there.

CALLER: Yeah, so does our VP.

RUSH: Right. They’re right next door to each other, practically.

CALLER: Absolutely. So I said, ‘Well, I’m going to find out.’

RUSH: Heavily fortified, by the way, folks, no security breach here.

CALLER: Well, he had no security with him at all. And I was like, ‘I’m going to find out,’ because I’d had one or two adult beverages and it was late in the evening.

RUSH: You say he was with his wife?

CALLER: I hope so. But I walked up to him, and I said, ‘Excuse me, sir, are you Mr. Rumsfeld?’ He said, ‘Yes, I am,’ and he looked at my Operation Chaos T-shirt, and I’ve never heard the man giggle before, but he giggled. And he pointed at it, and he said, ‘Nice shirt.’ And I shook his hand and I said, ‘Nice to meet you, sir. I’m a 12-year military veteran.’ And I said, ‘I appreciate everything you’ve done for us and for the country and everything else.’ And I said, ‘Have a nice day, sir,’ and I just let them be.

RUSH: Wasn’t he a gracious man, though?

CALLER: He’s the nicest man, and I’ve never heard him giggle, but, boy, he got a kick out of it.

RUSH: He giggled when he saw your Operation Chaos T-shirt?

CALLER: I had it on, and I was flying the flag proudly.

RUSH: I know. See, there are closet operatives even in states where the theater of battle is not even taking place.

CALLER: Yeah, Maryland, we’re hopeless here, but I do what I can.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate it. That’s a great field report. Thank you so much. I’m glad you got to meet Secretary Rumsfeld because —

CALLER: It made my whole night.

RUSH: I can imagine. He really is a great public servant. He’s given so much of his life to this country to be badgered and treated the way he was is —

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: — is almost inhumane, but he’s still a great man. I’m really thrilled that you had a chance to meet him. I got to meet him a couple times and I considered it a thrill, too, and I’m honored that he chuckled at the Operation Chaos T-shirt knowingly.

CALLER: (laughing) Yeah, he didn’t say go or not go, but he just said, ‘Nice shirt.’

RUSH: Thank you. Appreciate it.

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