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RUSH: All over the Drive-By Media we’ve seen that the superdelegates seem to now be congealing — I love that word, rather than coalescing — congealing around Barack Obama while the polls indicate that the actual Democrat voters seem to be moving more in the direction of Mrs. Clinton here. It’s apparent that the superdelegates are ignoring the advice that I have given them, well-intentioned and good-hearted advice. It’s obvious the superdelegates want to be rid of the Clintons. It seems to me, folks, that as many of you out there who want to be rid of the Clintons, you should take solace in the fact that apparently so does the Democrat Party. Paul Kirk, a former Democrat National Committee chairman, joined Joe Andrew today in leaving the Hillary camp. I don’t know if he’s in the Hillary camp, but he’s endorsed Obama, and a number of others are lining up to do this as well.

In the meantime, Operation Chaos continues to be a front-and-center discussion item on the Drive-By cable networks, and in the Denver Post today, a column by Ross Kaminsky: ‘Suggestion to Rush Limbaugh: Enough Operation Chaos.’ Basically what Mr. Kaminsky is saying here, ‘Hey, Rush, it worked, now call it off because Hillary is tougher to beat than Obama.’ Once again, dissension in the ranks. People are succumbing to fear while the commander-in-chief marches forward in total confidence, knowing full well what we’re doing here. ‘If Rush Limbaugh were to ask my opinion about his ‘Operation Chaos’, here’s what I’d say: ‘It was certainly clever, and it’s certainly been effective. Now it’s time to know when to stop.’ … If Hillary were to do exceptionally well in the remaining primaries, she still won’t catch Obama in pledged delegates, but she will have a very strong argument to make that she should be the party’s nominee because Obama is unelectable. Indeed, despite Obama’s apparent inevitability after Iowa, I believe (and polls suggest) that if the election were held today, he would have a more difficult time against McCain than Clinton would.’

Then we go on to PMSNBC Hardball last night, Chris Matthews obsessed with Operation Chaos. He had Susan Molinari on, former congresswoman from New York, and he thinks he’s got it figured out, by the way. I should tell you it will take three or four sound bites to go through this, but Matthews thinks he’s got this all figured out.

MATTHEWS: Rush Limbaugh has launched what he calls Operation Chaos — although I would argue that everything to do with Rush Limbaugh is Operation Chaos — encouraging his listeners to vote for Clinton in the primaries. So does the GOP, the Grand Old Party, want to run against Hillary Clinton? Why does Rush Limbaugh tell his Dittoheads, proudly self-defined, to go out and vote for Hillary in the primaries?

MOLINARI: I don’t know.

MATTHEWS: Register for Democrat —

MOLINARI: Let me tell you something.

MATTHEWS: You don’t know?

MOLINARI: Let me finish. Let me tell you something. A few months back I would have thought that the woman we would want to run against would be Senator Clinton. I don’t think that’s true now. I don’t know what Rush is thinking. I think she is a much tougher opponent now.

RUSH: The continued conversation sounded like this.

MATTHEWS: Could it be that people like Rush Limbaugh, the pundits, the people like me on the right, who will benefit by a Hillary presidency because they will be like the Polish government in exile in London during World War II, and they will be so huge trashing this evil woman running the country every second of their lives.

MOLINARI: And even if it doesn’t get to that point, that’s who their listeners are, that’s who their readers are.

RUSH: Once again, here we have two Washington acolytes, Chris Matthews and Susan Molinari, and we are going to be celebrating our 20th anniversary on this program on August 1st, and they still don’t get it. So Operation Chaos remains a blistering success. They have no clue why I do what I do. They have no clue how I define the success of what I do. They have no clue what the objective is here, and they twist themselves like pretzels here trying to figure it out, and they keep recycling the same old things. ‘Well, he wants Hillary so he won’t be bored the next four years, wants something to talk about.’ Snerdley just asked me what’s happened to Susan Molinari, she used to be so levelheaded. I don’t know that anything’s happened to her. I think this got everybody bamboozled. Here’s the thing about this. You know what’s amazing about this, folks. I have been as upfront about our operation here as any commander ever has been. In fact, I have telegraphed every move that we are going to make here as part of Operation Chaos. I’ve telegraphed it to the media, telegraphed it to the Democrats, telegraphed it to essentially the political enemy, and yet they refuse to believe me or hear it or accept it for what it is. The conversation continued.

