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Rush’s Morning Update: Resolution
May 5, 2008

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Last week, the Colorado Legislature passed a resolution that compares the treatment of American Indians to the Nazi treatment of Jews in World War II, as well as toother acts of genocide around the world.

Colorado lawmakers declared that Europeans intentionally caused American Indian deaths, and that early American settlers often treated Indians with “cruelty and inhumanity.” The resolution condemns the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation, and blames Europeans for Indian deaths due to disease “intensified by forced migrations, food deprivation, and enslavement.”

Senator Suzanne Williams– Democrat and Comanche Indian– sponsored the measure. She said: “This resolution is a recognition that up to 120 million indigenous people have died as a result of European migration to what is now the United States of America.” Denver Democrat Paula Sandoval says the resolution is not meant to blame all Europeans. Right;I guess Paula’s smoking the peace pipe now, apparently.

Of course, folks, before theEuropeans got here, American Indians lived in harmony, “at one” with nature. They didn’t need universal health care; they never got sick, there was no disease. They were prosperous: two horses in every tee-pee. Wampum wasn’t inflated; there was no global warming,no litter. Indian images weren’t used as sports’ team mascots, and the tomahawk chop was reserved for cases of adultery. The casino business was booming, and nobody sued Big Tobacco. Life was just grand –until the eeeevil Europeans invaded.

But don’t worry, my fellow Native Americans. Be patient. America’s chickens…are gonna come home to roost –someday. Jeremiah Wright told us so. Who can doubt him?

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