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RUSH: Paul in Middletown, Connecticut. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello. Happy May Day, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah? Happy May Day?

CALLER: Yeah. This is the first day of May, isn’t it?

RUSH: I know it’s the first day of May. We’ve got Cinco De Mayo coming up. What are we thankful for on May Day?

CALLER: Well, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for if you look.

RUSH: Well, we got a lot to be thankful for, but May Day? It wasn’t that long ago that America celebrated communism on May Day!

CALLER: I know. (laughing) But they seem to call it some holiday here. Look, the reason I called — after watching Bill O’Reilly and Hillary tap dance around last night in that first part of his interview with her — it occurred to me that it was pretty ingenious of you to get Bill O’Reilly enlisted to help you with your operation going on here, because the way he talks about oil companies these days, I get a little antsy about Bill O’Reilly. But anyway, I think that what you’re doing with the operation is really great. I’m too old to be a volunteer and get the thing running, but I’m gonna stand by here on the sidelines cheering you on.

RUSH: I appreciate that, Paul. It’s not that you’re too old, either. It’s that the Connecticut primary has come and gone —

CALLER: Yeah, it’s come and gone.

RUSH: — and there’s no Operation Chaos battle plan for Connecticut at this point in time. Mrs. Clinton’s appearance. Did you see it last night, Mr. Snerdley? Did you see it? I did not. I was not home last night. I had a couple cocktail parties. Friends of mine down here, it’s getting close to the time where they all go north for the summertime. And I, of course, stay here throughout the year to hold down the fort. So there were some parties last night as people were getting ready to leave and I went out to dinner, but I did check transcripts, and of course the lovely and gracious Cookie sat through it all. Let me play for you what I thought was the most interesting aspect of the interview last night. Those of you watched it may disagree, but it is this exchange that they had about oil prices. O’Reilly said, ‘Oil prices. You want us to suspend the federal gas tax. So does McCain. Obama doesn’t. But when I hear that, I say, ‘It’s the same old politician stuff because the Democrat Party was opposed, is opposed to ANWR drilling.’ You voted against nuclear energy seven times. And I’m saying to myself, ‘Both parties, both parties have sold the folks out on energy, when the folks are getting hammered and they should be angry at both parties.’ Where am I going wrong?’

HILLARY: Well, here’s what I think. I think there’s plenty of blame to go around. We’re not acting like Americans, Bill. We’re not in charge, and I want to put us back in charge. I also want to take on OPEC. You know, OPEC is a cartel, it’s a monopoly.

O’REILLY: You want to take them on?


O’REILLY: They don’t care what you say. They’re in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

HILLARY: Nine of the 13 biggest oil producing companies that are in OPEC are also members of the WTO. I would file complaints. I would also change the laws so that citizens and businesses could file anti-trust actions. We’re going to begin to hold them accountable.

RUSH: What the hell is she talking about? Why are any of you afraid of this ditz? Did you just hear what she said her plan of action is to bring down oil prices? Lawsuits! Against bin al-Weid Taliban Asheed Sahib Skyhook. Do you know what bin Talawad Kalabi Asid Sahib Skyhook is going to do when he sees Mrs. Clinton’s lawsuit at the World Trade Organization? He’s going to make a paper airplane out of it and send it back over here on one of his Airbus A380s. This is how they want to fight terrorism: with lawsuits! OPEC is not a monopoly. There are many oil producing companies that are not part of OPEC. This is incompetence on parade.


RUSH: I want to address the Obama campaign for just a second here. We spent a good portion of the first half hour of the program today addressing Democrat superdelegates worried about a racial backlash against the Democrat Party if they deny Obama the Democrat Party nomination. But I sat and I’ve watched this. You know, we’re part of it here. Operation Chaos has literally caused chaos throughout the Democrat Party, particularly this nomination process. And I have to say that the Obama campaign, for all the high-powered expertise that is in this campaign, you people are disappointing me. You have such a golden opportunity out there to negate the Jeremiah Wright stuff, and all I hear is silence. Now, this is not something that the candidate, Senator Obama, has to say, but what is the Jeremiah Wright and the Bill Ayers and the Tony Rezko stuff, what’s that all about? That’s all about the fact that, wow, this guy’s got horrible judgment. Look at these radicals, these lunatics, these fruitcakes that Obama hangs around, and who knows how they may have influenced him, how can we handle it?