BLACKWELL: Either one, because let me tell you what Barack brings with him, I know that you want him to be able to separate from his associates but he brings Bill Ayers, he brings Reverend Wright, he brings a lot — a whole host of folks who are, quote, just tailor made nor Rush Limbaugh and the other pundits.

MATTHEWS: The way I look at it from this desk here, I mean if Dick Cheney were president, I’d be levitating.

RUSH: That was Ken Blackwell, by the way, the former secretary of state from Ohio, and Matthews’ question was, ‘Will Rush’s numbers go up if Hillary is president?’ Bottom line. So in that discussion item, Matthews was attempting to discuss the idea that this is all about ratings. Maybe if I work really hard at this, Chris, I can become number one. Maybe if I really, really, really, really keep pumping Operation Chaos, I can become number one. What a goal that would be. I need to get my ratings up? At any rate, this is just part of the fun that’s erupting here with Operation Chaos. Now, I want to go back to audio sound bites number one and two. We haven’t played these yet. Bill Clinton yesterday was in Whiteville, North Carolina. (laughing) Whiteville, North Carolina. (doing Clinton impression) ‘That’s right, Limbaugh, you know, they send me to these places. I know these good old boys down here. I’m talking to these people. You know who they are. You know who lives in Whiteville, North Carolina. These are guys that drive their cars and trucks around, escaping the federal revenue agents because they’re chasing them down trying to find where their stills are. You know how these boys down here are, they understand one thing, and that’s a dipstick. And when they need a dipstick, they have me come in there, and I’m happy to go to Whiteville, right down the road from Blackwater.’ Well, anyway, Clinton’s talking about this, and I had a number of people tell me, ‘He mentioned you! He mentioned you in Operation Chaos.’ I said, ‘No, he didn’t, I have the transcript, he didn’t mention me.’ I can’t tell you the number of people who said that he did. So I wanted to listen to this again. This is Whiteville, North Carolina, this is Wednesday, and Clinton spoke and here’s a portion of his remarks.

CLINTON: She’s going to end this thing roaring, and what are they going to say if she wins the popular vote? I’m sorry, we’re going to give it to the caucus states that are going Republican in November? No. So all these people that tell you she can’t win, they’re rushin’ trying to get all these people to declare for and send it off and cut you off or stomp your voice, don’t you believe it. You’re still in the driver’s seat.

RUSH: All right, now, did you think that he said — no. No. You guys are wrong. Here’s what he says. ‘All these people that tell you she can’t win, they’re rushin’ trying to get all these people to declare for and send it off and cut you off or stomp your voice.’ That’s the transcript, gang. I mean, he is not discussing me, and he’s not discussing Operation Chaos. It’s not a stenographer’s error. It is not. We’ve had this transcribed. Three different transcribers went through this. We even had people listening to this with headphones because I was adamant last night. I thought I was losing my mind. It’s my show, I play the sound bite and they’re all telling me Clinton talked about me, and I said, ‘No he didn’t.’ They said, ‘Yes, he did.’ Listen to it again here, sound bite one and we’ll play the line separately to sound bite two. I gotta settle this because this is the kind of thing that will make you think you’re losing your mind.

CLINTON: She’s going to end this thing roaring, and what are they going to say if she wins the popular vote? I’m sorry, we’re going to give it to the caucus states that are going Republican in November? No. So all these people that tell you she can’t win, they’re rushin’ trying to get all these people to declare for and send it off and cut you off or stomp your voice, don’t you believe it. You’re still in the driver’s seat.

RUSH: Another reason it can’t be me because he’s not talking about people voting for her there. ‘All these people that tell you she can’t win, they’re rushin’ trying to get all these people to declare for and send it off –‘ or declare for Obama and so forth. Here’s the line by itself.

CLINTON: She can’t win, they’re rushin’ trying to get all these people —

RUSH: Quick time-out, we’ll be back. Even with my hearing loss, ladies and gentlemen, don’t doubt me.


