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Rush’s Morning Update: Royalty
May 6, 2008

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Do you ever wonderwhy members ofCongress — Democrats in Congress — continue to fight surefire ways to lower gasoline prices,like drilling for oil in ANWR? A little-noticed investigative news story by CBS TV in New York may open your eyes.

It turns out the Democrat-led House of Representatives doesn’t feel the pain of gasoline prices. That’s becausewe– the taxpayers– are paying fortheir gasoline. Wealso foot the bill for their vehicle registration and their insurance. Andwe pay for their luxury cars leaseswith no spending limits.

I’ll give you an example. Welease a brand new Cadillac for Charlie Rangel. While Charlie criticizesus for not paying enough taxes, andwhile he’sworking hard to pass massive tax increases through Congress,his Cadillac DeVille costsus about$800a month. Democrat buddiesJohn Conyers and Gregory Meeks of Queenstool around in Meeks’ Lexus LS460; that costs us $1,000a month.

Well,CBS caught up withRangel. They asked him (paraphrase): “Why don’t youlease a cheaper car on the taxpayer dime?”He said: “I could probably find something…one of those red cars, and then I think my constituents would say, ‘With all the money that he gets, this is the respect he shows us?'” Besides,Rangel says, “I use my car to conduct Congressional business.” (laughing) We can only imagine.

Folks, there’s no incentive for Democrats to ever spend less of your money;they’re immune from the everyday struggles thatordinary voters face. These guys are royalty– a class unto themselves — and claim to speak for all of us when theyhaven’t a clue.

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