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RUSH: The Drive-Bys have already circled the wagons around Obama. They think he’s weathered this Wright stuff, now they’re back in love with him, it’s a full-fledged orgy. It’s Obama everywhere, puff piece after puff piece after puff piece, and if he happens to win these two primaries tomorrow, doesn’t matter if the margin is close, it’s going to get even worse. I just want to warn you. To show you how bad it is out there for the Drive-Bys and Mrs. Clinton and to show you how things have changed, Sunday morning on CNN’s Reliable Sources the host, Howard Kurtz, spoke with the editrix of Salon.com, Joan Walsh, about Reverend Wright. Howard Kurtz says, ‘Do you think one of the reasons that Wright’s become such a huge issue for the media is that we’re now in a period where journalists are being far more critical of Obama because he’s in political trouble?’

WALSH: I was struck when I got to Iowa and New Hampshire in January by how our media colleagues were just swooning over Barack Obama, that is not too strong a word, they were swooning, and reporters, white reporters, black reporters, reporters of every race, we want to get beyond racism in America. So he was inspiring, I understood it, they’re human, they responded.

KURTZ: Well —

WALSH: The downside, though, is that they hate, hate Hillary Clinton, most of them. Hate is not too strong a word. And so there was such a double standard over —

KURTZ: Well, most of them —

WALSH: — anything she did.

KURTZ: Most of them that may be unfair, and I agree with you that a lot of journalists just saw Obama as a vehicle to a postracial society.

RUSH: Yeah, well, how phony was that? Obama never has been about postracial. That’s the purpose of Operation Chaos. Obama was riding this wave of untouchableness, and he was said to be not even a racial candidate, and then civil war erupted in this party, everything about this party is racist, from the Clintons playing the race card to everything else. I don’t doubt the Drive-Bys loved Obama but it’s not because of anything pro-racial. They just want to see black people do well. I’m telling you, because of guilt, these are civil rights activist liberals, and it’s going to make them feel better if Obama does well, but the real interesting thing here is Joan Walsh talking about the abject hatred for Hillary. Now, when did that happen, folks? I mean, you think back to the nineties, and you think back to Mrs. Clinton’s time in the Senate, and you think back to when she was expected to be coronated, and I first suspected something was awry when they started the puff pieces on Obama around a year ago. The puff pieces on Obama were just building him up with no substance whatsoever. Why is the media doing this?

Remember, we all talked about it, and our theory was that the Drive-Bys just needed some excitement, and the theory back then was that actually Obama is just a challenger to allow Hillary to show she can overcome opposition, that she can overcome adversity because there was this clear past to the nomination for her. A year ago, do you understand, I mean this was slam dunk, it was going to be a coronation, and out of the blue comes Obama and we’re cynical about it and we’re saying, ‘Nah, this is just so Hillary can show she can do well in a fight and overcome these obstacles and so forth.’ It appears that we were wrong in that analysis. It appears that there has been a lot of pent-up energy of dislike and resentment, and I think a lot of it is that the Drive-Bys, maybe not a vast majority, but a clear majority of the Drive-Bys simply got tired of pimping for these people, and covering for them throughout the Lewinsky stuff and the Paula Jones stuff and the Gennifer Flowers stuff, and here comes this clean and pure as the wind-driven snow new guy that can make ’em get rid of their guilt over America’s sin of slavery and so forth, but now Joan Walsh: ‘They all hate her.’ What does that say?

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