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites and Operation Chaos. Chris Matthews is still not finished. Now he has another theory as to what Operation Chaos is all about. He figured out last night it was about ratings. On Joe Scarborough’s show this morning on MSNBC/PMSNBC, he’s talking to Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, and he’s come up with a new theory to explain me and Operation Chaos.

MATTHEWS: (shouting) I think the New York Times piece today completely missed the motive behind both parties here! They completely missed the politics of the thing, which is it’s in Fox’s interests to cause chaos in the Democratic Party — and, of course, it’s in the interests of all other networks to have a good show, of course! But I also think it’s in the interest of all the pundits on radio and television, led by Rush Limbaugh, to perhaps have Hillary as president, and then they could become the Polish government in exile in London —

BRZEZINSKI: (cackling) Brilliant!

MATTHEWS: — and be reigning supreme. They’ll be the only safe harbor for conservatives. Imagine how they will run to the lifeboat of Rush Limbaugh: the great, uh, you know, the support group for vanquished conservatives if Hillary is president.

RUSH: By the way, has Fox got to do with this? Fox isn’t part of Operation Chaos, Chris. Number two, how many times do I have to explain what Operation Chaos is? I have written a book. In the book, there is a chapter, ‘My Success is Not Determined by Who Wins Elections.’ I have spoken passionately in this forum, on this program of my absolute love for this country and what I think would be best for this country; and it ain’t Hillary Clinton, and it isn’t Barack Obama! Neither one of them. I have no desire to see liberals triumph anywhere, in any way, shape, manner, or form. I have made this abundantly clear. Thus, shouldn’t it be simple to conclude that the real objective of Operation Chaos is as I have said? It provides a mechanism and a forum to weaken both of these two so that whenever November comes around, no matter what our candidate happens to be saying or doing, he’ll win; because these two will have been deemed unacceptable because they are unacceptable. Neither of them are qualified. They are liberals! I still marvel. It is as though this program requires a super-secret receiver with a password and that only select few get it, and therefore only a select few actually know what happens on this program. For him to sit here and say the New York Times piece ‘completely misses the motive behind both parties here,’ there’s nothing mysterious or hidden about what we’re doing. All you gotta do is listen, right, Brian? Now, it continued, this discussion. Scarborough and Chris Matthews have this exchange.


MATTHEWS: He will be the king of the opposition!

BRZEZINSKI: (garbled) all Rush!

MATTHEWS: Government in exile —

SCARBOROUGH: You know, the thing is, Chris, Rush Limbaugh was really one of the most important figures in 1994 when Republicans got into power.


SCARBOROUGH: You now fast forward to 2008 where there is no strong Republican leader —


SCARBOROUGH: — on Capitol Hill, that just makes somebody —


SCARBOROUGH: — like Rush Limbaugh all the more powerful.


SCARBOROUGH: Because there is no conservative voice —


SCARBOROUGH: — coming from Capitol Hill.

MATTHEWS: Joe, would you rather be a Rush Limbaugh defending a halfhearted conservative president that you had to defend half the time; would you rather be on full attack mode, ramming speed —

SCARBOROUGH: The worst —

MATTHEWS: — against Hillary Clinton, the president of the United States?

SCARBOROUGH: The worst thing —

MATTHEWS: Talk about fun.

RUSH: Well, we never found out what Scarborough was going to say there. ‘The worst thing…’ Once again, they’re saying I have no desire to defend McCain. I’d rather have somebody to attack. When you balance that against my often-expressed awe and love and respect for this country and my desire not to see its traditions and institutions — those that made it great — torn apart and rebuilt under the mantle of socialism; and yet they can still theorize that all of this is just about me personally, when it’s all about the country. It’s all about doing… He’s right about one thing. Scarborough said there’s no conservative leadership in Washington, zilch, zero. We have some conservative guys and some great people up there, but they’re not in positions of leadership nationally. It’s one of the most frustrating things for us as conservatives right now. So there are certain steps that have to be taken to make sure that conservatism remains viable, strong, confident, of good cheer, and willing to keep working and fighting for what we all believe in. It’s not complicated at all.

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