Members of the Obama campaign, you have to know that in a contest of the most unsavory, unscrupulous, dishonest untrustworthy sleazebags — you don’t hold a candle to the Clintons. Have you heard of The Lippo Group? Have you heard of the Chinese Liberation Army? Have you heard of the ChiComs? Have you heard of all these people that paid illegal campaign contributions? Look at her brothers. Just put those pictures up there. The FALN pardons, the terrorists from Puerto Rico. I know you’re feeling bad in there in the Obama campaign about being associated with the nut job Jeremiah Wright and in and of himself he’s a pretty despicable character and presenting you great problems, but they got ten of them. The only difference on the Clinton side is they’re not in church preaching. But, for crying out loud, where are you people? Now, you don’t have to say Obama, because the Clintons are not tarring Jeremiah Wright. Hillary is very mildly saying that she does not approve and so forth, and so Obama doesn’t want to go out there and personally — but you got all kinds of people in your campaign that can raise this. You have all kinds of spokesmen that are on television shows, Obama strategist, Obama advisor. I mean, come on, this is serious stuff.

You haven’t won a primary since February 22nd. You’ve lost seven of the top ten states. You in the Obama campaign have stood idly by and let me, the commander-in-chief of Operation Chaos, help decimate your campaign. You’ve got to fire back, and you’re sitting on a gold mine, if you’re worried that you are — and look at the poll numbers out today. Jeremiah Wright has hurt you. You are now trailing by two in North Carolina in one poll. The Obama campaign has lost its national edge over McCain, and this is attributable to Jeremiah Wright. The idea here that Mrs. Clinton’s getting away with coming off as clean and pure as the wind-driven snow is ridiculous. It is absurd. This is one of the things, by the way, that is making me question the fitness and the experience of Obama. This is for all the marbles, and you’re not going to get rid of this by going on the Today Show with your wife. This is not how this is done. You are up against Cruella De Vil. You are up against Nurse Ratched. You are up against people — you know who they are — and you’re sitting there and you’re still trying to play this little game. You’re afraid to come at ’em on this basis?

There’s a story at The Politico today, headline: ‘What Obama Wishes He Could Say.’ You are going to lose with that attitude, what I wish I could say? It’s a presidential campaign. Say it! Say it. You are up against two of the most dishonest, proven-track-record failures, unscrupulous people ever to be in American politics, Bill and Hillary Clinton! And you are letting them get away with once again portraying themselves as saviors, people on a white horse. They’ve taken over your mantra of messiah. And believe me, there ain’t too many people in America that think of Mrs. Clinton as a messiah. Nevermind, they do think that. The bottom line, Obama campaign members, the bottom line is that you are sitting here on a tremendous opportunity in the waning hours, the waning moments of a campaign, and you are going to have to reverse this trend. The old campaign style of going out there and hoping people faint, all your lofty platitudes, those days are over.

Something else you need to learn about the Clintons, an assessment from my buddy Andy McCarthy at National Review Online. In the Clintons, you’re not dealing with candidates, you’re dealing with lawyers. They don’t care what happened yesterday. They are not bogged down by what happened yesterday. Yesterday never happened. They are in today and planning for tomorrow, and what happened yesterday is of no concern. So they don’t allow themselves to get bogged down by whatever mistakes they think they have made. They realize that the Drive-Bys’ attention span is two to four days, max. Were it otherwise, Hillary wouldn’t be in this race. What happened in the impeachment and Lewinsky, every lie she told about the vast right-wing conspiracy. Neither of these two, frankly, are qualified to be president. But Obama, you’re sitting on a gold mine out there that you are just failing to exploit, and I warn you as commander-in-chief of Operation Chaos, if you don’t exploit it you’re going to wake up one day and you’re going to be in a hospital, and there’s going to be a surgical procedure to remove your head from someplace, and you’re going to wonder how in the hell that it happened. Mark my words.

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