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RUSH: Now let’s go to these audio sound bites. This is this morning on the Ace and TJ Show. It’s a syndicated, top-40 morning show, and their flagship is out of Charlotte, North Carolina, had Clinton on today and the first question came from TJ, ‘Mr. President I gotta tell you, I think it was like hilarious yesterday, the day before yesterday when your wife said that Rush Limbaugh had a crush on her. I thought that was funny.’

CLINTON: Yeah, I think ol’ Rush might have a crush on her.

ACE AND TJ: (laughing)

CLINTON: He’s certainly obsessed with her. I guess that comes close to a crush.

TJ: Did you ever imagine, though, like with his Operation Chaos thing that he would — he would be conscientiously helping Mrs. Clinton in an election?

CLINTON: No. You know, I ran into him a few months ago. He was at a restaurant in New York, and I just decided after all the mean things he said about us over the years; after my heart surgery, I made up my mind that I didn’t have enough time left to be mad at anybody and I went over and shook his hand, sat down and visited with him.

RUSH: It gets better. He never sat down. He never sat down. I shake his hand. I offered my hand to him, and he told me… I was having trouble hearing him because it was very noisy in there and my date had to translate for me later what he had said. He was telling me how good I looked. ‘You’re looking good, Limbaugh. Looking good.’ He shook my hand and so forth, and I told him I’d meet a couple of his big donors down there in Palm Beach, and he bit the lower lip and said, ‘Yeah, they’re great folks. Nice people.’ Clinton just continued with this.

CLINTON: As a result of Hillary’s service in New York, we’ve become very close friends with a man in New York who works on cochlear implants which has made it possible for people who hear who would otherwise be almost stone deaf, and so I got to talk to Rush about it; and I was thinking, ‘You know, this is testing my resolve, because if he couldn’t hear, could he do so much damage?’ (laughing)

ACE AND TJ: (laughing)

CLINTON: We had a really nice visit. I learned when we sequenced the human genome in 2000 — which has led to all this wonderful medical research, bringing us closer to finding the answer to breast cancer, to Parkinson’s, to Alzheimer’s; and I hope someday to autism, which is the biggest unspoken health problem among young people today — that we’re all 99.9% the same genetically.

ACE: Yeah?

CLINTON: So I have to keep reminding myself every time I’m tempted to get mad at anybody, that they’re so much like me, I’d better take a deep breath and step back here.

RUSH: Now… (sigh) Look, this is the first that I have heard that he spoke to me about cochlear implants. This is the first I’ve heard him speak of cochlear implants, period. He did not sit down at our table. We we’re in a booth. I mean there was no way. There wasn’t room. It wouldn’t have been accommodating — unless everybody had slid over, which didn’t happen. Now, he might have been talking to me about my cochlear implant, but the noise in there was raucous, and I couldn’t hear. So I’m not flat-out denying this, but the person I was with did not report that. The point is, he didn’t talk to me! (laughing) That’s where this is headed. The next question. This is from Ace. ‘Well, he actually told that story as soon as it happened; said you were with mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa; and I think he was joking that you detracted him with mayor Villaraigosa while you could talk it up, chat it up with his date.’

CLINTON: Well, he ought to be ashamed of himself. She seemed like a perfectly nice woman, but I did all my time talking to him.

HOSTS: (laughing)

ACE: No, he spoke fondly. He said it was a very nice meeting with you there.

RUSH: Folks, I’ll tell you… Thanks to Ace and TJ. ‘She was a perfectly nice lady, but I did all my talking to Rush’? I ought to be ashamed? I ought to be ashamed of myself making up a story like that? (interruption) Yeah, he’s a married man. How could he possibly hit on my date? Right, of course, nobody would believe this. So far out of the bounds of presidential propriety, nobody would believe that the president would do something like this so Limbaugh has to be making this up. ‘He ought to be ashamed of himself.’ I spent more time talking to the mayor of Los Angeles. Clinton came in. I didn’t see him ’cause couldn’t hear so I had to sit close to my date. I’m focused looking at her, trying to hear what she’s saying. I look up, and there’s Clinton standing there, shakes my hand, is there for maybe 30 seconds, and goes to his table; comes back and has the mayor of Los Angeles with him — and the mayor is going on and on and on about how excited he is to meet me, and I don’t know who he is because I can’t hear him introduce himself. He gives me his card. I said, ‘Whoa, this is the mayor of Los Angeles.’ So I did slide to the right, out of the booth, stood up, shook his hand — and a minute later I looked over and Clinton’s face is three inches from my date’s. He’s got his elbows on top of the booth. You know, I… (laughter) It’s Twilight Zone time.


RUSH: Still can’t get over Clinton here saying I ought to be ashamed of myself. What he probably meant to say was, (doing Clinton impression) ‘He ought to be ashamed of himself for outing me to the country like that, hitting on his date.’ Anyway, the evening didn’t end then. He came back a third time, this time with Ron Burkle as they were on their way out. So I stood up and talked to him again, and again Clinton is talking to my date while I’m talking to the mayor of Los Angeles and Burkle. Then they leave. Now, this is the interesting point. Forty-five minutes later, we leave. He’s still out there. He’s on the streets chatting it up with people, and as soon as I open the front door of the Kobe Club, the flashbulbs start going nuts. Somebody had called the media, the paparazzi, so Clinton is standing about 15 feet up the sidewalk, and I said, ‘Boy, all these cameras here, if I don’t go up and say good-bye, blah, blah, blah, blah, there’s going to be hell to pay.’ So I walked up there, he acted like he didn’t know who I am, had no idea who I was because that’s where the cameras were. Anyway, it was a fun night.

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